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iPhone 4S16 Is Sold For The First Time In Taiwan

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

iPhone 4S16 Is Sold For The First Time InTaiwan 

Telecommunications Sanxiong Seize the Business Opportunities .

Taiwan’s telecom Mitsuo expects that iPhone 4S will be sold in Taiwan, now, iPhone 4S tariff program was currently published by the Far EasTone’s first, which includes iPhone 4S capacity version of the yuan’s value 0 program, and monthly payment with 590 yuan (NT, the same below) for one year from the project, while the later is expected to Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile will announce its rate plans.

In addition to identifying from the outlets in Taiwan officially started selling iPhone 4S, but include Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone Telecom, they have also identified in the morning that will formally show in Taipei Xinyi Wei first sale will be held in store activities.

On 16th, Chunghwa Telecom chairman, Lu xueJin, general manager, Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone five string Lai Li Bin, general manager and others, they all attended the sale activity about the rates that the outside world are interested in, the remote program first announced tariff, iPhone 4S 16G/32G/64GB program can be specified with the price of NT $ 0 yuan. Far from the legend, consumers can play Far from the 16 / designated outlets to buy the whole rainbow iPhone iPhone 4S. In addition, the simultaneous launch the first FET iPhone 4S 1-year project, a certain amount of credit card purchase from the monthly payment, you can easily have a iPhone 4S (birds nest iPhone 4 case).

Li Bin said, iPhone (iPhone 4 peacock case) in the history of the evolution of smart phones, play an extremely important role in the development of their applications closely that integrated with modern life, not only for the life more exciting and fun, l and make smartphones from a luxury products into an indispensable necessities of life.

Li Bin believe the launch of iPhone 4S (peacock iPhone 4 cases), will give consumers a newer, faster, smarter experience, allowing users to more easily enjoy the iPhone’s unlimited fun

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