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iPhone 4S High Price Enter Into Shanghai Suffer Cold

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Since October 5th, Apple released the iPhone 4S, buy wave sweeping the globe. Apple said, 14th listed market just 3 days, he has won more than 4000000 sales. After the sale of the fastest iPhone4 listed 3 days of sales volume is 1700000.

Recently iPhone 4S has also appeared in the mobile phone market in Shanghai, but the reporter yesterday visited the city of communication market and a number of 3C stores after the discovery, because the price is exorbitant, do consumers rarely opposite, iPhone4 suddenly and popular, price rises.

Lock free edition iPhone 4S sold more than 7000

“iPhone 4S has in stock, lock free edition, can pick up.” Reporters yesterday to the city communications market 3 buildings, a familiar shop owner told reporters, iPhone 4S lockless version 17 has been fully” landing”, these machines are from the Australian and British” across the ocean” and, by the majority of overseas” ox” all night queuing buying goods. Because of this,” Changxian ” price is not cheap, black 16G version of the price is controlled in 1089$, the price is 1104$ white machine.

“This is already fell after a few days of price.” A merchant tells a reporter, the first batch of 15 days by air to Shanghai iPhone 4S quote once to 1791$.

However, the shopkeeper said, at present iPhone 4S not what popularity, asked the little people, sales did not fully iPhone4 when it just so good,” at least I store now also doesn’t sell a department.” He said, which may be related to 4S and 4″ looks” too similar not favored the. In addition, now all 4S mobile phone is a complete package, consumers apart would buy, this has to a certain extent that many potential buyers didn’t dare. He says frankly, at present 4S prices are high:” a few days to estimate the price down to 895$, there should be a rush to buy.”

iPhone4’s pursuit of rising prices

iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 accessories cases) without buying tide, but iPhone4 recently caught up. Reporters yesterday in the city communications market around a few times, found that many consumers in the purchase of iPhone4, a name lady told reporters:” in addition to characteristics of the Siri function, iPhone 4S (cool iPhone 4 accessories) and 4 in hand no difference, 5 I do not know when it comes out, now the two machine price difference of more than 3000 pieces, but also buy a 4 more affordable.” She eventually bought a white 16G Hong Kong version of machines, the purchase price is 656$.

This price already very close to the apple store price of 678$, and in eleven during the reporters came to the city, the white 16G Hong Kong version sold only597$, 582$ can proceed with black machine. One owner told reporters, due to the failure of iPhone5″ birth”, October 6th night city iPhone4 (cheap iPhone 4 accessories) prices continue to rebound, has now risen to 642$, but even so, the store one day sales have reached 400 to 500.

The reporter understands, the entireShanghaipresent iPhone4 smuggled goods price rebound momentum. Pudong Bai Shanghai day Galileo digital store manager told reporters, because iPhone4 supply to down, in-store 16G price already from 10 at the beginning of the month 626$ rise to 662$ now, “is expected in this period of time will maintain this price.”

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