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Link Building Factors that can Affect your Ranking

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

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Link Building Factors that can Affect your Ranking

The success of your link building efforts depends on a lot of factors. All these factors constitute the ingredients for search engines to determine the ranking of your website.

For instance you can consider search engines as a librarian and your website as a book. Each time a user ask librarian (here search engine) for a particular book, the librarian has to determine the relevancy and importance of millions and millions of websites (here books) to supply the best possible book available out there.

In this article we have listed some common link building factors that play an important role in determining the relevancy and subsequent ranking of your webpage.

Factor 1: Keywords used in the web-page

The success of your SEO campaigns depends a lot on the keywords that you are argeting on. Webmasters and business owners ought to target keywords, keyword phrases or search-phrases that are prevalent and common to common users.

Factor 2: Titles used in the web-page

Title of a web-page is the text that appears at the top of your browser window and it is the text that is present between the title and tag of your HTMl page. Since, it is the first and foremost thing that search engine will encounter it should be written consciously and wisely. The title should provide the essence of your web-page to search engines, so that they can predict what your page is all about in advance.

Factor 3: Number and strength of inbound links

Search engines use links to search and find specific documents over the internet. More is the number of links pointing to your website more is the possibility of your web-page being ranked high. There are various link building tools and techniques available out there which webmasters are exploiting and leveraging like Blog and guestbook posting, web and business directory submission, article syndication, social bookmarking and forum posting.

Factor 4: Contextual links

Links work most when they are linked contextually. Means when a link provides contextual signals to search engines in advance about the linking to webpage it help search engines interpret and decipher your webpage easily and more conveniently. For example if you are in the field of shoe repair then the best possible way to create link is shoerepair.

In order to get most out of it webmasters should create a bunch of java script code and text and put it in the link to us section so that other webmasters can just copy and paste your code in their coding page and your website get linked with relevant keywords and anchor texts.

Factor 5: Website reputation

Search engines particularly Google is a bit biased towards brands. This is because they deem these websites more authoritative and credible source of information. If people don’t hesitate giving credit card number to your website it means your website is an authority in the niche and you will be ranked high for a particular search term. Creating link popularity should be considered as one of the most important aspects of your whole link building process.

Thus, as a whole we can say that Accessibility, SEO company, quick loading time and great contents are some of the important factors which should be addressed right at the beginning if you want your website rank high in the search engine result page and give a huge leap to whole of your link building services.

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