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iPhone 4S parallel import one day of price

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Did not leave the field to expect, goes on the market just one day-long iPhone the 4S parallel import second day of then diving thousand Yuan. Yesterday, Zhongguan Village already some businesses sent out 8900 Yuan prices, but preceding day “wealthy family”.

AZhongguanVillagemanagement apple product’s parallel import business told the reporters, at present in the market condition arrives iPhone 4S is 16G, 32G has not arrived. But passes through one day-long to fry crazily, yesterday quoted price already receded to 9300 Yuan, but estimated that 9000 Yuan could finalize a deal. Other merchant’s quoted price was 8900 Yuan, the day before yesterday’s quoted price is actually about ten thousand Yuan. “Now how many goods, have not bought the human is mainly gives a present. “According to it introduced that yesterday iPhone 4S arrived at ten several, but is for the reservation user.

But according to the parallel import market’s convention, will arrive one after another from each country’s iPhone 4S. In view of the fact that present one day of price, some merchants suggested that reporter and so on, estimated about 6000 Yuan quite to be stable again.   Last Friday, apple most new style handset iPhone 4S (wholesale iPhone 4S cases) opened in the global six countries sells, last Saturday in the evening, the first batch of parallel import then “flew” to Zhongguan Village, just a going on the market then started out surpasses ten thousand Yuan high prices. It is said in Hong Kong’s parallel import market, will go on the market the first day sooner or later the price difference unexpectedly to amount to 4000 HK dollars.

In fact, before regardless of being generation of iPhone or iPhone 4 (best iPhone 4S case), once experienced the like this price mighty waves in the parallel import market. “Tastes fresh” facing these the customer, parallel import business hits is the time difference eagerly, earns the high quota price difference. However, sudden and huge profits and risk with.   Because Australia opens sells the time most early, and the local edition’s handset not locks. It is said sells in the evening then transports to Hong Kong “north Huaqiang” – – to reach the market the first same day, a opening starts out 13,800 HK dollars high prices. But what makes the seller to be unexpected, too many businesses thought that tastiness feeds the soup, causes the market parallel import to be too many, the handset selling price broke ten thousand Yuan critical junctions in one day, in the morning and the evening bought the identical funds handset, the price margin has amounted to 4000 HK dollars unexpectedly.(From: iPhone 4S covers)

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