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I9100 compared with iPhone 4 details of the fuselage

July 6th, 2018 Comments off

IPhone 4 just released when promotional iPhone 4 thickness of very thin at that time, only less than a cm of thickness, get a lot of users appreciate. I9100 come and create a slim Smartphone a new record, the thickness of only 8.49mm, and supposedly world’s thinnest Smartphone, I also will be shooting with two phones on the readers to watch. Volume keys of the two phones are located in the left side of the fuselage, Samsung i9100 volume using a submerged fuselage design, while iPhone 4 uses a separate button, regulation and above the volume control with a mute switch, user-friendly.

 Samsung i9100 right very simple, but different from most phones, Samsung i9100 designed the power switch on the right side of the fuselage, fuselage only have this one on the right key. And there is no Design button on the right side of the iPhone 4, just move the SIM slot is located in here. Mobile phone location at the top, because Samsung i9100 designed the power key on the right side, so Samsung i9100 only at the top with a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack. IPhone 4 design is also very simple and only has a power switch at the top and a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack(iPhone 4 leather cases). Bottom of the cell phone location, Samsung i9100 line interface located in the data here, USB interface in addition to transport and charging functions, you can also use multimedia base to HDMI HD output functions. Bottom of the iPhone 4 design is slightly different, very symmetric design at the bottom of the iPhone 4(cases for iPhone 4), charge the cable set interface in the Middle, so that the line also operates two screws on either side of the interface and speakers. Appearance and detail summary: overall, completely different design styles of the two phones, Samsung i9100 to reduce weight and thickness of the fuselage, fuselage mostly plastic, so the body size of only 125.3×66.1×8.49mm Samsung i9100, at only 116g, in the hands of very lightweight. IPhone 4 Although the screen does not Samsung i9100(iPhone 4S covers), and aesthetics of the machine in terms of design to the manufacturing process, are very good, the shell is composed of three basic parts: two smooth stainless steel of high strength glass, wrapping around in a circle, weight 137g, in hand very tactile, so who is the superior or need based on your personal preferences.

IPhone 4 is not about delisting of stock report

July 6th, 2018 Comments off

IPhone 4 answered discount promotions no iPhone5, only iPhone4S! IPhone5 fails many of the early hours of October 5 call waiting for the domestic fruit powder down. However, iPhone4 answered part make the cut powder excited, many stores have been in short supply.

Almost iPhone4S launched at the same time, Apple iPhone4 diving prices a moment on the official website, iPhone416G b bare metal prices the previous 4,999 million down to $ 4,548, iPhone432G b bare metal price reduced to $ 4,988 from $ 5,999; iPhone 3G s bare metal prices dropped from $ 3,999 to $ 2,888. After the Apple official website iPhone4 prices diving, industry analysis, now Apple’s unique cooperation between operators in China Unicom, is likely to cut in prices for iPhone4 in the near future. After 8th, Unicom insiders on Twitter to respond to the outside world, “said China Unicom (microblogging) sales channel iPhone bare metal and the contract price will be adjusted accordingly. However, China Unicom has yet announced timing and details of the adjustment. “As prices plunged for the iPhone4, iPhone4 at theGuangzhoumarket has gradually started a price war. Recently, the southern reporter visitedGuangzhoubainaohui, places such as the Cyberport, computer city, iPhone4 prices generally fell by hundreds of dollars, at around $ 4000-4700 as a whole, bainaohui a cell phone shop is making 16G use discount package price of $ 3,999, set off a wave of selling small climax. An Apple authorized reseller based in gangding told reporters, on October, 8th only two days had sold more than 100 multiple iPhone4, current stock shortages. However, there are businessmen complained to reporters, as prices of goods on the high side, now sell iP hone4 less than Apple’s official online price, 16G models must sell at least about $ 4,700.   Only the goods sold out, the price will come down. IPhone 4 is not about delisting the other day, and southern reporter visited several digital shops found inGuangzhou, shops are not posting iP h on E4 s advertising, unlike last year when iPhone4 listed in stark contrast to the popular scenes. Is the iPhone4 price promotional posters are everywhere. Bainaohui told reporters a cell phone shop clerk, to consult iP hone4 customers more these days, mostly directed at iPhone4 price. There are many shops, told reporters, since iPhone4S after listing, iPhone4 sales increased significantly, gangding some Apple dealer was sold more than 100 to more than one in two days.       

