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Hacker Said Apple iPhone Operating System Contains Spy Software

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Hacker Said Apple iPhone Operating System Contains Spy Software

According to foreign media reports, a well-known hacker recently pointed out that Apple’s iPhone cell phone equipped iOS operating system with a controversial software that can monitor all the activities of cell phone users.

The software developed by Carrier IQ’s, it’s sold to the various wireless carriers, can help them to monitor wireless network usage. However, this software has been regarded as spyware by critics.

It had previously appeared in Android cell phone launched by theU.S.operators, record cell phone users’ every move. Recently, the famous iOS hacker chpwn pointed out that this software also appeared in Apple’s mobile operating system iOS version 3, version 4 and version 5. However, in normal circumstances, this software is disabled. Different with the software of Android device, it does not allow records users’ input text or other data.

I have reason to believe that it does not record the user input text, access the network, passwords, browsing history or SMS, so it does not send these data to a remote wireless operators. ; chpwn wrote. Nevertheless, this finding let iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case) users feel a bit worried. In the United States, Carrier IQ has been involved in several important privacy disputes, among the U.S. mobile operator Sprint launch Android cell phone normally have this spy software. Chpwn said, Carrier IQ’s software, once activated, will be able to send iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases) users phone numbers, call records and location information to their wireless carrier.

As of now, Apple has not yet declined to comment. Talk about Android cell phone Carrier IQ software, Graham Cluley of Internet security firm Sophos said: in the case without informing the user to install the software, but users can not opt out or remove the software, which is particularly worrying. ; He added that; together the software intercept sensitive information, so this raises a question, how to use this software in the end.From: (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case)

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