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Best Feng Shui Renovation Tips

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

Feng Shui is an old method of constructing and optimizing residences to bring out about felicity, abundance and harmony. Feng Shui includes architecture, urban planning, interior design, garden design, and placement of objects in our environment. It has originated from China about 6, 000 years ago.

In this article, we will discuss how Feng Shui can be a great guide when performing renovation for your house especially when planning to sell it.

1. When setting your bed always angle it such that your feet are not pointing into the door. This said to be a “death position” that is why according to Chinese belief, you need to avoid it. It is also best if the bed is symmetrical with nightstands and lamps.

2. Make sure that your bed has a headboard. A headboard plays as a support for one’s life.

3. If you have your own bath room, make sure that you cannot see it from the bed. You can use decorative screen to cover it if it is impossible to position your bed without seeing it.

4. Come up with a huge house. Remove any unnecessary things that are presently sitting in your home. Always focus on space.

5. Let the sun light in. Light is an essential factor in pumping energy into your house. Let natural light come through your windows. Avoid using heavy and dark shade curtains.

Another means to increase the lighting inside your house is to add mirrors. Mirrors make your house appears spacious.

6. Make the first impression to your house fantastic, paint your door red! Red is a powerful color for Chinese. It represents fame, reputation, and wealth. Red is also a very welcoming color that is why it is a perfect color for doors.

7. Refrain from placing heavy beams or heavy light fixtures over the bed.

8. Porch and outside lights must always be on during the night. Ensure that the house numbers are large.

9. Add a round dining table. This is believed to make a good flow of things inside the house.

10. Make seating arrangements such that no one has their back on the door.

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Automobile Liability Insurance: For Risk Management

June 18th, 2010 Comments off

Protecting you against an inevitable loss is a form of risk management called insurance. Particularly, for the automobile owners, automobile liability insurance is the greatest risk management scheme that they have on hand. There are certain risks involving objectives of an automobile liability insurance that has to be covered by your respective insurance policy. So in the current scenario, only automobile liability insurance can assist you with the general automobile related risks.

Truthfully, when you procure an automobile insurance policy you automatically transfer the risks to your insurance company while behaving as an insured person and company as an insurer. Once your policy is active, it will act as a hedge against all the uncertain losses that could also make a hole in your pocket. Moreover, as per the legal norms, an automobile owner is obliged to get the automobile insurance done otherwise you will be bound to pay for all the losses that will occur during an accident (if happen). So this automobile insurance is predominantly intended to protect you against such loses, not anything else.

Those who are yearning to procure an automobile insurance policy must first determine the kind of insurance they are fervently hunting for? Almost in all the nations, myriad forms of coverage are obtainable from different insurance entities. That is why it is suggested to procure that policy that covers almost all the possible damages that can be witness at the time of accident. Moreover, one should always drive an insured automobile, even though, if it is owned by someone else.

If you deeply study the vehicle insurance policies, you will comprehend the intricacies related to it. Usually, the bodily injury liability coverage is bifurcated into a maximum payment per person and per accident. So it is recommended to retain an underinsurance coverage in which your insurance company is bound to pay all the medical bills that will arise due to an accident, provided the other party involved in the accident is uninsured.

Now, let us jump onto the monetary aspect of the automobile liability insurance in which you ought to pay the premium. However, before paying the premium, you need to comprehend the formulas and logic that your insurance company applies while determining the specific amount of your premium.

According to the general terms and conditions, your assurance auto Quebec premium is mandated by the government; otherwise the insurer will calculate the same in accordance with the government regulations.

When the insurer freezes their own premium, they are factually based on the calculations of a statistical data and the following facts:- Gender, Age, Marital Status, Vehicle, Classification, Expected distance you will drive, Annual Mileage, and Driving History.

Being an uninsured individual, if you are now planning to acquire liability assurances auto then you need to retain your trust and faith on the insurer. All you have to do is to ensure that the company you are planning to deal with is stable and responsive on all the emerging claims. Being a discerning client, if you compare the quotes of different companies then it is good for you and your hard-earned money.

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BC Summer Activities: Come And Play

June 7th, 2010 Comments off

For the active holiday-maker, choose western Canada as a place to settle yourself for a summer of fun. BC summer activities take you on the water or out onto rock bluffs. Take a golf club or a wine glass in your hand. You are sure to find something to enjoy about this beautiful province.

Not only do people love BC, returning again and again, but whales love the province too. Take a guided tour or just hop on a ferry heading for Vancouver Island and keep looking. You have a good chance of spotting a pod of Orcas, especially from locations like Tofino, Victoria or Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island, or Prince Rupert in Northern Canada. Bear watching makes for a popular pastime too, just be sure to know your bear safety rules. Most of the time bears take no interest in humans. Watch out your window while driving east along the Trans Canada Highway. Prime spotting points include the area from Golden to the Alberta border.

For those who want to get closer to the water, the lakes and coastal waters of the province are ideal for kayakers. Tour the many islands between the mainland and Vancouver Island, putting in at inlets and little bays rarely reached by other tourists. Paddle the lakes inland at Wells Grey Provincial Park, Clearwater, or Shuswap Lake at Salmon Arm.

Festivals draw visitors from all over the world to this vast province, including wine festivals. During the month of August head to Silver Star Mountain Resort near Vernon for the Okanagan Summer Wine Festival to learn about and taste numerous wines. Combine wine with golf vacation packages, perhaps trying The Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna for eighteen holes on a championship course. Various communities host a festival for children to celebrate Canada Day on July first. These festivals often include music and draw well-known performers, feature information and safety booths. Buy a hot dog and get your face painted red and white.

Canadian history may not seem to go a long way back, but places such as RJ Haney House in Salmon Arm and Three Valley Gap near Revelstoke make the most of the early days. View restored buildings set-up to recreate nineteenth-century towns. These might have housed railway labourers, gold-panners, or immigrants looking for a new way of life through farming.

BC history goes much farther back than a couple of hundred years when viewed through the eyes of its indigenous people. Explore their early lives and the impact of European settlement at Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Fort Langley, about an hour from Vancouver, takes you back in to a time when people traded animal hides for iron pots or blankets.

Thrill seekers might want to make a few exciting memories for themselves with water sports. River Rafting gives them the perfect opportunity, especially in early summer when the spring run-off has not yet run out of steam. Get very wet, even flipped over, or take a break for a short interpretation of the flora and fauna you ride between at Adams River or inside the desert canyon of the Thompson River.

Follow a day of rock climbing on the Skaha bluffs near Penticton with a more relaxing escape. All skill levels can take part at the bluffs by climbing the up to 250 foot cliffs or merely hiking for a good view. Relax at a Penticton restaurant over some beautifully prepared local food. All in all combining BC golf vacations with exploring the beauty of British Columbia makes for an ideal adventure or family holiday.

It’s not surprising that BC is considered Canada’s golf capital. BC golf condos are attracting golfers from all over the world, With the beautiful mountains and picturesque natural scenery, take time to enjoy the magnificent BC real estate.

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