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The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

China Unicom announced yesterday, will be held from October 1 in 285
The basic package from 96 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into 9 files, student package of 66 yuan, iPhone package from 126 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into eight files, the company announced that starting next month, launched fierce nationwide promotion, purchase subsidies of up to 4253 yuan. Rounds of the iPhone has been hovering in the Chinese mainland market, until the end of August, China Unicom and Apple reached an agreement to introduce. Analysts believe that China Unicom will use it as the national 3G business a big selling point.


Unicom relevant responsible person said, the first listing of the iPhone has five, starting from October 1, China Unicom will start booking online business sales and service, specific launch date has not yet announced. Specifically, users have two ways to buy iPhone. First, the stored calls to buy the iPhone, China Unicom is also the way the main push. Users may sign in the net two years, select the appropriate packages, stored 2900 yuan to 7999 yuan, ranging from the bill, you can even order a certain amount of 0 yuan buy the iPhone.


The 8GB iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case), for example, the minimum can not spend a penny to get a cell phone, but only stored 5999 yuan bill, the minimum monthly consumption of 586 or 886 yuan, while the stored return of calls per month 250 yuan; the more popular programs is that the user stored 2900 yuan bill, select the 126 yuan package, the price of 3099 yuan will be able to buy the iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases). Parallel phone price currently around $ 3,700.


Another way is to separate the consumer can buy the iPhone (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case), China Unicom’s calls not to participate in bundled plans. As for the bare metal of the retail price, the company is not being released, but said “the market price.” Because bundling related industry price far beyond the previous forecast, many people feel less attractive. To reporters at press time, the network launched Sina survey, 96% of Internet users that the price of China Unicom version of

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