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A Couple Of Tips On Getting Cheaper Car Insurance For Teenagers

January 15th, 2015 Comments off

Teenagers typically need to cover higher car insurance costs than most others. This is usually down to a few different reasons, most notably because statistics show that teenagers and young drivers are more likely to have an accident or cause an accident than any other member of society. The inexperience of any young driver will lead to higher premiums, and this is something that is unlikely to change.

However, while it is certainly true that a teenager will typically pay more than anyone else, they can certainly look to save money ahead of their peers by taking a few basic steps. Consider some of these simple tips on saving money if you are a teenager looking for auto insurance.

You need to try to demonstrate your personal responsibility as a young motorist to any insurance provider that you come across. It is important for you to build up your credibility and you can do this in a few different ways. One very easy way to do this is by simply maintaining a good record at school and getting good grades.

You can also demonstrate responsibility by doing such things as going on a drivers education or course and are driving safety course. By understanding the rules of the road more effectively and by developing your proficiency as a driver you will demonstrate that you are taking everything very seriously. This, in turn, will lead to insurance providers charging you less for your premiums.

Shopping about is a very simple and yet very effective way of saving money on any auto insurance policy as well. This is something that any motorist can actually do to save money and by gathering quotes from plenty of different sources you are much more likely to make savings. From the point of view of a teenager, it is best to look to specialist providers when doing this.

If you are living with your parents and they are drivers as well then it is usually more affordable for you to add yourself to their policy. This is better than purchasing your own policy and will usually lead to some savings on your part, while helping you to develop your own driving record.

As more of a long-term strategy you need to focus on maintaining a good driving record as well. This is going to help you to save money in the long run and while you will not necessarily be able to get the cheapest policy rates now, by keeping a good driving record you should be able to reduce costs in the future.

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Comparing Term And Whole Life Insurance

September 22nd, 2014 Comments off

All life insurance policies can be categorized as “term”, “whole life”, or a combination of the two. This means there are many different variations in policies.

Universal life insurance allows you to adjust the premium and policy amount to what you feel you need.

For someone who wants to have control over the financial and investing aspect of their insurance, the variable life insurance policy will be the best option.

So what’s a term life insurance policy?

The term life insurance policy provides insurance protection for a particular period of time. The term may be extended to 5, 10, or 20 years. When the term ends the policy also expires without any benefits and without any saved or accumulated cash value. But if you die during this term then the death benefit will be paid. The term insurance policy can be said as insurance that is actually designed to expire before you do.?

Usually the premiums on the term insurance are not that big, but as you grow older you will have to pay more. So considering the profits a term life insurance policy is more economical when bought at a younger age along with a longer term. Even though the short term renewable policies are substantially lower when people are young, it will be highly expensive when purchased after middle age.

In a term life policy that renews annually and carries a $200,000 death benefit, the annual premiums might look like the example below. Remember, these are just examples to show the differences in cost with age:

Age 35: $300/year

Age 50: $900/year

Age 65: $2,500/year

Description of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole life is the most common type of life insurance. The policy remains in effect until you die or reach age 100, assuming you pay the scheduled premium. Whole life insurance is also known as ‘ordinary life’ or ‘permanent’ insurance. They feature level premiums, level face amounts, guaranteed values, and a high degree of safety. Whole life insurance has a guaranteed cash value, through which a living benefit is built. Because of this, the owner can access the cash for emergencies, or use it as a supplement to retirement income if necessary.

Whole life insurance includes both insurance and savings: whole life policies are often used in long-term financial planning. The level premiums of whole life policies also mean that the premium will never change. This gives you the peace of mind of always knowing how much your premium will be; it will not increase as you grow older.

There are different risks involved for companies which provide whole life insurance policies and those which offer auto policies, for example. With an auto policy the insurance company hopes the policyholder will be a safe driver and never be in an accident. On the other hand, when an insurance company issues a whole life policy it knows it will someday have to pay the claim.

The internet has made researching and comparing different life insurance companies very easy. By doing your research online, you can ensure that you have the best policy at the best premium to meet your needs. It’s also a good idea to see how the companies you’re researching are rated with the Better Business Bureau. Also be sure to check each company’s financial stability before you sign up for a policy. If you work to get all the information you need before buying, it will be very easy to get the best possible life insurance policy online.

