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The Analysis Of The Truth About Refurbishing iPhone

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

It is reported that Google China has recently released its first annual Hot List, Apple’s iPhone becomes the world’s most popular word, and this focus also reflected in the mobile phone market. The expectation of one million sales in the previous already achieved, and in the beginning of this year rose to 500 million units, Apple expected the sales will lock in 10 million with full of confidence.

While inChina, iPhone has not officially entered the mainstream market, but in the revised machine market, iPhone is also selling hot. Apple launched iPhone is the ​​hot topic in mobile phone market, but, just recently, it appears discordant voices came from the market. There is mobile phone dealer reaction to the current market, there have been refurbished iPhone, and this is an “explosive” message. Moreover, according to another mobile phone dealer in Zhongguancun, said most of the iPhone are actually refurbished machine listed in market, and the price of such a machine is cheaper around $ 300-400 than a new machine.

Beautifully refurbished iPhone has become the target machine, in fact, as early as August, which is the official iPhone sales and it did not take long, there are sites reported that Apple sold the refurbished iPhone, and the price was $ 100 less than new machines. However, this renovation has been identified as the original renovation, which is Apple will refund the part of the machine to re-test and maintenance and packaged for sale, and such machine enjoys the same service like new products. However, because the volume was very small, quickly digested by the market, so now the refurbished iPhone selling now is almost impossible for such products. Buy a real iPhone to be happy, I got the help from a dealer and finally got an original iPhone and one is said to be “refurbished iPhone” to do the actual scene contrast, and that what would happen to it? Li Gui is just Li Gui, after all, no matter how camouflages, there is always a telltale, the following, I will analyze and discuss with everyone, the main difference between the original iPhone and refurbished iPhone (wholesale iPhone cases).

The original package iPhone (accessories for iPhone) of United States will have the bag with the marked of Apple, the first, the original iPhone are generally with the white fine bag with Apple logo printed on it, and the renovation of the iPhone  (wholesale iPhone accessories) is generally an ordinary plastic bag. Of course, this is not sufficient to conclude that no original bags certainly have a problem; after all, the products come in a non-normal channel. The original package is unopened and the “iTunes” icon (left is the original package, the right package is the renovation) will be printed on the box, the difference between the box: first, the print quality of refurbished machines is still fine, but it omitted a few details. One is the Bluetooth icon next to the battery identification, the other is the menu icon of iTunes, and there is a different between the calculator icons.

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