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Lake Frederick in Virginia is Home to Premier Active Adult Living at Shenandoah Community

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Shenandoah is a premier gated community for active adults located between Front Royal and Winchester, Virginia. Developed by the Oxbridge Group, this 942 acre gated community features breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, access to Lake Frederick, and miles of natural woodlands offer active adults plenty of enjoyment.

This 55 and over gated community will have 2,130 custom homes. Homes constructed under Phase One will include lakeside, lake view, and mountain view single family homes. Town homes and condominiums will be available in future construction phases.

Shenandoah has many amenities that residents will enjoy. The 35,000 square foot clubhouse and exercise center will have a media center, library, activity rooms, casual and formal dining, bar, lounge, and an active social club.

Adults into physical fitness will love the exercise center that features both strength and cardio machines. Fitness trainers offer classes in Pilate’s, aerobics, and yoga Tennis players can challenge one another on the tennis courts. Swimmers can take a swim or relax by either the indoor or outdoor pool. Swimming lessons are also available.

One of Virginia’s most beautiful lakes is Lake Frederick. This natural lake is great for boating and fishing. There is a wide variety of fish such as Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Red Ear sunfish, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Walleye and Northern Pike in the lake. The community has dock and boat access to the lake as well as many piers suitable for fishing.

The community offers an extensive network of lakeside trails and beautiful woodlands and wetlands that make great spots for picnics in the lakeside pavilions.

Other area activities include six area golf courses within a short drive of the community, wineries, parks, museums, and historic battlefields. Area colleges and hospitals are also close by. Washington D.C. is located just 90 minutes away.

With an age restriction of 55 or older, you are sure to find like minded people and forge new friendships with other residents. Children are allowed to visit, but no one’ or younger is allowed to reside in the community permanently.

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An Amazing New Resource Offers Extensive Information About Student Loans

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When I graduated from high school, I felt I was on top of the world. As a result of my academic success, I had received a scholarship to one of the nation’s premier universities. I had already chosen the field I wanted to go into, veterinary medicine, and I was excited about college and about my studies. I left for university with big dreams and high hopes. Many choices still lay ahead of me, however, and I was not prepared for any of them.

I realized after only one term in school that I just was not happy with my studies in veterinary medicine. Being a veterinarian was just not what I had expected, and I became disenchanted with the idea that this was my chosen path. After I made this decision, I became a little depressed. I just was not studying as well as I should have, and my grades suffered as a result. By the time my first year was completed, I had barely earned average grades in several key classes.

Unfortunately, as a result, my university scholarship was lost. My plan was to take business management classes my sophomore year with a professor I liked during classes in my first year. I sincerely believed that I should focus on business because it would provide me with the education I needed for the future; it was a much better subject for me to pursue. However, I now had to figure out how I would pay for my university tuition.

I arrived home for summer break, and anxiously told my parents everything that had happened. I didn’t have any clue how to look for student loans, and I certainly didn’t have any information about the different alternative student loans that are available. I was absolutely convinced that my parents were going to be incredibly angry. Fortunately enough for me, my parents were not. In fact, my parents had great information to share with me.

My Dad had found a website called Online Student Loans Guide, and told me all about it. In every detail possible, loans for students are described on the website. From graduate student loans to government student loans, every school loan you can think of has been outlined for consumers. Online student loans have always been a mystery to me, but they no longer were after I read the extensive information that the Online Student Loans Guide provided me.

My parents and I researched the website further, and gathered information about the many choices of student loans that were available to me. We learned about payment terms, interest rates, and default penalties. Through the information on the website, we learned the difference between subsidized and non-subsidized student loans. Finally, after much consideration of the information read, we were able to decide which student loans made the most sense for me. None of us wanted me to graduate from university with terrible payment terms part of an onerous school loan. The Student Loans Guide made it possible for me to make the best choices for my future, from both an educational and a financial standpoint.

You can also make right decisions for your financial future when you drop by the Online Student Loans Guide.The knowledge offered by the website makes student loans much less complicated and easy to understand.

Choosing The Right Investor To Take Your Business Public

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So many companies dream of going public to raise massive amounts of capital, as set up for an exit strategy, to make acquisitions with stock and for many other reasons. While your intentions may be pure and with genuine motives, you’re entering shark infested waters of boiler rooms, crooked attorneys and underbelly consultants who have made careers off of taking well intentioned executives just like you for a 24 month rollercoaster ride while they take every penny you have as your company shrivels up like week old road kill.

Just and honest consultants in the ‘public offering’ industry are as rare as the illusive white elephant. This industry exists in a cesspool surrounded by rose gardens; from afar it looks amazing and an image of a dreamland but get up and close and the sludge and odor are enough to make you run and hide. So what do you look for in a consultant? The best consulting firms are the ’boutique firms’ with minimal overhead that keep a low profile and are made up of 3 or 4 ‘partner’ consultants.

These firms typically have the experience of working with the large consulting groups but for one reason or another have decided to leave and go out on their own. The great thing is, these small groups typically have massive contacts and process your entire public offering in-house. Offering a complete turn-key solution that is managed in-house offers a huge advantage because there is accountability and you can actually build a relationship with the people that are making your dream of a public offering come true.

