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Vitrified Tiles – Preferred More Than Marble And Granite Tiles

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Vitrified tile is a tile which has been processed in such a manner that it has extremely low porosity (and water assimilation) which makes it stain anti as well as incredibly tough.

Vitrified Tiles have extreme better-quality properties judged against marble or natural granite, since being a man-made product their superiority is controlled while in the natural marble and granite tiles; good quality is just a twist of fate. These  possess much superior mechanical power (MOR), scratch opposition, resistance to acids, alkalis and elements, resistance to discoloration etc, as measured up to  marble or natural granite. Marble is a very soft substance and therefore its abrasion resistance is about 3, while vitrified tile has an abrasive resistance of 6-7 on MOH level. Marble is calcium carbonate which is strongly joined by Hydrochloric acid, which is usually used in bathroom & floor clean-up. Marble yellows over extended time period but vitrified tiles keep hold of their color for decades.

Polished natural granite shows quite a lot of surface blots and a top quality is just an issue of possibility while polished vitrified tiles are assured for steady fine quality. Marble placing is very burdensome and long but vitrified tiles can be placed in a matter of hours and used also after 48 hours.

It is all the time wise to get rid of the previous tiles for the reason that when fixed above thin set of cement mortar the upper level can be preserved and upper surface of tow tile can be coordinated. In placing tile over tile, first of all cement mortar cannot be utilized because it will not hold on the preceding tiles. For this reason tile adhesive is more advantageous.

Vitrified tiles are not glazed tiles. Their shine is attained by very tough materials and they are very well-built and hard-wearing.

Somany ceramics is a pioneer & a big brand in the field of vitrified tiles manufactures in India. The first-class polished vitrified tiles are available in large sizes, in a variety of sophisticated shades and delicate patterns. These tiles add to ones interiors with a picture perfect look.

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