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Take A Company Public – S1 Attorneys – PCAOB Audits – Good Luck, You’re Going To Need It

June 14th, 2014 Comments off

The undertaking of a public offering on the OTCBB, just as with the NYSE and NASDAQ can be tedious, strenuous, exhausting and an ongoing perpetuation of one failure after another until you just throw in the towel and call it quits; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Going public can be rewarding, prosperous, empowering and the beginning of massive capitalization and international expansion. There are two things to remember when putting your ‘going public’ plans together. First: don’t be nave by thinking that you can do it yourself, you’ll certainly fail as this process has too many components and is infested with sewer rats that will climb on your back for a free ride just in case you make it. Second: be smart and hire an IPO Strategies Consultant. This type of business consultant is rare and difficult to find as they are in demand globally because of the streamlined manner in which they are able to take a company public.

Strategies consultants that specialize in pre public corporate strategies and structuring, IPO facilitation and post public investor relations planning and mergers and acquisitions. They’ll expedite the public offering while giving your company a powerful foundation conducive to hardcore domestic and global expansion.

The road to becoming a publicly traded company is littered with the carcasses of companies that either tried to complete the process on their own or corporation with the foresight to hire a consultant but battled the consultant on each portion of the process and added so much stress to the deal that the consultant threw in the towel and moved onto the next project.

Word to the wise, this is one industry that you, the inquisitive self taught or over educated doesn’t stand a chance. The intricacies of this industry are of such proportions that unless you are completely submerged in this business for years with 80 hour work weeks you won’t even crack the surface of what it takes to go public and stay public and grow through expansion with a solid trading volume to monetize your company’s securities to create expansion capital.

Find a consultant, step back, keep your cell phone hand and leave this to the professionals while you reap the rewards. You’ve earned it! Through your blood, sweat and tears you’ve built your company. You’ve created jobs, contributed to the economy, paid Uncle Sam his pound of flesh, you deserve to succeed. Use the process of going public to create wealth for your family, long term job stability for loyal and hard working employees and a product or service distribution that spans the globe.

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Ipo Investors, IPO Investor & IPO Lists

June 14th, 2014 Comments off

Investors who are able to achieve higher yields on their investments take a different approach to growing their portfolio than most. Of course they use a broker and/or investment adviser for information on transactions but will typically make their investment decisions based off of their own collective research.

The reality is the few that have gained a comprehension for seeking out and getting involved with trades that open the floodgates to massive profits use their own money and operate as part of a small, tight knit group. The members of this ‘group’ always have their feelers out like tentacles sucking up and analyzing potential transactions, immediately looking for strategic elements and immediately dumping 99% as they don’t meet the criteria.

Two major components that professional investors who use their own money and are able to consistently pick winning transactions are companies that are in merger and/or acquisition mode and companies that are seeking seed capital specifically to go public.

Let’s focus on the latter. Companies seeking seed capital to go public are often financially viable companies with modest liquidity but are taking on seed investors so that they can meet the SEC minimum criteria of having 40 investors on the books to qualify for going public. Investors that are able to, literally, make millions per transaction have a way of getting into these opportunities by connecting with consultants who take companies public. If you are able to get involved with these consulting firms and if you have some capital to designate as a seed investor, you can literally be placed in 4,5 or even 6+ pre IPO investments per year. When you are one of the 40 investors in a pre public OTCBB corporation you are usually investing seed capital at a fraction of the future public price. The difference between what you pay for the seed stock and what the company charges per share when public is the profit.

It isn’t at all out of the ordinary to buy seed stock at 50 cents and have that stock gain in value of $1.00 to $1.50 when the company goes public and yes, you just made 50 cents to $1.00 net profit on each share (note: seed prices and opening prices vary). The great thing is you can often invest as a seed investor with as little as $5,000 to $10,000. If you have more capital you can spread it out over multiple pre-IPO opportunities. Seek out the pre- public companies and make your investments worth

The author of this article is not a securities broker or attorney. Before moving forward with investments of any kind the reader should seek the advise of a licensed professional.

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S1 Lawyers – Take A Franchise Public – Private Placement Memorandum – Let’s Start This Over

June 13th, 2014 Comments off

Once upon a time the American Dream was simple; start a company, grow the company, create jobs and provide a better path for your children. Now the American dream is how to stay afloat, keep your house and remove the daggers that the government is ramming in the small of your back. Your congressman and governor say one thing and do another. The white house takes your tax dollars with one hand and pickpockets you for your lunch money with the other.

Activist bloggers and armchair protesters are against the system when it’s convenient but when the spotlight is off and no one is watching they golf with their senator and take quiet money from special interest groups.

The entrepreneur has been drug into the darkened alleyway, sucker punched, hogtied and left to rot by a system that uses them like a smack-head hits the pipe and as long as the media keeps quiet, the individual entrepreneur feels that they are the only ones engaged in this struggle but this is simply not the case.

The banks wanted more than your house, they wanted your tax dollars and the government gave it to them and in front of the cameras they shook hands and agreed that this ‘bailout money’ would go back into the economy to spark a resurgence in civilian confidence in a system that force-feeds poison and slices off pounds of flesh from it’s zombie citizens.

The reality is, in back room meetings and secret handshakes this money was understood to go into the pockets of corrupt institutional banks and would never make it to local and national economic relief. Knowing all of this, ask yourself, at the end of the day, who can you turn to? What politician at any level can you trust to cut you a break? The answer is simple, none. Look to your right and left and you’ll find the answer. The accredited investor and people investing in people is the only way to slow down the corruption. Of course when the government sees how unity is productive they’ll figure out a way to pollute our confidence in one another with overgeneralizations and hyphenated ethnicities and other politically correct pig Latin that means nothing but divides everyone. In that division is where the government takes hold.

