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iPhone belonging is still a mystery mobile, China Unicom both want

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

One people open a close door, one is always difficult to reach consensus on the modalities for cooperation, ownership of the iPhone into suspense.

Yesterday, China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou talked about iPhone has been a long time by the parties to enter the Chinese market, said: “China Mobile’s door is open, welcome Apple and other terminal access.”He also said that does not close the door to negotiations with Apple. Only a month ago, China Mobile has outgoing has also close the door to negotiations introduced with the Apple iPhone.

A day China Unicom Vice President Li gang has just revealed in an interview, Unicom negotiations still going on with Apple, China Unicom will open mind welcome cooperation, but we have not yet reached consensus on cooperation. A guard on the door is opened, one is always difficult to reach consensus on the modalities for cooperation, ownership of the iPhone into suspense.

In the three major carriers, Unicom has been into the iPhone’s most powerful competitors.  Compared to mobile use of domestic independent research and development of TD-SCDMA network, in Europe and widely-used WCDMA networks inherently match Unicom currently has with the iPhone accounts for cheaper. When the industry generally believe that Unicom won when the iPhone is just a matter of time, moving to join was undoubtedly give Apple added game chips. Not long ago, Apple executives in public said, things in the iPhone (cool iPhone accessories) into China could be next year. It is clear that Apple has already mastered the initiative, and the crane lifting everyone’s appetite.

“5•17” what is the greatest regret? No one carrier launches price/performance for the user is satisfied with the tariff package ranked in the forefront, another is probably regret, proud of Apple iPhone (accessories for iPhone) wasn’t able rumors through carrier channels formally entered the Chinese market.

Maybe we really regretted is only a small number of loyal “Apple”. Those who have iPhone on parallel imports of mobile, or iPhone (best iPhone cases) high prices discourage users I’m afraid only field operators are busy. Operators harvest the eye at the same time, can be obtained from the introduction of iPhone much income, quite a number of controversies in the industry, operators themselves probably hard work to clear.

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