These ’boutique’ consultants will usually stay onboard as growth consultants for the life of the company in exchange for modest fees and a pre-IPO or pre-OTCBB equity position. The large firms will hack you out at the knees and gouge you with fees while they take massive amounts of equity in your company which takes away your bartering chip when you need to offer more stock to the public to raise capital.

The small firms will also work one on one with you to show you how to use your stock to grow through acquisition and other nifty ways to use stock to grow. Seek out the boutique consulting firm and save the attorney for spot audits. Hold on to your cash. Why pay outrageous fees to lawyers when you can pay 60% less with a small consulting firm that will add all the bells and whistles for free and actually get your stock trading, usually in half the time?

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Discover More About Understanding Affordable Ohio Health Insurance

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When you start searching for affordable Ohio health insurance you must anticipate that this is going to mean having to deal with a number of intangibles. This in turn also will mean that you will have to come up with a few answers to a few questions to see whether you are on the right path or not.

However, even though students can get the most affordable Ohio health insurance they will still need to pick and choose from various student health plans before they can find the best option. In Ohio each different university has its own set of requirements and so a student studying in Miami, Ohio State or who is studying at Bowling Green will find differences in their insurance plan requirements.

You have to also understand that there are other questions that you will need to answer suitably before you can hope to pick the right and most affordable Ohio health insurance. When answering questions such as what current illnesses do you suffer from you have to understand the need to answer these questions honestly and truthfully.

President Obama’s promise to reform the US health care industry will ensure that a far larger number of Americans will be able to gain access to affordable health insurance. This would mean an estimated fifty thousand more Ohio children becoming eligible for health insurance coverage.

You must also ensure that you make an effort to compare a handful of different health insurance quotes from insurance companies in Ohio because this is the best way of finding a good and most affordable insurance company. However, the task of comparing different quotes is not always that simple because there are a few complicating factors that you will need to address. This is because an ordinary person may not always understand how to judge different insurance plans and without also understanding individual pros and cons of various plans picking the best and most affordable insurance plan becomes quite difficult.

Some things that you will need to do in order to properly compare various insurance quotes include establishing whether a health insurance plan is PPO (Preferred provider Organization) or Health Maintenance Organization or HMO, or even an Indemnity Plan. Next, you will need to find out what deductibles are part of a health insurance plan and you will also find out what the co-percentage is after paying off the deductibles.

Other factors that need to be addressed include the out of pocket expenses for a plan and also whether the health plan comes with annual or even lifetime benefit maximum. Once you find answers to these and a few other questions you will then be in a better position to compare the various plans and their associated quotes. With a little bit of effort you should be able to then make a more informed choice regarding which health plan is most affordable to you.

Another tip that is worth following is that before you finally buy your affordable health insurance from an Ohio insurer make sure that you check with the Department of Insurance about the complaint ratio of the company. Any company with a high complaint ratio is to be avoided.

Something that folks are seeking nowadays is affordable ohio health insurance. Before you settle for one however, you may want to find a few ohio family insurance tips.

Tips on Product Liability Insurance

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Each manufacturing company wishes insurance on their products for protection. What happens if somebody gets hurt from employing your product? This is the exact reason why you need product liability insurance coverage.

The fundamentals

Product liability insurance protects the manufacturer in the event that they get sued. With this form of insurance, the insurance agency looks after any money that is due to the plaintiff. By obtaining product responsibility insurance, the manufacturer does not need to worry about any financial loss that might be related to a law suit.

Small business product responsibility insurance is dissimilar than the product guilt insurance that is offered to giant firms, and with product responsibility insurance, there are plenty of provisions and constraints that could apply. The total package that a company receives with their product liability insurance coverage will vary based on the product that they manufacture. For example, an organization that makers blankets won’t have to necessarily have the same form of coverage as a company who makers circular saws.

Obtaining Product responsibility Insurance

Getting product liability insurance can be hard. Many insurance agencies do not offer this kind of insurance coverage. You which must do your analysis in order to find insurance agencies who do offer product liability insurance for your kind of business. However , a product responsibility insurance broker will be ready to help you by answering any questions that you’ll have about this form of insurance. They will be able to figure out what form of product liability insurance and the cover amounts that you need.
Insurance agencies or product liability insurance brokers will take many sides of your business under consideration to determine the form of product guilt insurance that your business will need. They will look at the extent of business that you do. They will look at the type of product that you manufacture. They will also take into account the outlets that you use in order to sell your product.

Product guilt insurance could mean the difference between your company staying afloat or having to apply for bankruptcy. Without the product responsibility insurance, the company will be completely liable and in the event of a legal action where the decision is made in favor of the complainant, the company would have to pay out of pocket. This can cause bankruptcy fast in some cases, relying on the quantity of money awarded by the courts. If you had product liability insurance, you would be able to continue to operate, have to mend the defect on the product, and resolve the suit. Now, which one sounds better to you?

Product liability insurance is a must for all producing companies. This is one form of insurance that shouldn’t be overlooked. The producing company shouldn’t even start to sell their products before getting this form of insurance. If you’d like to be certain that your business is covered regardless of what might happen, make sure that you have all of the feasible insurance coverage obligatory, like product responsibility insurance.

Go to Product Liability Insurance to get free information on this product. This website will give you all of the information you need on Product Liability Insurance along with a lot of other free information. Don’t miss out on this new website if you are looking for Product Liability Insurance.

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