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Finding the Freshest Google Search Results

Todays Date: January 20, 2019


Google is not particularly strong at letting you determine the freshness of search results. The vagueness surrounding page freshness is due to several reasons: Louis Vuitton damier

Google uses more than one server (Internet computer) to deliver search results. The servers are not perfectly synchronized. At any moment, one server might give slightly different search results than another server. This fact, plus the multiple spiders, results in what observers call the Google dance. You can use Google to find Tiffany jewelry on sale online easily. Louis Vuitton speedy

The freshness of a page is determined by the time it was created, or the time it was added to Google’s index, or both.

Google does enable a certain degree of freshness filtering on the Advanced Search page in Web search.On the Advanced Search page, you can ask for Web pages updated within the past three months, six months, or year. These large time frames are safe for GoogleLouis Vuitton neverfull, because the three variables just listed cause confusion only within time periods shorter than three months.

If have the freshest Google search results to find Tiffany jewelry,may be easy? Or find cheap Tiffany jewelry so quickly?

GooFresh accomplishes the time-narrowing trick by using the daterange operator. I don’t discuss this operator much in this article because daterange doesn’t understand dates formatted in Louis Vuitton pursesa typical fashion – month, day, and year. Google understands only the Julian date system, which involves long and cryptic strings of numbers. Online Julian date converters are available for use with the daterange operator. If you do so, you are still subject to the Google dance depending on when a page is added to the index and when it hits all the servers.

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