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Surveillance Cameras should monitor 50 Meters

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Yesterday morning, reporters informed from the city’s unit internal security working meeting that my insurance job achieve the goals major cases zero occurs, Group of die group of injury security disasters and accidents zero occur, Bad influence masses event zero occur last year. Police asked all units to increase television monitoring efforts to ensure the image within 50 meters in front of the unit is clear this year.

It is understood that this Changsha Public Security Ministry further supervise the implementation of the city’s more than 2500 units of public security key units to further promote the anti-technology facilities, popular in the city 110 network alarm system unit, install the TV monitoring system, TV monitoring systems focus on units installed 100% 110 100% installed alarm system, remote monitoring and self-service bank 100% realization of the Internal video surveillance system and public security organs monitor the network’s “seamless.” Some of the key units for the video surveillance system aging cannot afford the monitoring responsibility (counter surveillance equipment). Police would urge the relevant units, to increase the intensity of internal and external TV monitor and related facilities construction, to ensure control within 50 meters in front of the image control, visual and clear.

Reporters also learned from the conference, “Security Services Regulations” was officially implemented on January 1 this year. Municipal Public Security Bureau provides this protection units within the city must follow the regulations, to strengthen the security guards meet the political, security guards, each household must review the local police station, confirmed that no criminal record before the official certificates. All security will be established for each file, and the national security services management information network system network.

Municipal Public Security Bureau party secretary Li Jiede said that the city’s various internal units effectively implement the legal representative of the internal responsibility system for security work (spy camera for home), step by step signing of the responsibility, so that “certain posts, fix duty, responsibility.” There are significant security risks, or result in extraordinarily serious case (incident) cases of internal units, public security organs according to the “no spared prominent reasons until find out, no spared responsibility until look into, no hidden rectification until left off” principle, investigated the responsibility of unit major persons-in-charge, when necessary, implement “yellow card” and “One ticket veto.”from: audio surveillance equipment

Adjustment Method and Anti-jamming Solution for Surveillance Cameras

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Adjustment method and anti-jamming solutions for surveillance cameras, security monitoring, video surveillance, digital video surveillance, security monitoring network surveillance cameras Category: black and white and color. However, due to the black and white surveillance cameras has high resolution, illumination, etc. in particular use, it can be the characteristics of the infrared light imaging, television monitoring system, black and white CCD surveillance camera market share is still high. Surveillance cameras adjustment method 1, auto iris lens and CCD-IRIS are likely to interfere with each other, depending on where trade-offs. By moving the lens aperture and CCD-IRIS in a particular case will interfere with each other, may be appropriate to adjust the aperture to resolve. 2, note ATW / ATW-PRO and use the tracking range limited occasions. 3, VIDEOLEVEL is to improve the overall video level to adjust the role of the AGC is enabled more effective.

When the black object appears too bright or too dark, the other adjustments may be considered invalid use. 4, the right adjustment of the aperture avoids the stain color drift. The emergence of such interference, a slight normal image will not drown, and when the image cannot be serious watch (or even destroy synchronization). This phenomenon causes more failures are more complex. Generally, there are several reasons: (1) poor quality video transmission line, in particular, poor shielding (shielding is not of good quality copper wire network, or network is too thin and would not achieve shielding effect). At the same time, this type of video cable wire resistance is too large; resulting in greater signal attenuation is increased failure. In addition, these video lines and 75Ω characteristic impedance is not beyond the prescribed parameters of one of the reasons is the cause of the failure. As the above-mentioned interference is not necessarily bad is generated video line failure, so the cause of the malfunction in the judgments to be accurate and careful. Only when the exclusion of other possibility, you can consider from the point of view the negative video cable. If the cable quality really has problems, the best way of course is to replace all cables, replaced the cable meet the requirements, which is the best way to solve the problem. 2) Since the power supply system is not “clean” and cause. Here, the power supply is not “clean” refers to the normal power supply (50 weeks of sine wave) superimposed on the interference signal (spy camera for home). And this power of interference signals, and more from the grid used in SCR equipment (counter surveillance equipment). In particular, high current, high voltage silicon devices, the pollution is very serious on the grid, which led to the same power grid is not “clean.” Such as the FM network in high power thyristor speed control devices, thyristor rectifier, SCR AC-DC conversion device, etc., will power pollution. This solution is relatively simple; it basically can be resolved as long as the entire system uses clean power or on-line UPS power supply. from: audio surveillance equipment

Surveillance Cameras even installed in the School Toilet

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A few days ago, Xi’an Taibai intersection installed 17 surveillance cameras, and in Heilongjiang Zhaodong, even more crazy than this, a school installed surveillance camera in the
school’s men’s toilet.

