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How The History Of Medicare Changed Over Time

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Medicare is intended to benefit seniors, younger people with specific disabilities, and people with end stage renal disease. The history of Medicare began decades ago in 1945, then President Harry Truman had a vision that Americans should have affordable health care. He fought for the idea, but it was an idea before its time. Medicare is a health care insurance program which put simply is overseen by the United State Federal Government. Today the chain of acronyms which oversee Medicare leads to Health and Human Services, HHS, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, CMS.

In 1945 Harry Truman was called a socialist. Today the same label has been pinned on President Obama. Perhaps the real question might be, how does a country provide all of its citizens and residents health care without some level of socialism?

In 1965 when Lyndon Johnson was President, he signed into law Medicare and Medicaid, which is a program that offers assistance to the indigent population. Ironically, the first person to enroll in Medicare was the former President Harry Truman.

Over the following years, from 1965 to present, the provisions of Medicare have expanded. In 1972 benefits for speech therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic visits were added. This was also the year that payments to health maintenance organizations were added to the potential benefits.

With the advances in science and medicine, life expectancy increased, but not without complications for the elderly. It was 1982 when hospice benefits were added on a temporary basis. Hospice became a permanent benefit in 1984. The next big change came in 1997 when Medicare added a Part C, Medicare Plus Choice which translates as health insurance programs offered by private companies but approved by Medicare.

When Medicare first went into effect the monthly premium for Part B, medical insurance, was three dollars. As it stands today in year 2010, Part A, hospital premium, is $254 to $461 per month. Part B, the medical insurance portion, is $96.40 for those individuals whose income does not exceed a certain amount. There are also multiple co-pays and carve-outs, which further increase the cost to the patient. The ceiling restrictions put on various costs, such as the daily allotment for hospital stays and skilled nursing facilities, often do not fully cover the patient’s expenses.

Today, Medicare recipients must carefully review their medicare benefits and compare and contrast them with their private insurance. Some providers do not take new Medicare patients. There are benefits that are the responsibility of the Federal government, and others that belong to the State government. It is a challenge for elderly patients to even understand their benefits.

If you could put Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Obama in a room together, what would they say to each other? Would Truman think Obama had carried on his legacy, or would he think that Obama has gotten off track? Whatever, it would be an interesting conversation. Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may prove not be affordable to an already over burdened government. The Act is 906 pages long, making it difficult to understand. There are sure to be unintended consequences to the Act as it starts to go into effect. From Truman to Obama life and medicine have gotten more and more complicated. The history of Medicare continues.

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Millionaire Traders-Ordinary People Beating Wall Street

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Many people have the habit of jumping from one bandwagon to another. Forex Trading is one such band wagon that many people try, fail and then give up. Almost something like 90% fail fail in forex trading.

Trading is a serious business. Only a few become sucessful traders who make a living out of trading.

Yet, still daily millions of ordinary people around the globe wake up, turn on their computers and try to make a living trading the financial markets online.

But this should not deter you or discourage you. What ever, you do in life, there is always a risk of failure. Take love, many people end up breaking their hearts. Start anyother business, the ratio of success is almost the same as that of forex trading, not more than 90%.

New restaurants open on daily basis; some succeed, and most fail. Still the possibility of making it big never stops people from starting new business ventures.

Starting a new business is not easy. Success requires determination and hard work.

Have you heard about Kathy Lien. She is highly respected professional forex trader who has authored many books on forex trading and day trading strategies. In her book, “Millionaire Traders, Ordinary People Beating The Wall Street,” she interviews 12 ordinary but remarkable people who started from scratch and became millionaires.

Meeting these 12 amazing people is going to inspire you to follow their foot steps, believe me! You will like their stories full of determination to succeed and beat the market. One person stands out, Hoosain Harneker. His case is interesting. He loses everything in a failed business venture. He ends up in debt and has no clue what to do.

He asks one of his far off friend via email for his advice as to how to come out of adversity. His friend advice learn forex trading and start making money. Now, they are talking via email as his friend lives in another country. His friend emails him his forex trading system based on simple moving averages.

He had no clue what to do. He asked one friend for advice who told him to learn forex trading. Now interestingly, his friend lived in another country and they were in contact with each other only on email. So his friend emailed him the forex trading system that he used daily to make a successful living from trading currencies.

Hoosain had one problem. After having lost all his money and savings in a lost business venture, he was not in a position to cough up even a few hundred dollars to open a forex trading account with a forex broker.

His wife is worried that he will start losing money soon. He promises her that if he loses this $1000, he will give up forex trading. He succeeds and in a few years makes his first million dollars. Now, all these 12 people who have been interviewed by Kathy Lien are remarkable.

Hoosain’s wife was anxious that he would lose his money. Hoosain knew this so he promised her that if would quit forex trading if he lost those $1000. Interestingly, all the 12 people who have been interviewed in this book blew up their account in the first month of their live trading but not Hoosain.

You too can become a millionaire, if you follow their footsteps with determination. Don’t give up!

Forex trading needs a lot of discipline and determination. Just like any other skill in life learning forex trading requires a lot of determination and discipline. But with effort and determination, you can become a millionaire too!

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No Credit Check Military Loan for Active Duty Military Personnel

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From time immemorial we have been dependent on the military people to safeguard ourselves as well as the country from any kind of attack and disaster. These people do their level best to make sure that the nation is safe and for this they don’t care about the difficulties and dangers that lies in their path. The men in uniform have to live away from their home and families; sometimes at border while sometime in foreign nations. And for this high quality service, what they get in return is a very meager salary far less than what people get in other sectors and industries.

As a military person, you are unable to fulfill the material comforts because of a small salary you are earning then there is a financial aid available called No Credit Check Military Loans. This financial aid is only designed for the men in uniform only and civilians cannot make use of it. The maximum amount that a person can avail is up to 20,000 dollars and the money can be paid back in equated monthly installments over a time period of 10 years. The rate of interest so charged is marginal and people can easily afford it hassles free. The repayment begins after 3 months from the date money is made available to you.

Some of the features of No Credit Check Military Loans is summarized under the following headings:

  • No credit check is performed
  • Money available within 7 days
  • 24×7 customer support available
  • Minimum paperwork is involved
  • No collateral or cosigner is required
  • Repayment options is flexible

The loan procedure is the least time consuming and it takes not more than few minutes to fill and submit the application form. There is certain eligibility check that a person has to go through before the money would be made available to them. The borrower must be a permanent military resident of United States of America and their age should be more than 18 years. In addition to this, the person must be possessing a valid bank checking account where the money can be transferred to once the loan is approved.

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