Here is a revolutionary idea. Actually, it’s not so revolutionary as it is unspoken and it goes like this: Business plan + Private Placement Memorandum + Fund Raising = Take your company public. Taking your company public is the only way to take control of your truly productive and marketable product or service and the steps are simple and above. First start with a professionally authored business plan that clearly spells out your idea and sets the stage for what your company is about and the reality of what is possible. Be truthful. Be honest and the investors will come if you position yourself properly. Positioning yourself properly in the USA means setting up a structure that the government can control and in this case the minimum requirement for raising equity capital is with a regulation D rule exemption 504, 505 or 506 also referred to as a private placement memorandum (PPM) which is an SEC regulated mechanism for distributing shares in your company for investment dollars. I’m not a fan of big government but Reg D is a good idea and keeps from the wrong types of people raising capital. Regulation D keeps it clean by spelling out the potential risk factors for your company and by using a valuation it will state a solid ‘per share’ price. You simply put out a certain amount of equity for public consumption and set the share price and offer it to people by staying within the non solicitation standards set forth by the SEC and it’s that easy. After you’ve initiated your fund raising you’ll want to provide a profitable exit strategy for your investors and you’ll want a way to capitalize off of your position so your company can grow. Going public on the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin board) is a great way to expand and raise capital. Have a qualified securities attorney file your s1 and go through comments with the SEC. Have your consultant or attorney refer you to a solid market maker to sponsor your 15c211 with FINRA and wham-bam you have a trading symbol and you’re public. Now just file your 10k’s and 10Q’s throw in some solid publicity and investor relations and you’re off and running. Stepping outside the system and getting organized will take you places you’ve never dreamed possible. Get out there! You can do it.

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Get The Attention Of CEO Recruiters – CFO Headhunter – How To Get Top Executive Jobs – Exec Recruiters

June 13th, 2014 Comments off

If You’re Seeking Board Of Directors, CEO Jobs, CFO Job Offers Or Attention From Executive Recruiters, Here Is What To Do. Obviously people want what they can’t have, it’s written in our genetic code to desire what we don’t have and fight for what seems achievable.

It’s the same with recruiters; if you’re available and eager then you are less desirable of a marketable asset but if you have published work all over the place, how to videos plastered on the web and you are intricately involved with the upper echelon power base in your industry niche, the key element becomes having massive visibility, and the reputation for being seen with the who’s who in the industry.

Get your articles published in industry journals and the newspaper. Make yourself available to news affiliates as an industry expert and do the same with radio. Consult for free with industry blogs and websites with high traffic and PR value. Work out a publicity deal in exchange for your efforts.

Have an aura of mystery about you. Don’t put personal information on social media sites; only use the internet for professional self promotion. What will begin to happen is first you’ll be asked to advise on transactions such as private company restructuring, then companies in the process of going public, then you’ll be lobbied for advisory board positions with public companies.

After you’ve proven yourself as an active and solid adviser and your name is associated with successful transactions you’ll begin to get the opportunity to serve on board of directors for public companies starting on the OTCBB and eventually the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Once you’ve established a pedigree with empirical evidence of strategy, contacts and the ability to work with a board for the short term and long term betterment of the company, open up the floodgates and let the offers come rolling in.

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Taking Your Company Public – “The Princeton Effect” – The Most Powerful Economic Movement In 100 Years

April 24th, 2014 Comments off

For decades economic realities have been placed under a black veil of secrecy with its truths and lies known only to the institutional banking elite and we the public just stand like an ocean of monkeys. The system was never exposed, insiders never spoke out.

Yes, this industry has been nothing but lies and chaos, that is, until about 8 years ago. A small consulting firm called Princeton Corporate Solutions began to take this insider knowledge and make it available through very public articles and blogs. The blog on their website is one of the premier global economics and IPO blog stops on every economist’s pilgrimage to seeking and using investment banking, global commerce and IPO knowledge written by the hands of the masters.

The PCS blog does something that no other financial blog in the world does, they take away the technical jargon and in plain English, patiently and painstakingly take the reader by the hand and show them how something like having a personal bank account with a top tier institutional lender can be adding debt to your children’s tax liability 20 years from now.

They talk about the ‘unspoken’ truths of how if a country wants to hurt another country that is not cooperating with insiders, then the insiders want to impose economic sanctions on these decanters and inflict pain by damaging trade relations, threatening IMF intervention or liquidating currency holding to further damage the company who’s not playing by the rules of the establishment. Taking the military into a country is more for statement than anything as economic sanctions are the most powerful tool of war without lifting a single gun and the goal is to get the citizens of the country fed up and wound up so that they force internal changes within their borders to get those sanctions lifted but this rarely happens. The economy will eventually weaken and big business will step in with fists full of Uncle Sam’s money and start introducing the locals to the finer things in life, the luxuries that they could have but their president doesn’t want them to have them etc.

The exposing of how institutional insiders and politicians toy with the system is now termed ‘The Princeton Affect’ named after Princeton Corporate Solutions. “I think it’s a Wall Street Thing” says James Scott, CEO of PCS, “I just got so sick of hearing the lies on TV and having all the zombies at home watching and believing all this garbage. All we are trying to do is help the little guy understand what he is truly up against when trying to run the company in this economy.”

Global economics affects everyone with a pulse on the planet yet so few people understand it, ‘The Princeton Affect’ is the crystallization and simplifying technical economic issues in a way for the common man to increase knowledge and understanding on how to best protect oneself and grow during this difficult time as a business owner or C level executive.

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