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Learn How To play Craps Playing Free Craps Online

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

When it comes to casino games, one of the most popular is craps. This game involves the use of the dice and a well-designed board. This game is usually played against other players or what is known as the bank. While some people are of the opinion that craps is one of the most complex or complicated dice games, there are others who believe that craps is simple once there is an understanding of the basic rules and strategy of the game.

If you are learning how to play craps, you will realize that this game is fairly simple and loads of fun. Don’t be like other players who refuse to give craps a try. The truth of the matter is that learning the game of craps will be more beneficial to you. Simply because craps is one of the games in the casino that offers some great bets with the lowest house edge available. In addition to this, it is the only game that you can bet with a zero house edge at an online casino. Let’s look at some of the basics in learning how to skillfully play a game of craps.

Understand the Craps Tables Layout :– Firstly, before you can play you will need to understand the layout of the craps table, which can be confusing to some. The free online craps table has double layouts; these layouts are at the opposite ends of the table and actually mirror each other. These layouts facilitate many different bets.

Understand the Basic Rules of Craps :– When the “puck” button is white (ON) it means that the game is in progress. However, if it is on black (OFF), it means that the game has not yet started. It is therefore safe to say that online craps is a game of rounds. Whosoever is throwing the dice is called the shooter, the other people at the table will be either betting for or against the outcome of the shooter’s throws.

Results of the Dice :– Whenever the shooter throws the dice for the first time, this is known as the “come out roll”. If the dice falls on a 7 or an 11, it is an automatic win for the shooter, and he will also get another throw or another “come out roll”. On the other hand, if he throws a 2, 3, or a 12 then the shooter will lose the game, hence the reason “craps”. Nevertheless, he will keep the dice and still be entitled to another throw “come out roll”.

Understand the Changing of the Puck :– If the shooter throws any other number than those mentioned earlier, then the puck button will be flipped to white instead of black and be placed on the board of the number thrown. For example, if the shooter throws a 9 then the puck is placed on the 9 square which also becomes the point. In learning how to play craps and win, when the game starts the rules will change and the last number you will want to roll is 7. This is because if you are the shooter, you will an opportunity to roll until you roll the point again. If you roll the point before the 7 comes out, then you’ll win. However, if you roll a 7 first, you will lose and you will no longer be the shooter.

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