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Nintendo game falling sales: 2010 world still accounts for nearly 5 percent

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

According to the overseas media Bess matriculate slim-fast any use report, recently nintendo release a investment presentation, this presentation is based on companies to 2010 host and handhelds software sales and accounts for market share in the summary.

Nintendo figures showed that in Japan region, 2010 nintendo DS and independent development of wii software accounts for the software market share and 54.7% 09 declined by 11 percent. In other regions have similar wel low compared to 09 phenomenon, in the United States, and nintendo 2010 software market share of the sales of for 49.1%, than the 2009 fell 4.5 percent; In Europe is 44.6 percent market share, than usual decline 6.6%.

The President iwata astute in speech before thought this proportional fallen due to some other games equipment of selling software, for example, in Japan PSP “monster hunter carry version 3” of sales is very great, but in America, psu on Xbox 360 and PS3 the call of duty: XuanSe action “are among the top.

But nintendo sales ranking statistics show that the various software of the best-selling degrees in different regions have obvious difference(wii products). For example, the great king kong kingdom: Moslem “sales in the United States to much older than other regions, and the Wii party” and “the art institute” the sales in Europe is amazing.

Iwata astute said in a statement. “in the call of duty: XuanSe action” issue before(wii games sale), many insiders expect, this software sales cf big fly can’t more than before the call of duty: modern war 2 “version, but finally, the call of duty: XuanSe action” produces a than previous version better effects, and promote the whole software market.”

In the final iwata astute again based on the nintendo DS exaggerate the development of third party software is successful, he pointed out based on Wii and DS development of the game, achieve 154 million best-selling game is released, and nintendo itself third-party sales of the highest only game records only 80 million.From: wholesale wii accessories

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