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How do You Know When it’s Time to Change Bookkeepers ?

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

This article is written for the business owner who has a bookkeeper and has thought about terminating that employee. As business owners, we need to make tough decisions all the time and this one is important. No matter what the company size, there comes a time for any business, to replace or eliminate an employee’s position. No one likes to terminate an employee, especially in this economic environment. We all know, that its important to always care about our employees, so this type of decision is very important and often is hard to make. Sometimes your perception is blocked by your feelings for the employee which often results in no decision. This is article is written to help you realize that it may be the right time to make a decision.

As a small business owner, its tough to make this type of decision, because there may be no one to talk too, and also if you really haven’t had the sufficient time to devote to this problem. Here are 10 reasons or indicators to help you make that decision or to reinforce your decision to change your bookkeeper. If you can identify with a couple of these reasons or perhaps just one, and you believe that the problem cannot be fixed, then it may be time to terminate your bookkeeper or reduce their working hours.

1. Financial information is received late and always has mistakes.

2. You or someone in your family have the time to do the bookkeeping and are financial and computer savvy.

3. You need to replace the income of your wife, your parents, your in-law(s) or other family members.

4. Your bookkeeping doesn’t seem as complex and you are too dependent on the bookkeeper.

5. You have discussed this problem with the employee, it can’t be fixed and you have made every effort to be fair and equitable.

6. Your bookkeeper doesn’t communicate well with you.

7. Your bookkeeper is always too busy to give you the answer to your questions.

8. Your bookkeeper comes in late and leaves early and doesn’t get all the wok done.

9. Given the decrease in your annual revenues, you believe you have too many people employed.

10. Self Realization – A little birdie or an inner voice tells you that it’s time to terminate your bookkeeper or reduce their bookkeeping hours.

Remember,any one of above-mentioned indicators may provide the necessary impetus to internalize the bookkeeping within the family, assuming the replacement person is computer literate and/or is willing to become financially literate. Like any other accounting related decision, ask your CPA or accountant for their input.

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