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Creative Real Estate Investing For The Skilled Investor

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Creative real estate investing is a different way of obtaining real estate than traditional methods. Most buyers will obtain a mortgage from a bank and provide a down payment. Some buyers will pay cash but most buyers don’t have a lot of money laying around.

One method of creative real estate investing is an option. This is when the property is being sold to a buyer at a specified price or strike price during a certain period of time. The owner will sell the buyer an option before a determined date. On the determined date, the buyer can complete the purchase of the option or sell it to another buyer. This will depend on the value of the house. An option is used to buy a house with little cash.

The sandwich lease is a method of creative real estate investing that occurs when a tenant wants to leave their unit without having the option to leave written into their lease. To get out of their lease, the investor would find a replacement tenant who becomes their tenant and not the landlord’s tenant. The replacement will pay the rent to the investor who pays the landlord and keeps the profit. The new tenant will contact the landlord if they have problems with the unit. At the end of the lease, they will notify the landlord and not the investor. Their next lease will make them a tenant of the landlord.

A wholesale is when an investor buys large quantities of real estate from the bank and sells them quickly for a small profit. Distressed buyers will make a deal with the bank who will sell to the wholesalers. After buying the house from the bank, the wholesaler can make a quick profit by selling the house at markup.

A tax lien or deed is when the state sells a property after the taxes have not been paid. The owners of the property are given a certain period of time to pay their taxes. If the taxes are not paid in this time, the state will sell the home. Some states sell the tax lien at an auction. Depending on the state, the investor can obtain the property for the amount that is owed. Some states will start the auction at that price. The investor will own the property free and clear. Other states will sell the deed at a public sale. The investor can still get a great price and many have the convenience of buying the properties online.

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401k Retirement Plans: Adequate Knowledge of 401k Regulations Helps

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What makes a good retirement? A good retirement is when you have reached a certain age where you are no longer required to work and are ready to relax because you are already able to provide for you and your family’s needs. When you still haven’t reached retirement age, it is a good idea to look into joining any of those 401k retirement plans that will help you become prepared for the future. Because we are talking about a long-term investment, it is a good idea to read more information about all things encompassing 401k regulations – the benefits, eligibility requirements, and if a 401k early withdrawal is advisable or even allowed.

Usually, employees have better chances of investing for the future through their respective companies who make 401k retirement plans available to them. It is really well worth your time to take the chance to know a little bit more about 401k and what good it can do for you and your family in the future.

Employers are likely to provide their employees the opportunity to participate in the 401k retirement plan. Basically, how a 401k plan works is that an employee gets deducted a certain amount for a 401k contribution prior to taxes. They say this is a good way of managing one’s taxes because taxes are being deferred for the contribution until the amount contributed can already be withdrawn. Oftentimes, employees can really benefit from this retirement plan called 401k because employers have the prerogative to match the contribution of the employees. Usually, this is done in order to motivate the employees to be loyal to the company or its employers.

The amount contributed under the 401k plan will also be invested well on your chosen money market accounts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. If the investment earns well, you will have a very good chance to have a very comfortable retirement later on because your savings and revenue will be compounded up to the time will be eligible for withdrawal.

It will be wise not to think of 401k as an emergency fund because you cannot really expect to be granted with a 401k early withdrawal. Yes, an early withdrawal is discouraged but may be allowed at certain circumstances like a permanent disability. You can learn more about it, including the limits to the contribution, if you read more about the 401k regulations online and prior from the Internal Revenue website.

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Why I chose dental hygiene

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Recent sociological studies have lead to a firm conclusion that in line with the traditional social stratification system, people are known by the various socializing institutions that models and describes them; these includes among other things, professional groups, religious confessions, political blocs and a host of others. Members of the various social institutions share some common characteristics, interests, passions and values.
It is against this background that my essay will be built on the foundational premise of the former institution as stated above to become the fulcrum that will gyrate the direction of my personality. A critical assessment of my interest and abilities leaves me with the firm conviction that among all the diverse professional listings, the health sector is one area that will provide me with the needed personal fulfillment. Within the wider scope of the medical profession the area of dental hygiene is more appealing to me than the rest, therefore my resolve to choose it as my preferred career dream.
As a passionate individual, I am moved by the desire to render services to the physically afflicted particularly to the most vulnerable and destitute. Available statistics indicate that the Canadian population is aging at an alarming rate with an overall increase in 2.3 years from 1996 to the year 2001. Clearly, from the forgoing statistical information, indications are that the services of dental hygiene specialists will increase over threefold in the not distant future; judging from the fact that the older folk are at a relatively greater risk of suffering from prolonged dental complications.
The nature of the flexibility of the job will allow me enough latitude to engage in order equally vital engagements besides the clinical activities. In addition, being an outgoing person the job of a dental specialist will provide the platform for me to actively interact with new patients and people around. In sum, it is a professional area that will enable me contribute my quota to the cause of humanity, thereby making me a fully paid up member of the human family.

