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Creating Buzz For Your Website with Directory Submission

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

What are web-directories?

These web-directories are also called as Link directories and these are specialized websites consisting links of websites with appropriate categories. The major difference between a web directory and a search engine is that, Search engines work on the basis of keywords while web-directories work on the basis of categories and sub-categories. Asides, another major difference between a web directory and a search engine are that web crawlers or robots play a major role in listing the websites. While web-directories are curate and maintained by human editors.

Kinds of listings in a directory:

Depending on the nature and category there are various ways of listing and linking a website in a directory submission service.

Free Listing: There are some web directories which provide free service for listing a website. Marketers or advertisers are not charged anything to list their websites in these directories. Though, this service is not that much preferred because listing of your website and selection of the category relies totally on the mercy of directory owners. And there is no guaranty if your website will be included within specified time or not.

Paid listing: Unlike free listing, these are preferred way of listing a website in the directory. Directory owners charge a decent sum of money as a fee for the inclusion of a website. The best thing about this inclusion is that there is a time bound guaranteed listing and the human editor associated with the directory will review your keywords and description.

Featured listing: This is also called as sponsored listings in which advertisers or marketers can link their website in a premium position in a certain category chosen by the advertiser. These premium positions can be the Home-page or most viewed area of the website.

Affiliate listings: These are the links by means of which publisher earns a commission each time a visitor close a deal with the linked website.

What are Bid for position directory: These directories are also called as bidding web directories where a website is listed in the directory according to the amount of money they bid. The more a company is willing to pay for a particular space higher up the website will occupy space. A higher listing enables a website to rank high in the search engines result page and consequently drive more traffic to the website.

If you are looking for some low cost link building services then manual directory submission is the best option to go for. Not only you can drive more direct traffic but it will also help you rank high in the search engine result page.

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