Current dealers iPhone4 inventory is no longer in the hands of many. Fearing iPhone4S will affect the iPhone4 after listing price, many dealers have stepped up selling iPhone4 inventory on hand(iPhone 4 leather cases).  

However, insiders said, from the iPhone4S referred to as “new low”, as the new voice control feature is not used on a Chinese user, along with iPhone4 is cheaper than iPhone4S, so expected fact iPhone4 in China still has a large market space(cases for iPhone 4), will not be quickly withdrawn from the market. The main difference between iPhone4S and iPhone4(iPhone 4S covers), the use of duo A5 processor at up to 1G Hz 2, 8 million pixel camera upgrade 3, increase the voice control function.

IPhone up to drop thousands of bare-official website

July 5th, 2018 Comments off

“We will price from 11th, consolidated in accordance with the Apple official website of the bare-metal prices. “Yesterday,Guangzhoulocal Apple retailer told reporters. In fact, after Apple released the fifth generation of iPhone, October 6, cut the price of iPhone 4 bare metal, up to drop thousands of dollars. The other hand, Apple’s larger agents have not adjust the prices down, because Apple does not have “price protection” said bare metal prices adjusted lower than the price, if you resize, is sold at a loss.


This reporter learned from the local Jin Jiaxin, its bare metal price is not down. This mess is meant that local consumers have purchased according to the original price of $ 4,999 and $ iPhone 4? Not necessarily, the Guangdong Unicom said one person waiting for group pricing information; contract plans and bare-metal prices are likely to be adjusted. Previously, China Unicom sales General Manager Yu Yingtao Microblogs revealed that “study”.   

In addition,Guangzhousuning stores also have price reduction to consistent with Apple’s official website. “As far as I know, at present several agents, including telling Apple not adjust the prices of iPhone 4 bare metal.”Yesterday, a local business operators informed source told reporters, the official website of Apple cut its prices, more like a” unilateral act “. The same day, theGuangzhounew Apple authorized retailers only price adjustment, a few days before, still follow the original price sales.


Jin Jiaxin officials disclosed that its retail version 16G iPhone 4 is still sold more than 4,700 Yuan, and 32G costs more than $ 5,500. On October 6, iPhone 4S after the release of 16G version iPhone 4 Apple Chinese website online store price fell from $ 4,999 $ 4,548; version 32G iPhone 4 price fell from $ 5,999 $ 4,988, drop $ 1011. In addition, the iPhone 3GS version 8G front of the selling price of $ 3,999 per cent. The above said, iPhone has never been “price” saying, so now supply channels; price is higher than the adjusted price of hundreds of dollars, if the selling price and the price of Apple’s official website, can only be sold at a loss.


The so-called price, in short, price protection, is one of the terminal manufacturers to dealers loss compensation. Retail told e world journalist, because you cannot “price protection”, after Apple price of inventory of goods can only be through “time difference” to absorb, Digest stock before the consumers did not fully understand. “A stock are really small, another national day as far as I know iPhone 4 sales surge description just needs exist(cases for iPhone 4).   

“The carrier said. Although some Apple prices result in a loss of pressure on agents and retailers, but prices seem unstoppable. “When do consumers every day recently to ask about prices. “Guangzhou Xin Lian said. Suning in Guangzhou, bare-metal prices of the iPhone 4 October 6 on the official website has leveled(iPhone 4S covers). “Su Ning was selling at the red, but spot because it’s actually very little, loss of control can also attract popular, also without losing a cost-effective approach. “People say, for local consumers, maximum channels should also be a China Unicom. Therefore, China Unicom iPhone 4 price cuts (iPhone 4 leather cases), when the price is very important. 3G head of Sales Department of Guangdong Unicom says, also are waiting for a group of messages, adjustment should be determined.

BlackBerry – PushMail’s Most Powerful Weapon HP iPAQ hw6515

June 27th, 2018 Comments off

PushMail, which is popular in Europe andAmericain the past few weeks, is suddenly heating up inChina. Several major carriers have said that they will open the related business, igniting the engine to accelerate mobile email services. With PushMail functions, it can freely send and receive e-mails, it seems to have become the fashion label for business phone.

