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The first meeting with MOTO A910’s

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Has recently lost cell phone ,I searched everywhere for a machine on the Internet collecting, saw many days, are not their own satisfaction, because the playing machine for a long time, the machine has reached the point vulnerable to the attack, there is no machine characteristics, usually into the not my eye. Cruise for a few days have not been able to find a favorite, but the phone has a problem, which was very convenient, or even want to have to buy a cottage then forget to buy the cottage, because he had never used, and his low price, superior appearance (mainly to see the imitation of Nokia), the workmanship is very fine (to store personally seen the real machine, admire our country cottage manufacturer).

When lost their desire for mobile phones, when inadvertently Taobao see a MOTO A910, and A925 I began to think that, like all the old machines, a large very heavy, feeling no play, looked bored when introduced , interest has been brought to, and form in line with my aesthetic, I do not like ultra-thin machine, I feel no touch of a soft spot for 910 machines so thick, the key he took WIFI, but also the key to his recent good goods, and so is not renovation, but more critical is his price, it was great. I am very satisfied, but still strong reason to suppress his excitement, not to impulse, because in the past have bought a machine failure, such as the forum some time ago the Nokia 6555 is the fire, at that time that the machine is highly cost-effective, who knows hand , before we know, the Chinese brush is another low-end machines, many of the fundamental function of 6555 itself, can not be achieved, in particular, was very hot 3G, despise business was to sell product is not clear that the promotion is still to write 3G mobile phone words, then get to regret it, so hurry out to a local friend.

Previous lessons learned, they began their search on the A910 Baidu introduction and evaluation, alas! Disappointed, pitiful, and has always been that the old tooth several articles, but unfortunately their only machine (cell phone accessories wholesale ) around to look for real friends to buy the real feelings, where their has been determined to buy their support, many buy Friends say the same good-looking than the picture to get a lot of machines, of course, I do not think so, I feel the same shape and image or only the size (phone accessories wholesale ) that he did not I expected.

Well, the admission of your protagonist. My MOTO-A910, this was released in 2005, ahead of the product was only today, we talked about, things really get people. 05, when released, WIFI in the country is not yet universal, the degree of awareness is very low, so no one concerned about him, there is his Linux OS, I was the first time using this system, it used to feel the system as PALM and WIN and S60 of the powerful, so never thought of trying, in 2005 S60 should arise, Scatter the time being, it introduced several Linux in MOTO touch screen machines (Wholesale cell phone covers ) can still sell, 910 did not cause everyone’s attention.

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