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Effective Ways to get .edu Links

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

A Link building service is incomplete without considering .edu links. Due to its relevance and importance it has gained a lot of public traction in the world of Internet and online marketing. With this article we have come up with some techniques and methods which can be employed by webmasters to get an experience of complete link building.

What are EDU links

There are many kinds of domains available in the world of Internet like .com, .biz, .gov, .co.in .us and many more which can be registered by

people. .edu is also a kind of domain extension which is given to those institutions which are in the field of teaching and education.

Why .edu links are so important

The importance of .edu links lies in the fact that not every company and organizations can manage to get .edu links, Institutes which are reputed

and accredited with the concerned government are given this domain extensions. Besides this, search engines place more importance to these

domain is because any website with .edu domain extension is bound to be credible and authentic.

Compared to other .com and .biz websites which can be owned by any individual or third party organization .edu domains can be issued only to

educational and research institutes which are trustable in the eyes of government.

Ways to get .edu links

Getting links from .edu domains can be considered as one of the most difficult and brainstorming tasks in the link building campaign. The basic

reason behind this is that they don’t offer links to every Tom and Jerry, but there should be enough and relevant reason to link back you. Besides,

many of the web-masters and link-builders are tech guys who know nothing about academics and educational institutes shy away from public


Though it is difficult to get links from .edu sites but it is not impossible and there are various ways by means of which links can be acquired from

these sites. Here are some of those techniques………..

Utilizing various web2.0 properties

There are many universities and educational institutes which let users create or edit contents in their websites. These platforms may be anything

like blog, wiki-page or forums which can be used by users to create their own mini-sites and can get an opportunity to place their links there.

Utilizing your content knowledge

If you have an inclination towards teaching and education you can write a very informative and appealing content pertaining to a particular topic or

syllabus of that college and you can ask professors of that college to consider its inclusion in their website page. The method is not going to be a

success if you don’t have enough knowledge about that particular topic. These links are generally included in the BlackBoard and WebCT part of

the website which is not spidered by search engines still it holds some relevance by enriching your link profile.

Edu links on the admissions page of the school site

Getting edu links on the admission page of a university or educational institutes is comparatively much easier than getting it on home page. The

best way to get in the admission page is in the “local lodging” and “local restaurants” page. However it will not be possible if you are not the hotel

industry or something related to that.

Making a donation in the scholarship fund of the university or educational institutes:

A donation under such circumstances may compel them to add your link in their website as a part of courtesy.

Making donation to a university is emerging as one of the best ways to enrich your link building service attempt. Universities and research institutes are always in need of funds to conduct their research project or fulfill educational needs.

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