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the iPhone 4S photograph may not by ” Deifies “

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

The iPhone picture nature is what kind of? We looked that here we can only present the apple probably for everybody official to give several official previews. These previews are completely photograph under the sunlight bright condition, by now to camera’s hardware demand was lowest; basic may display the camera 100% optimum performances. If by a digital phantom equipment edition’s angle of view, the iPhone 4S picture nature calculates to assemble at most, did not miscalculate, but to outstanding also has the suitable standard. It is also good in the detail performance aspect, but faces some pure color part, for instance the sky, still has the quite obvious granulated disturbance existence.   All iPhone the 4S preview click looks at the original map.

These previews may see through exif is completely in ISO 64 or the ISO 80 photographies, the basic iPhone 4S lowest photo sensitiveness also arrived at ISO 64, if perhaps the photography night scene, even more lacked the ability to do what one would like. However the good place we also equally give the approval, the picture sharpness, the color, the white balanced and to make public accurate aspect, iPhone 4S display are quite splendid, the f/2.4 aperture placed expends in DC also to be considered as on the big aperture, in micro distance long burnt, we might see iPhone 4S also presented the background empty.

The minute does anything clearly, the ommon network share, or accepts as a memento conveniently, iPhone 4S (wholesale iPhone 4S cases) can complete the task sufficiently, moreover said that can very good complete the task, because after being in violation, formidable software and share support. Its picture nature performance, could also achieve in the optical fiber good situation makes the computer tabletop the standard, this was enough.

Once some video frequency has done on the spot the contrast iPhone4 and the Canon 7D video frequency table, after many friends looked, asks me, iPhone (best iPhone 4S case) really such NB? Have not flickered by this kind of thing, this video frequency avoided camera’s all superiority completely, the 7D lens flexibility, the video frequency shallow depth of field effect, the low noise spot performance and so on has not displayed, if one day of others also like this to flicker with you iPhone 4S, certainly must polish the eye, why divided clear to take a photography tool is to use. iPhone 4S (iPhone 4S covers) only limits pats conveniently is playing is quite good, must lose face the comparison to have the difficulty.

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