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iPhone 4S And The Canon 5D Mark II Have Their Own Advantages

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

iPhone 4S And The Canon 5D Mark II Have Their Own Advantages

Recently the world-renowned portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz, recommend Apple’s latest generation iPhone 4S that can be used as a photographic equipment. Annie Leibovitz, but also on paper, how to do that in the end, for everyone to bring sn0wbreeze.ca photographer Katherine Rose shot a professional point of view to analyze the comparison photo, Katherine Rose uses a Canon 5D Mark II

In the above, The figure shows a female photo, the left  uses iPhone4S camera to shot, the right is the Canon camera. Exposure of the left face is more obvious and far more clear detail, the right face has no significant exposure, closer to nature, the depth of field is more obvious, and iPhone4S photographs of some depth of field is relatively flat.

The figure is a rainy evening scene, the left is still the iPhone 4S shot, this photo on the left show the effect of contrast in color and the overall aspects that was significantly better than the Canon camera photographs, in details of characterization, it should also be better than the Canon, such as the sky and so on.

This image shows the nighttime shooting, iPhone (birds nest iPhone 4 case) in the light-exposure was significantly worse than the Canon cameras, but also in the handling of the skin is significantly weaker than the Canon camera.

This photo was taken on a sunny day, by contrast, the difference is not very obvious, but Canon has become more real in restoring some of the scene.

This is a macro pictures that was taken, iPhone4S camera on the details of the characterization is weaker than Canon cameras, but also in the depth of field and exposure also did not deal with. By contrast photographs of the above, we can see iPhone (iPhone 4 peacock case) in exposure, depth of field and macro aspects of treatment are quite lacking, but the iPhone 4S (peacock iPhone 4 cases) is sufficient to meet normal demand competently.

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