 PushMail links with the user’s mailbox, under the condition of authorized and opened services, e-mail will be immediately sent to the user’s BlackBerry phone to facilitate users to understand the mailbox and make appropriate treatment. What is different from checking email with BlackBerry is that this service updates E-mail initiative to the user’s BlackBerry, not uses the Internet of BlackBerry to check mail. Moreover, users can browse a complete e-mail and corresponding accessories, such as word, excel, pdf documents, it is no problem even if a large capacity.

It uses open platform, supports Sybase, good, windows, etc. almost all the PushMail platforms, so hw6515 is called PushMail’s ideal solution. In addition, hw6515 also became the leader of them by virtue of the three major weapons.

First of all, what is the biggest difference between HP 6515 and other smart phones is that it uses QWERTY keyboard. The characteristic of QWERTY keyboard is that it is exactly the same with the computer keyboard. It is very convenient when we input number and English, so the users who can use the computer can easily use the hw6515 keyboard. From the design of the keyboard, you can see HP’s humanized design: compact size, the same spacing, and good feel, all these advantages enable users to achieve one-handed operation, which meets the needs of mobile.

A keyboard is not enough, using the phone to input Chinese characters, the speed has always been a big problem. HP-specific version of the Point-Input, the hw6515 presenting, combines the advantages of hearing screen handwriting and keyboard, so that the handheld devices input have a revolutionary improvement. The default input method is same with the Quanpin Input method on the computer, it is very simple. With 120,000 system word-stock, support the coinage, frequency adjustment, custom input functions, the input speed can up to 40 words / minute at the first use. At the same time, hw6515 memory function automatically record the phrase that have input many times, and thus when we enter the same phrase the next time, we only need to enter the beginning phonetic alphabet of key words, then they will appear. If you are familiar with keys and use the common phrases, frequency adjustment and other commonly used functions, the input speed can reach 95 words / minute. Users can also customize any input method they favorite, such as five-stroke input and so on. With the QWERTY keyboard (Wholesale cell phone covers) and Point-Input method, the user can do as simple and quick as computers when using the hw6515 write EMAIL.

Then, after using PushMail (cell phone cases wholesale ), the user may receive hundreds of emails a day, these will take a very large space. The hw6515 itself can store thousands of contacts and EMAIL, and a unique dual-slot configuration can support an SD card and a mini SD card at the same time, which can reach an unlimited amount of storage. Outside of work, 6515 mass storage can bring to the user a digital enjoy like Media Player.(From: cell phone cases wholesale )

Blackberry–China Mobile Lift OPhone Veil, All the Companies Swarm to Put Force

June 27th, 2018 Comments off

A kind of power, which can change the development process of smart phones and mobile Internet industry, is intervening in China’s 3G market — Following China Mobile have official introduced OPhone smart phone operating system platform in Beijing last month, which is its leading R & D, the Shanghai branch of China Mobile firstly launched and promoted the OPhone terminal yesterday.

Including Lenovo, Dopod, LG and Dell and a number of phones will go on sale by Shanghai Mobile. Shanghai Mobile will return the mobile charge with maximum of 1,800 yuan, which is worth of 300 yuan data services, for the OPhone consumers,.

OPhone isthecollectively called for the open mobile phone operating system customized phone, which is researched and developed by China Mobile, it has became the smart phone operating system platform ,which is the world’s first operator leading the research and development and Internet-oriented, reflects China Mobile’s latest industry chain of strategic thinking for the era of 3G.

The front and back of OPhone will collect China Mobile, domestic and foreign mobile phone giants, software developers, content providers, channel distributors, and even individual programmers’ “swarm together” type of development. The localization ability, rich applications convergence, and the advantage of integration of industrial chain, will provide China Mobile with OPhone (Wholesale cell phone covers) “explosive force.”

China Mobile has also been recognized that the business model philosophy in the era of mobile Internet: if it wants to grasp the entrance tighter, it needs a more open model.

From the design of the hardware manufacturing base, due to the change that China Mobile has done on Google’s ANDROID operating system, it introduces the OMS system, so each manufacturer can launch their mobile phone business on the platform.

 “iPhone (cell phone cases wholesale ) is only produced by Apple, while OPhone can produced by multiple vendors.” The responsible person of Shanghai Mobile said that not only China’s Lenovo and other manufacturers, but also the international Motorola, Dell, LG and other manufacturers will launch OPhone (cell phone cases wholesale ) phones, the choosing space for hardware frame is huge. Moreover, China Mobile and these companies have the basis of a long-term cooperation.