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Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Hardware and the Summary

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Hardware and the Summary

The hardware is the basic of phone features, there would not have the colorful features without the hardware. But I put the contrast of the hardware configuration in the end is not to say that the hardware configuration is unimportant, but I hope the consumers focus on the user experience rather than the hardware itself.

Music Phone S1 uses a Qualcomm 1GHz processor, 512MB of memory, supports WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS functionality, the back is equipped with a 500 million pixel camera. The Apple iPhone 4 with A4 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3.5-inch screen Retina screen, on the whole, the hardware configuration of the phones are basically same, but slightly different in the processor.


Today, we compared the Lenovo Music Phone S1 and two products of the Apple iPhone 4, these two machines almost all the same from the configuration point of view, but the UI interface, the system features have their own strengths. iPhone 4 has its own truth of success, and the music Phone S1 also occupies a place in the field of smart phones relies on the excellent compatibility and understanding the custom of people. And Lenovo music Phone S1 accounted an absolute advantage in terms of price, I believe in this summer, not only the iPhone bring you pleasure as well as Music Phone S1 will sent more surprises for you.

Music Phone / iPhone recount, positive PK: two design styles back PK: “smile curve” and the story of LOGO and who knowChinabetter: Clover Classic UI

Ready to use, Internet applications full format support multimedia, hardware and the summary

The international brand mobile phone has been dominated in the high-end mobile phones, but in recent years with the rise of smart phones, Lenovo from Chinapropped up a new sky successfully. Some time ago we bring the detailed evaluation of music Phone S1 (parameter forum software), I am sure you have a more detailed understanding on the phone. Today we take a look once again into the contrast of Music Phone S1 and iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) (parameters offer picture forum software) in the side of popular, I believe that from which you can find more surprises.

The strong contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4

The reason of why chosen iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 cases black and white) and Lenovo music phone S1 is mainly on account of the two products are the current high popularity phone. Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 4S cases) as one of the most selling products has become a high-end products for many users now. The Music Phone S1 has accumulated a lot of fans after a year’s precipitation. When a product to put together, I believe many users can not wait, let’s take a look at their “supernatural powers” of these two products.

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