It is nothing serious the campus has monitoring equipment, but if you see the camera in the men’s toilet, I believe you will walk away.

Zhaodong third secondary school students: It lets others feel, anyway, not very awkward.Zhaodong third secondary school students: It is uncomformtable, the toilet was also peep.The security camera installed in the corner of the men’s toilet in Zhaodong school, with its head point of view, panoramic view of the entire bathroom, but that is absolutely no problem.
Zhaodong third high school student: I am on the toilet on which the farthest away from the camera frame,

Reporter: Why did you install it?

Student: Well look vain, sorry ah.

The toilet is the only school toilets, school faculty and hundreds of men and male students, nature is a frequent visitor here, a place in the privacy of the placement of such a surveillance camera,
Who’s heart, head and also at ease it up ah.
Reporter: this thing work?

Zhaodong third secondary school students: do not know, who did not know whether it work ah.
Zhaodong third secondary school students: those things look the camera, all in the school inside it.
Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun said the men’s toilet really installed the camera during the winter (spy video camera).

Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun: because sometimes there are children lurking in the bathroom, some students or other children, there are acts of vandalism, in order to facilitate the management of our school, and even for the safety of students, thus installed the surveillance camera (spy camera watch).

The computer screen clearly showing the area monitored by cameras in President Wang office, President Wang said that this computer is the monitor terminal, most of all monitoring pictures gathered here in the end, but no the men’s toilet on the monitor screen. Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun: “If students feel inconvenient, then we can dismantle it.”from:pinhole spy camera

The Material about the Surveillance Camera Knowledge

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Describe the inner lens image quality indicator is the lens optical transfer function and distortion, but for the users, they need to know only the lens of the spatial resolution, distinguish the number of black and white stripes per millimeter as the units of measurement, calculated as: Lens resolution N = 180 / frame format level. As the CCD camera the size of the target surface have been standardized, such as 1 / 2 inch camera, the target surface for the high wide 6.4mm * 4.8mm, 1 / 3 inch camera for wide-4.8mm * high-3.6mm. Therefore 1 / 2 inch format CCD target surface, the lens, the minimum resolution should be 38 pairs of lines / mm, for 1 / 3 inch format camera, the lens resolution should be greater than 50 on the line, the camera The smaller the target surface, the higher the resolution of the lens.

The lens focal length and viewing angle, according to the distance the camera from the monitored target, choose the lens focal length, lens focal length f determined by the camera determines the target surface horizons (spy camera watch).

Aperture or amount of light, the amount of light of the lens measure by the lens focal length and aperture ratio, each lens are marked with the maximum F value, amount of light and the F value the square is inversely proportional relationship, The smaller the F value, the larger the aperture. It should be monitored according to some changes in light level to select the aperture manually or with automatic iris lens.

Zoom lens divided into two categories manual zoom lens and automatic telescopic lens. As a zoom lens inside the lens to the lens focal length changes within a certain range, so the goal can be monitored zoom in or out, so it is often a zoom lens. Typical specifications are six times optical zoom (6.0 ~ 36mm, F1.2), 8-fold (4.5 ~ 36mm, F1.6), 10 times (8.0 ~ 80mm, F1.2), 12 times (6.0 ~ 72mm, F1 .2), 20 times (10 ~ 200mm, F1.2) and other grades, and the most common electric telescopic lens. To increase the magnification, in addition to optical zoom can be subjected to external electronic digital zoom. Electric telescopic lens, aperture adjustment, there are three, namely: auto iris, DC drive auto iris, electric adjustment of the aperture. The focus and zoom adjustment, electric adjustment and preset only two kinds of electric adjustment by the lens inside the motor, while the preset is through the lens of the potentiometer to adjust pre-set stop bit, so you can remove the image must successive adjustment process can be accurate and fast positioning. In the spherical integrated camera system cover (spy video camera), most use the telescopic lens with a preset position. Another fast-focus function that users are interested in, which consists of measuring focus systems and the power zoom feedback control system.from: pinhole spy camera

Instant loans today- momentary relief from financial problems

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