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Elegant Themes Boutique WordPress eCommerce Store Theme

June 30th, 2011 Comments off

If you are looking for a powerful eCommerce theme with a personal touch, then look no further! For more info, be sure to check our the Boutique WordPress eCommerce Store Theme Live Demo and the Features Page in the gallery.

Boutiques is a premium eCommerce store theme in July by Elegant Themes, Boutique theme gives you to power to sell your products online, such as Estore WordPress theme. The Elegant Themes Boutique WordPress Theme has been built to integrate with some of the most popular eCommerce plugins available, allowing people to use their favorite system without any conflicts.

WordPress eCommerce Store Theme – Elegant Boutique Theme

Elegant Themes Boutique WordPress eCommerce Store Theme

Boutique WordPress eCommerce Store Theme

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The Boutique WordPress eCommerce Theme has be builded to interface with the most popular eCommerce plugins already available – Cart66 – Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin, allowing users to use their favorite software without a hitch. Boutique Theme’s Style is soft and inviting while at the same time remaining professional and robust. Includes unique shopping cart, buddypress suports and facebook integration, homepage slider built in and more.

Boutique Features:
  • Unlimited Colorschemes – With new color control panel, the color and texture options are endless. Easily change your background color and font colors from within ePanel.
  • Author and User Rating System –  Integrate a custom Author and User rating system into Boutique theme. Now when you write your post you can assign a star rating to the product. Users can also submit reviews when they write their comments. These users reviews are aggregated and averaged into a consumer score and displayed within the product info.
  • eCommerce Integration – Boutique theme compatible with all of the most popular eCommerce plugins already available for WordPress. integrated 5 different plugins, including: Cart66, WP eCommerce, eShop, shopp, Simple PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Opera compatible
  • Netscape compatible
  • Safari compatible
  • WordPress 3.0 compatible
  • Gallery Section
  • Threaded Comments
  • Blog-style Structure
  • Gravatar ready
  • Firefox compatible
  • IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Theme Options Page
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • PSD files
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Smooth tabless design

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Same Day Unsecured Loans- Financial aid that is free from risk

June 30th, 2011 Comments off

Are you feeling scared from taking risk against your valuable property?  And financial strains are troubling you. Everyone in this world has experience this situation where unexpected expenses create problem in your life. People who do not have any valuable assets to pledge or they do want to take risk against their property, car, jewelry and soon. Such people have to face difficulty or have to accept undesired term and condition. To solve their problem and to reduce their tension lender has introduced Same Day Unsecured Loans.

The term Same Day Unsecured Loans means you can obtain cash without taking risk against your valuable property. In this aid lender will offer you good amount and plus give you reasonable time to pay off your loan on time. Here the amount will be approving on the basis of your regular income, financial stability and desire of amount. In this financial scheme you can fetch the amount from lender within the range that varies from £1000 to £25000 and you have to pay back amount from 1 to 5 years. But the best part of this aid is that you can utilize the amount without any restriction. You use the issue amount for meeting various expenses like paying due electricity bill, credit card bill, examination fee, car repair, paying bank overdraft and sudden hospital expense.

In the present time nobody has a time to waste. Everyone wants everything quick and fast services. After understanding this need of borrower lender has made same day loans free from although things which are time consuming. In this financial plan there is no credit check process which brings threat in people and side by side consumes lots of time of the borrower. Even you are not required to fax lots of documents to the lender.

These loans get quickly approved and allow you to attain loan amount quickly. After getting approved for these loans, the required loan amount will be transfer in your account in less time. Method of applying for this aid is simple and easy. To apply for this aid you need to fill simple online application. In that application you have give some of your personal detail which is not at all time consuming.

But you have to qualify certain term and condition

1. Should be resident of UK

2. His minimum age should be 18 year

3. Must have regular source of income

4. Should have valid account to complete the transaction.

The Most Inexpensive Cars To Insure

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With many concerns about the economy and the like, people are desperately looking for more ways for them to save as much money as possible. Especially with rising gas prices, and just about everything else, there is a dire need for people to save just about every red cent. Food is getting more expensive, and there are also things to think about such as healthcare, and the like.

Cars are something that we all need, and insurance is another thing that we need to legally to keep our cars on the road, and us out of trouble. The thing is that many of these cars are pretty expensive to insure, and since we have a lot of other expenses in our everyday lives, it can be quite troublesome to balance everything and still keep us on the road. The car is something that is invaluable, as it takes it to and from work. So, for those who need the knowledge of some of the most inexpensive cars to insure, this may come in handy.

Hyundai Sante Fe. This vehicle is something that is quite popular in a lot of the countries in the world, and it is probably one of the least expensive cars to keep on the road, as far as insurance goes. On average, this sport utility vehicle comes in at about $830 a year.

Saturn Vue. This is a car that is also quite popular and affordable. With its sleek design that is gaining more and more attention, it’s no wonder why people are finding that this is a great choice in a car. On average, this vehicle is about $910 a year to insure.

Kia Sportage. This vehicle is something that is quite trendy; it’s another one of the smaller sports utility vehicles. At around $840 a year, it only ranks second to the Santa Fe in the realm of the smaller SUVs.