Graham McKenzie is the content syndication coordinator a leading South African Life Insurance and Life Cover portal. For more information on the different types of life insurance visit our website.

A Number Of Ideas On Choosing The Best Life Insurance

August 5th, 2014 Comments off

Choosing the best possible life insurance policy can be quite difficult. This is not only down to the fact that it can be tricky to work out what sort of coverage you need, but it is also because there are so many companies to choose from. With so much information going around, it can become very difficult to locate a policy suitable to you.

Certainly, there are some things you can do and all of this will really require some patience and steady research. By doing this you will eventually be able to find an ideal policy that will cover your family should you pass on.

One of the best things you can do is simply make sure that you look at reviews of a number of different companies so that you can narrow down your choice to only a few viable options. Any company that you might purchase a policy from will have all sorts of different customer reviews of it. Go to customer review websites and try to find some companies that are highly rated.

You should also spend time looking around discussion boards and forums. These types of online resources are excellent at helping anyone to get feedback and advice on how to proceed with any sort of problem. In addition, you can engage in conversations yourself and will be able to ask questions to those who may have ready being through the process. Often they will help you and their advice can be priceless.

Once you have narrowed down your choice to a few suitable companies you should then get some quotes from them to see if they really can offer you exactly what you want. Go directly to their website or even call them up to get a quote. If you do this with a number of different companies you should have a few different policies to choose from at a few different prices.

Of course, you could also make use of comparison sites as well in order to compare quotes very quickly. While you are unlikely to find the best policies on the sites, you will be able to gather quotes quickly and efficiently. Simply look through all of the quotes you gather and try to see if any of them fit your criteria.

Certainly, your focus should not always be on price. A great policy will be one that offers you excellent coverage from a reputable provider. Price, while important to many people, is more of a bonus and these other two factors should feature more highly on your agenda.

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Different Types Of Accident Insurance

August 20th, 2010 Comments off

All vehicles including 4×4 vehicles should have insurance to cover the costs of damages and injuries due to accidents. If you don’t have insurance then you will be forced to pay to not only fix your vehicle but to fix the other person’s vehicle. You will also be liable for any medical bills that they have as well as your own. You should therefore get insurance to protect yourself and your assets. Before you decide on a type of insurance to get you should review the types of insurance that are offered. This will allow you to pick insurance based off of your needs.

In most states drivers are required to have the most basic type of insurance known as liability insurance. This coverage only covers the other driver’s medical bills and the damage done to their property. This means that any damage done to your vehicle or any medical bills that you incur will have to come out of your own pocket. Liability insurance is a very low cost insurance and is only recommended to those who can’t afford full coverage or have an older vehicle that has little to no value.

If you’re a 4×4 driver that is worried about having your vehicle damaged or stolen then you will want to consider getting a different insurance plan. This is especially true if your vehicle has value to it and you live in a highly populated area or a major city. Adding this type of coverage will increase your insurance premium but it will also protect your vehicle from non accident situations. You will have to ensure that the company is willing to cover all natural disaster scenarios as some companies don’t.

Comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle in the event of theft or accidents. It’s also known as full coverage insurance. It will cover everyone involved including everyone’s property that has been damaged and medical bills. This type of insurance is more expensive than liability only however you won’t have to worry about repairing your vehicle or covering hospital bills. If you have an older vehicle then you won’t need this insurance however if your vehicle has value to it then you will want it.

If you are an extreme 4×4 enthusiast who likes to go off road or you go to competitions with your vehicle then you will need to get a special type of insurance to cover these events. If you do competitions or off-roading often then you will want to consider adding to your policy. However if you do events only once in a while then you can save on costs by having it covered for that one day. It’s important to know the policies of your insurance company as some insurance companies will cancel your policy if you go off road.

Before you decide what company you will deal through be sure to get plenty of online quotes. These quotes will give you an idea of what different insurers cost so you don’t have to spend a week driving around to the different insurance companies. While comparing you will have take into consideration what each policy offers. Every policy will be slightly different and have different amounts of coverage.

Susan Reynolds is the content coordinator for a leading South African Insurance Provider who specialises in Car Insurance.

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