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iPhone 4S Is Discovered A Design Flaw And Can Not Recognize The SIM Card – Micro Reading

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

iPhone 4S Is Discovered A Design Flaw And Can Not Recognize The SIM Card – Micro Reading

According to technology site Engadget reported that Apple’s new smart phone iPhone 4S have frequently burst design flaws, the latest problem is that very few iPhone 4S cell phone user encountered the situation that does not recognize SIM card.

iPhone 4S is Discovered a Design Flaw  and can not Recognize the SIM Card – Micro Reading

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There are users saying their iPhone 4S error did not insert the SIM card or SIM card is invalid. Temporarily by rebooting the phone it can pre-solve this problem, but the problem will occur more frequently, until the last iPhone 4S completely is unable to recognize the SIM card.

Although most of the iPhone 4S (cases for iPhone 4) users were not affected, but the problem across a number of operators and parts of the world, the U.S. operator Sprint and Verizon Wireless customers are not immune.

It is not clear this problem is caused by software or hardware defects, Engadget says this may be iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 leather cases) SIM card slot design defects that caused the fault. If you encounter this problem, now more effective solution is to reboot the iPhone (iPhone 4 covers and cases), if not resolve, then you can only back for a SIM card.

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