Saturn Ion. The Ion is also an amazing car to insure, and one that also looks quite attractive. Although this may be a little more than the other cars on the list, people are also finding out that this is also quite affordable in most cases. At around $1,120 as its annual premium along with attractive looks, this is definitely one still to consider.

Mazda 3. As the owner of a Mazda will tell you, the company really does make some impressive looking cars. They are also some of the cheapest as well, and that also goes for the insurance rates as well. With an annual premium of about $1,150, it is also one of the more expensive vehicles on the list, but it is still something that is quite affordable for this sleekly designed vehicle.

There are many cars that are quite cheap to insure, and these are definitely some of the cheapest that are available. People that are looking to save a little money should really look into purchasing some of these vehicles, as they are some of the best on the road, as well. With their sleek designs and new age technology, it makes them something that many people should really not pass up.

Sometimes, looking for the best car insurance quotes involves starting off with the right vehicle. After that, finding auto insurance online becomes more stress-free.

Choose the Perfect Realtor

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Today more then ever people think having a realtor help with house buying or selling isn’t needed. They feel that using an agent is just extra money and not much help. Getting the right realtor can make the experience much easier and less stressful. Below is some information to help you find the right realtor for you.

A lot of real estate agents out there may work with both buyers and sellers, although most specialize in working with either the buyer or the seller. If you are buying a home, make sure that the agent you choose has prior experience of working with buyers and transactions that involve no money down. This way, you can count on your agent to be there when you need him the most – especially if you don’t have a down payment.

If you are interviewing a real estate agent and he or she isn’t familiar with down payment assistance programs, you shouldn’t hire their services. Agents who aren’t familiar with these types of programs generally aren’t on the level, or they may lack the experience necessary to help you purchase the home of your dreams.

Friends and family are another great source of real estate agents, ask around and you will find that you can create a list of realtors very quickly. Banks are another decent source of contacts, they would not point you towards a crappy realtor that they didn’t enjoy working with. Also with lender referral’s you know that your agent and lender have a solid working relationship and things will go smooth.

When you interview a real estate agent, make sure that you have the agent explain his fees. This way, you’ll know exactly how much he will be getting from the purchase. You should also find out how much experience he has in the field, and how long he has been working in real estate.

Home buyers should keep to working with home buying agents. Say you are selling, you will surely want to be positive your agent has worked with sellers. Agents who are committed to either buying or selling homes are solid, this means they don’t dabble much in the other areas so they know their area really well.

Getting a realtor can be a simple mission, but you have to put the work in first. If you stick to what we have outlines in this article and stay within it you’ll do fine. Your agent doesn’t have to be decided in a single day so make sure you take a look and make the right choice.

You can find 100’s of realtors in every city, but it’s making sure you’re hiring one that has the expertise you need and that won’t over charge. Make sure not to choose an agent that is only in it for the commission, be sure they have your needs in their thoughts.

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Key To Effective Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair

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The modern technological developments and our urge to build something new and exciting have lead us to live in a very amazing world. The world today is full of amazing and conceptual buildings. One can see tall buildings in every big city of the world. These buildings have come into existence after a very long period of time. the humans were nomadic living beings in the past. They didn’t build their permanent houses or shelter, instead they traveled from one place to other in search of food and water. As the prehistoric human started to cultivate land and grow its own food, a consistent need of staying at a place emerged. This was the time when humans started building shelters made from wood and other natural resources. As our intellect grew, more and more things were used to build houses. And today, houses and buildings are made up cement, bricks, steel etc. These substances have been developed over a long period of time. As these are not naturally occurring substances, large investments have to be done in terms of money and time to produce them.

Today the infrastructure needs more eco friendly raw materials. The roads were initially made up of asphalt mixed with gravels. This concept of building roads and streets was replaced by the concrete. Cement mixed with gravel and sand makes concrete. This mixture was used for making roads. The disadvantages of concrete in making roads were all against the natural balances. To set up a cement factory large areas of forests are needed to be deforested. This hampers the ecological balance. Also the roads made from concrete do not allow water to seep through itself. Thus this also prevents the nature to restore the ground water levels. Thus the roads and parking lot paving are again made of asphalt. The parking lot paving made from asphalt are economic as the asphalt is easy to use. The parking lot maintenance is easy if it is done with asphalt. Asphalt paving is proving to be very efficient in terms of parking lot repair works. An asphalt contractor uses the modern technology equipments asphalt paving and for parking lot repair works. Parking lot maintenance is done by skilled laborers. This ensures the long lasting durability. Asphalt paving is a good option for maintaining the ecological balances. The ecological balance is a very important thing for the survival of all the living beings on this planet. The paving contractor paves the driveways and footpaths using asphalt. This is efficient and durable. Asphalt contractor of today’s time are getting good business as there is a constant demand of asphalt from paving contractors. An asphalt contractor arranges for the continuous supply of asphalt in the market. Driveways and parking lots made from asphalt are really very much durable and economical. Their maintenance and construction is also easy.

The author thinks that the asphalt used for parking lots and driveways is a very step in maintaining the ecological balance. The parking lot repair and parking lot maintenance is also very cost efficient of such driveways and parking lots.