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Cash Cow Is Unacclimatized In China, Unicom Concessions To Sell Apple iPhone

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Cash Cow Is Unacclimatized In China, Unicom Concessions To Sell Apple iPhone

Six months later, iPhone sales still slow and still  lose the gray market iPhone import . Meanwhile,Chinamobile’s new users increase speed is 3.5 times of unicom.

Unicom’move strive for users , highlighted in China the world’s largest mobile phone market, telecom operators to compete for market share, need to pay more and more big cost.

Reduce smartphone charges will play a role, but may not be enough, because unicom rivals in the mobile market in expanding the high-end, at least with unicom also aggressive .

According to foreign media reports, due to have video and the Internet market phones boosting demand, Apple’s iPhone to mobile phones and RIM (j) are polylink true In the blackberry’s global sales In the first quarter for the first time In more than MOTOROLA.

According to the American market research firm isuppli said on Monday, RIM market share growth to 3.6 percent, while apple’s growth to 3.04%. Compared with last year in the fourth quarter, mobile phone sales gain growth company is just the two companies. This research company’s digital also shows, MOTOROLA global market share in the first quarter from 3.6% drop to 3%.

iPhone (wholesale cell phone covers) and blackberry smartphone sales are beyond the ordinary blackberry smartphone (cell phone cases wholesale) users, to provide browse network has such functions, while ordinary mobile phones are confined to call and send text messages. isuppli said, in the top 10 global mobile manufacturers, only apple and RIM have their Canadian smartphone (cheap cell phone cases) brand. isuppli analyst Tina Teng (Tina Teng) in this study, the report says: “smart phones are shaping the wireless industry competition.”

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