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How To Deal With Your Money

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Reliance Money is a comprehensive financial services and solution provider. providing its customers with access to Equity, Equity and Commodity Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services, Wealth Management Services, Mutual Funds, IPO’s, Life and General Insurance and Gold Coins. Customers can also avail Loans, Credit Card, Money Transfer and Money Changing services.

As a sub-broker or franchisee you benefit from the goodwill, recognition, business name and reputation associated with the use of the legendary Reliance Money (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) brand . The amount of time taken to establish the business, reach break even and eventually attain satisfactory level of profitability will be considerably shorter.

You get access to number of new products as well as change charge structure, which will help you to retain clients and thereby providing an opportunity to make more money. As Reliance Money Sub – broker or franchise you do not require any prior experience thanks to simplified and detailed underlying operations and business process.

After association with Reliance Money as a sub broker or a franchisee we provide timely co branding and marketing collaterals on basis of performance. Customers can also place After Market Orders (AMO) on NSE & BSE from 7:30 PM onwards on a Trading till 9:00 AM on the next Trading day.

The accumulated orders will be released to the Exchange for execution after the market opens on the next trading session. Market orders cannot be placed in AMO. F&O orders are currently not accepted by them under AMO. AMO provides the convenience to the customer to place limit orders without having to wait for the market to open

Reliance Securities Limited is a SEBI Registered Portfolio Manager. Reliance Securities endeavours that every portfolio created is reflective of the values on which Reliance Securities has been built – a commitment towards transparency and a strong research – driven investment process.

While your personal portfolio reflects your investment style and profile, managing it requires considerable time and effort. Anticipating & analyzing market movements, financial statements and studying macro-economic variables is becoming increasingly complex. As you may not have the required time and expertise to manage your investments, under Portfolio Management Services, you delegate the responsibility of managing your portfolio to the team of specialists who understand your investment objectives.

A team of Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts and Relationship Managers are working continuously to create and actively manage your portfolio to provide you the best returns in the fast-changing market dynamics.

Want to know more about Reliance Money? Visit the Reliance Money website & know more about the online trading platform.

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60 Million Dollar Avandia Settlement Reported to Compensate 700 Injured Patients, the Time for Others to File a Claim is Short

May 11th, 2010 Comments off

(1888PressRelease)GSK(NYSE:GSK) has agreed to pay 60 million dollars to 700 Avandia cases (diabetic patients) who claim to have suffered heart attacks and other injuries as a result of taking the drug to treat their diabetes.

New York, NY Today it was reported that GSK(NYSE:GSK) has settled more than 700 Avandia cases for a sum reported to be approximately 60 million dollars. These are the first reported settlements involving the drug and represent a small fraction of the total claims believed to be pending. The average settlement would appear to be around 90-95 thousand dollars per case.

The settlements come as Glaxo is set to face its first Avandia trial in state court in Philadelphia in July. More cases my be filed in the coming days.

Residents of 18 states who were injured as a result of taking the diabetes medication Avandia may have only a short time in which to file their cases. The right to file a claim for compensation is subject to a statute of limitations. Each state may set its own statute of limitations, or date which a claim must be filed by. For a list of states whose statute of limitation may expire shortly please go to

Many states follow a discovery rule, where the time to file a claim does not begin to run until a person knew or should have known of the existence of the claim. For people from states which apply the discovery rule, even if an injury occurred in 2005, the statute of limitations would not begin to run until they knew or should have known that they may have suffered an injury from Avandia. That time would not begin to run till users were on notice that Avandia could cause heart problems. Lawyers for GSK have asserted that date was in May of 2007. Lawyers for victims dispute this and assert that the date is much later. Those injured by Avandia should consult an attorney immediately so that they do not miss any important filing deadline.

Financial experts have reported that GSK may have to pay as much as $6 billion dollars to compensate Avandia victims, as part of any Avandia settlement.

If you or a loved one have been injured by exposure to Avandia or have suffered any heart complications while using Avandia you are urged to go to immediately to secure your rights to compensation.

About is sponsored by law firms with offices in many states. This website contains information created by others or supplied through open forums; the sponsoring law firms are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Your access to this site does not constitute a legal attorney-client relationship. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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Aldo Leopold And His Impact In Environmental Science

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Science is one aspect that is embraced by humans since the ancient times. However, most of us forget that there are other factors that we have to live in harmony with to ensure well lived life. The environment is one thing that we have to live in harmony with. This aspect was not well known till an ecologist by the name Aldo Leopold showed the importance of this. His work will forever remain treasured for the modern environmental ethics and preservation of the wilderness. According to Leopold, conservation is the harmony between men and the land. This was when he introduced the term conservation and environment management.

Aldo’s work is remembered in modern times. He is the one who introduced the terms land ethics and conservation. His conservation principles started when he was a young person. He spent most of his time in the wild and other natural scenes. He did not only observe the natural world but also wrote about it. He always felt that dealing with nature was his density and this is manifested in what he did during his education life. Aldo took a forestry course in the university after which he joined the US forest service. This shows just how he was attached to the natural world. According to him, it is important to conserve our ecology which encompasses land, water, soil and other environment related resources.
The impacts of his work are numerous and are being practiced by many people around the world. Conservation of the environment is being taken serious in most nations. Policies and laws on environment conservation have been made in most nations. If one bleaches these laws, the consequences are not pleasant at all. It is encouraging to realize that the environmental agencies, the business sector and most governments are working together to ensure that the environment is conserved accordingly. Business enterprises in most nations agreed to reduce pollution which made conservation of the environment more challenging. They have also been funding the environmental agencies in order to carry out their activities smoothly. Most governments are also funding environmental agencies for the same reason.

Some areas are protected by the government with the help of environmental scientists. These areas include game reserves and national parks which are protected to conserve the environment and protect animals. This fully follows the Aldo principle of wildlife management. In these areas, people are restricted from getting in to these areas. People visiting these areas are usually charged a small fee that is used for effective wildlife and environment management. In some regions, the environment has been depleted. Efforts should be put to bring the depleted environment back to health. In most areas, this is being practiced for example planting of trees in areas where trees were cut down. This was learnt form Aldo’s work when he tried bringing back to health an area in his thesis

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