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Simple Steps To Take In Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are capable of projecting a bright and glossy feel to your home. They are also easy to clean and maintain. A hardwood floor is good for many years, and it is easy to preserve it’s look just by keeping it clean. Here are ways on how to clean your hardwood flooring.

You need to sweep your floors daily to keep it dust free. You have to be certain that your floor is clean so sweep and dust it. You may have the option to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of hair and other strands.

After sweeping, you need to mop the floor with just water. Then you have to make sure that you mop properly and as soon as you are done, dry the floor with the use of another mop or with a cleaning cloth. Make sure that the floor is dust free when you start mopping. Because if you mop the floor when there is dust on it, you have to clean it again to get rid of the dirt.

After mopping, brush the floors with water and cleaning products. There are two kinds: chemical solution products or natural cleaners. Chemical cleaning products tend to produce a fading color and perhaps leave a breakage. There are floor cleaning solutions out there on the market, but be sure that you are purchasing a recommended product. For natural cleaners, you could use a cup of white vinegar. To create it, just mix warm water with baking soda, and then add the vinegar slowly. Utilize either a sponge or a cotton towel to be able to scrub the floor properly. You need to make sure that the entire floor has been applied with cleaners before proceeding.

To sum up your cleaning, mop the floors properly. The natural cleaners might leave water spots but they are not good to look at so you must get rid of those. You may use a big cotton towel to wipe it and cleaning is done.

You have to be certain that you keep your hardwood floors shiny and clean everyday. To maintain that, sweep your floors every day and mop with cleaners two times a week to get the best look. Make sure to utilize mopping and water exposure to a minimum to lessen the chance of ruining your floor. With a bright and shiny floor, you won’t be ashamed if you bring your friends over even on a daily basis.

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Top Reasons to Buy Real Estate Properties in Fort Lauderdale

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In the Real Estate industry, Fort Lauderdale Real Estate and surroundings are considered to be the next big thing in South Florida. The reasons are not too find to hard. It has got some of the Florida’s best beach, vibrant culture and art scene, great night life and wide range of Entertainments.

Fort Lauderdale hosts fun filled celebrations, parades and processions throughout the year. It has also a very healthy art scene. Experience waves of relaxation as you discover a fresh and casual beachy world filled with megayachts, alfresco dining, outlet shopping, eco-adventure, arts and beyond.

Each of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s 8 beach towns has a personality all its own. Whether traveling with friends, a sweetheart, or the kids, you’ll find the ideal beach to suit your style.

Fort Lauderdale is also a great destination for tourist looking for outdoor activities and adventure. Nothing will delight kids more than swimming. For people more interested in sea wild life, under sea diving and snorkeling can be quite a wonderful experience. For more adventurous sorts, wind surfing, surfing, Para sailing and kayaking are perfect and Puerto Vallarta has lots of them.

If you are the type of people who find nirvana in golf then Fort Lauderdale won’t disappoint them. It has many picturesque and lush golf courses.

Fort Lauderdale also boats of many world class restaurants. It has world renowned chefs in almost all major culinary traditions. It has thousands of places of dining offering varied and exotic food from all over the world.

So you now know why investing in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate is such a sound idea. Not only property in Fort Lauderdale provides you with the lifestyle that you always envied but also it offers a most attractive business investment. So next time you are looking for a second home or vacation home in Florida don’t forget to check Fort Lauderdale. You will get the perfect destination as well as best returns as compared to other locations.

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Harmony Responsive Bands WordPress Theme Review – Elegant Themes

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If you were a professional bands/musicians/designers then Harmony WordPress thheme would be great online presence for their fans to find, The Harmony wp theme is fluid premium Responsive Bands WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes, Harmony WordPress theme is a versatile band theme for bands and musicians needs, including the ability to play songs, handle events, upload photo galleries and sell merchandise. Harmony Bands WordPress Theme that support for all kind of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Windows Mobiles and Android OS supported devices. You don’t have to create separate mobile website for your clients/customers.

Elegant Themes Harmony WordPress Theme


Harmony Responsive Bands WordPress Theme is style is bold and features big and beautiful background images that can be easily customized to give your page a unique look. You do easily create separate mobile website for your clients/customers. Harmony theme with custom audio tntegration easy to display your latest songs for your visitors to listen, integrated with WooCommerce giving it full eCommerce capability, easy to manage upcoming events with an Events Custom Post Type, fully responsive layout design, page templets, custom widgets, shortcode build-in, ePanel theme options panel and more.

