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Why Exactly The Same Appearance And iPhone 4 iPhone 4S

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

After the listing from the original iPhone, Apple introduced a new annual cell phone, but we can clearly find that the appearance on the sui generis iPhone (iPhone 4S cool covers), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS exactly the same, iPhone 4 iPhone 4S and miraculously they are similar, This is not to please explain it to illustrate the master, then?? Jobs to do what a dream.

▲ iPhone 4s

If the 3G and 3GS classified as a group, 4 and 4S (white iPhone 4S accessories) classified as a group, you will find the first year of the new appearance of the phone (iPhone 4S accessoires) is released, the second year is to upgrade the internal parts, new wine in old bottles used after sold a year, two years a product life cycle strategy, and the CPU leader Intel’s Tick-Tock model just somewhat similar.

What is Tick-Tock modelTick??-Tock is the pendulum swinging like the original sound of the word, but here of course not mean that. Reference to Intel’s official statement, Tick-Tock is the transistor process technology, and processor micro-architecture, the development time between each staggered with each other, so that each period has a new technology will be released, and unpublished new technologies that group, you can launch the technology into their other side, and also retain the remaining development time, thus achieving mutually beneficial cooperation.

Simply put, Tick-Tock is to let the two teams together to do the division, in turn released the results.

Using the Tick-Tock model has many advantages, the most obvious benefit is that you can shorten the new product launch, you can create a lot of money pit people or come in, come back the development process can be time-stretched, the more ample time usually can nurture a better quality, and, as mentioned above, introduction of new products released to the rest of our time, the other team happens to be the introduction of new technology, you can just take advantage of our big fuss about the timing, so this can be developed complete, let the product was added to the other technical results.

▲ Intel released the 2009 Roadmap, it is clear that the concept of Tick-Tock

Above diagram as an example, the first generation of CORE i7 using the Nehalem micro-architecture (process 45 nm), based on after it’s “Tick” mission is to improve the electric crystal system, process technology, process technology upgrade to 32 nm, the launch of the product is Westmere, it brings a higher operating speed, better power efficiency, the next “Tock” stage, the process is introduced as the new 32-nanometer micro-architecture Sandy Bridge, which brought such as Quick Sync Video and Thunderbolt these new features, in the same process technology, the users can enjoy more enhanced features.

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