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Business Marketing

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In order to remain in business and achieving increasing competitiveness it is imperative for the managers of any enterprise to become abreast with the dynamism that facilitates the changing trends in their specific industry. To do this, managers should initiate a systematic collection, recording and analysis of data and information pertaining to their competitors, customers and the general market situation (Bradley 2007). This process is termed marketing research and it provides the foundational basis of the entire marketing process of any successful enterprise. In studying the most conventional marketing trends Kotler & Armstrong (2007) lay claim to the fact that the marketing principles used today cannot guarantee optimum performance in the near future.
Discussing Marketing Research
I begin this section by referring to the comment made by Mario in the DiVito’s Italian Bakery saga. Without any doubt Mario was explicitly calling for the adoption of a comprehensive marketing research to achieve the business goals of their enterprise. For the purposes of precision, it should be noted that marketing research can be said to be either of a primary or secondary approach depending on the research tools and methodology used to carry out the research process (Bradley 2007).
Secondary marketing research involves the acquisition and use of data and information compiled from an external source. In most cases the reasons for adopting this research method is obviously because it’s relatively cheaper and above all, such information is somewhat applicable or similar to an existing product of that enterprise or a future product of the firm in question. Its disadvantages include among other things, the use of biased data, lack of research specification and most notably the difficulty in validating the research findings. Questions such as seeking to know if the measurement captures what is intended to be measured are brought to the fore.
In the case of primary marketing research, the researcher asks critical questions that will enable the enterprise to remain focused. Below is an illustration of typical questions to be asked in carrying out a marketing research using the primary method:
1. What is happening in the market? 2. Who are the competitors? 3. What is the perception of consumers of a given product on the market? 4. What needs are available and whether the needs are being met?
In a milestone study, Marder (1997) presents marketing research under two main categories of depending on what the purpose the research intends to serve. Primarily a researcher may be engaged in what he calls a “problem-solving” research of a “problem-solving” research. A main practice among marketing researchers is exploring a given problem in order to familiarize themselves with the contending issues at the preliminary stage and further providing the basis for reaching conclusive points in the decision

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Direct Marketing

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Marketing is one of the most important factors that assure the success of any business enterprise. Among different strategies of marketing we will stick only with direct marketing.

Direct marketing is a type of marketing that distinguishes from other types because of its two main defining characteristics. First, it attempts to send its messages directly to customers without using intervening media. This also includes commercial communication such as direct mail, e-mail marketing with consumers or businesses. Second, it is focused on driving a specific “call-to-action.” This aspect of direct marketing involves an emphasis on trackable, measurable, positive answers from consumers.

In direct marketing there are further types different from each other in terms of methodology and results. However, doing your internet business, you need to choose only that method which can produce the best outcome for your efforts. This is where you can explore the technique of using direct mail marketing services to have a bright future in the business.

For attracting and gaining new customers you can choose any of the following stratagems of direct marketing:

1. Direct Mail

A method most frequently used in direct marketing is direct mail. Direct mail allows you to devise marketing sections in different forms. It includes envelope mailers, catalogues, self-mailers, snap mailers, dimensional mailers, brochures, and postcards. Before writing direct mail make it sure that you have specific market target that you want to achieve.

2. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is another method of direct marketing that has the advantage of speed in a marketing campaign. It enables you to contact with your clients using telephone. Whenever you make a telephone call, first introduce yourself and then go on to your purpose. Briefly describe your product or service and add how it solves the clients’ needs. At the end you can also ask for a face to face meeting, or to get permission to send them information via e-mail.

3. Direct Response

In direct response, the customer responds to the marketing message directly. An example of this would be infomercials where the clients view a television presentation of a product. They can purchase this product with a credit card over the telephone or internet.

4. Personal Selling

Personal sale calls is another technique of direct marketing. First conduct a research on the companies or the target that you are trying to sell your product. For this you can buy a list from a reputable list company. If you take this list make sure that you have complete information on your target market.
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