Harmony Bands WordPress Theme Features:

  • Custom Audio Integration – No band website is complete without the ability to showcase music. With our custom audio player, Harmony makes it easy to display your latest songs for your visitors to listen to. Simply upload an mp3 audio file and you can add it to your homepage for all to hear!
  • eCommerce Integration – Musicians make a living not only off the sales of their music, but off the sale of physical goods as well. Harmony has been integrated with WooCommerce, giving it full eCommerce capability. Now bands can easily sell their own merchandise to their fans right from their WordPress website!
  • Event Management – Harmony makes it easy to manage upcoming events with an Events Custom Post Type. This post type allows you to display important event information, such as Date, Venue, Address, and Price. It also allows you to link each event to your ticket vendor so that visitors can easily purchase tickets to your shows.
  • Fully Responsive Design – The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and it is important for your website to be ready for those mobile visitors.
  • Custom page templates: galleries, contact pages, sitemaps, blog feeds and much more
  • Build-in large collection of shortcodes
  • WordPress 3.4 compatible
  • Theme Options Page (ePanel)
  • Smooth tabless design
  • Optional Blog-style Structure
  • Threaded Comments
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • Complete Localization
  • Gravatar ready
  • PSD files included (for Developer License)
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Cross browsers: FireFox, Chrome,IE 6,7,8,9, Safari, Opera…
  • Sample data included
  • Unparalleled Support

Download Elegant Themes Harmony Responsive Bands WordPress Theme 

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529 plans is not the best when it comes to financial aid

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It’s all very good to begin with. A 529 plan provides you with tax-deferred opportunities to save up for your child’s education. The initial deposit you make in a 529 account comes from your pocket that is your income tax paid dollars. But, the money you thus invest in a 529 plan grows tax-deferred through channels set up by the state and yields same return of conventional mutual funds and bonds families tend to invest in.

But let’s face it. No matter how much we manage to save for the college education of out children, we still fall short in the end, considering the ever increasing education costs. So, the child is going to need financial aid in the end. Some say that the more you save up for your child’s education, the less would be the financial-aid he would be receiving. This is unfortunately true in the case of the 529 plan. Financial aid is awarded in the form of grants or subsidized loans and the amount of aid depends on the ‘financial need’ of the student. The total resources and family funding is deducted from the cost of attending college in order to calculate the financial need. This could effectively mean the 529 savings plan you have invested in would reduce the amount of financial aid dollar to dollar. Fortunately, it is not so. While there would be no dollar to dollar cut in the aid, there would be a deduction of up to 5.6% of the amount in 529 plan owned by parents. You might be surprised to learn that this is still good, because the deduction would be 20% if the account was owned by the student himself.

Further to this little problem, there is an added stipulation. While the earnings on your 529 account are tax-deferred and so is the distribution to the university, the earnings are still considered taxable when calculating the financial aid for the student. Supposing you invested $10,000 in your 529 plan and your earnings add up another $10,000. Now, if you pay $5000 in a semester’s fee, the 2,500 dollars in the amount which reflect earnings are considered as earnings of the student. This means that at a 50% assessment (assessment levels of student contributions are much higher than that of the parents) $1,250 is still deducted from the ‘financial need’ of the student in addition to the 5.6% (parents’ contributions) of the total money in the 529 account.

Despite all the confusion, we are still generally speaking here. There are many stipulations in the law as well as rules implemented by individual colleges that could defer the amount of financial need of a student. Also, it doesn’t mean that investing in a 529 plan is not a good option. While financial-aid is essential, you must realize that most of it is in the form of loans rather than grants. This means that you or your child will have to pay interest tomorrow, while you can earn interest today through a 529 plan. A careful assessment of your financial condition and the number of years till college will help you decide how much to invest in a 529 plan and how much to expect in aid. The bottom line is, of course, start saving now!

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Life Insurance Quotes | Term Life Insurance :

Fifty is no bar for life insurance

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There are many who still need life insurance even after they’ve reached an advanced age. The most common reason is that, people who have taken Term life insurance policies will be rendered without coverage after the completion of the term by which time they will obviously be above fifty years of age. Term policies are taken under the assumption that by the time the term finishes, the beneficiaries of the policy would be capable of taking care of themselves and that there would be enough savings left to cover for the funeral and other expenses of the person in case of death. More often than not, the low/middle income group individual who issued the policy would still be left with people clinging for their support and there would just not be enough savings for those who are left behind, sometimes not even covering funeral expenditure.

But people are growing healthier by the day! It is not considered unusual anymore to see a 70 year old with no health issues whatsoever. This is exactly why insurance companies now extend whole and even term life insurance for people over fifty at great life insurance rates. There are a few problems with term life insurance though. While renewing one’s existing term life insurance could come with several stipulations that one might not have foreseen while buying the policy years ago, taking a new term insurance for people above fifty years of age will cost a lot more than it does for a younger person. Also, higher the term period, more is the cost of premiums. But, how would you know whether you would be alive or dead in ten or twenty years? And more importantly, how is one going to assume that after the term period finishes, one wouldn’t have any financial obligations towards one’s family. Supposing the mortgage of your house is not paid back as planned due to a setback in your finances or if one of your children still need assistance…it would be like coming back a whole circle.

There are other options like guaranteed universal life insurance policies that provide life insurance for people above fifty years of age more conveniently. They are no exam – whole life insurance packages and come with a no-questions-asked tag. Meaning you do not have to take a medical test or answer a lengthy questionnaire about your family’s medical history as such. These policies have secured financial benefits unlike term policies. And the insured can relax because he would be covered for however long he might live. However, these policies only cover up to $25,000 but the other option of getting a whole life insurance policy of the underwritten type might not be available for those of an advanced age than 80 and even if it does, there is every chance that it would be more costlier than the both the options, discussed above.

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