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iPhone 4/4S Dedicated Brookstone Push Micro Projector

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iPhone 4/4S Dedicated Brookstone Push Micro Projector

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Brookstone launched a special projector, model BrookstonePocketProjectore (Brookstone mini-projector), this projector is produced by Texas Instruments, before using the same sets as protective cover above the fuselage on the iPhone, priced at nearly $ 230, about 1459 yuan.

In fact, this set of peripherals on the iPhone has two functions, one is the projection display, one is charging, it comes with 2100 mAh battery, in the case of not using the projector, you can charge the iPhone.

This device is equipped with a 15 across the lumen of the emitter can be 640 × 360 pixel image projected onto the other plane, the maximum zoom size is 50 inches, while it has a power of 0.5 watt external speaker. Because the brightness of light is limited, so the other plane to see the picture is not very bright, clarity will be severely affected, the user will be watching around the light source must be shut down, in a dark environment.

It is understood that in 2012 the Texas Instruments DLP technology used in smart phones, the use of this technology may enhance the future of smart phones in the projection function. 

Bubble network channel speaker on November 20 Apple iPhone 4S news of price cuts to many more exciting fruit powder, while in the excitement, have you ever thought about your iPhone 4S home looks after the place where you will be comfortable? It was convenient to use it? DOSS company to give you the best answer it. DS-860 flying saucer-shaped apple audio, designed to create a fruit powder, plug your new iPhone 4S above, appropriate. Fashion just because you exist.

DOSS DS-860 UFO Apple Sound

Along with white and gray, always fresh classic, giving a warm feeling, quiet. Central set DOCK interface, just plug in which will iPhone 4S, and DS-860 with a good connection, showing comfortable sound.

Out in front of the volume control is user-friendly design, roller operation, straightforward, convenient and comfortable, finger flick to complete the volume adjustment process. Regulate their own listening environment, the volume of their own ears, the sound not too large, the case of ear protection, relaxing music.

While playing iPhone 4S, but also while its charging, both worlds, smart phone standby time to solve the problem of short, easy to maintain power to your iPhone 4S (iPhone 4S cool covers) plenty of passion at the release of Apple.

Although the shape of gorgeous, but the price is not expensive, the market price of 200 yuan. Do not worry about your iPhone 4S (white iPhone 4S accessories) no place to put, or do not know how to put it beautiful, make DOSS DS-860 to help you more beautiful side show iPhone 4S(iPhone 4S accessoires).

iPhone 4S Shopping Guide: PK Pop Andriod Phone, iPhone 4

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iPhone 4S Shopping Guide: PK Pop Andriod Phone, iPhone 4

According to foreign media reports, iPhone 4S now open for booking and will be settled on October 14 stores. iPhone 4S similar in appearance and iPhone 4, mainly including the upgrade and software level. Left to the user’s question is: Should I upgrade it, worth it? Or should wait for next year’s iPhone5? There Samsung GalaxySII, Motorola DroidBionic other Andriod system phone, what phone is really suitable for yourself?

iPhone 4S VS iPhone 3GS If you are using Apple iPhone 3GS phone even earlier, then upgrading to iPhone 4S is a wise decision. Three generations of improvements to the four generations is enormous, iPhone 4 or 4S perfect screen and iPhone 4S A5 dual-core processor speed upgrade make you experience the thrill of extreme, A5 dual-core processors have to iPad2 tablet stand out from the previous generation. iPhone 3GS upgrade is a big leap to iPhone 4S, this upgrade is wise. iPhone 4SVS iPhone 4 If you have a iPhone 4, upgrade to iPhone 4S fear of no great value. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 the same configuration screen, iPhone 4 A4 equipped with a single-core chips, even the single core, it is also widely considered to be second to none in today’s smart phone market the device. Two different mobile phones is, iPhone 4S equipped with upgraded 8-megapixel camera, support for 1080p HD video recording, with a stable frame system.

iPhone 4 5 million pixel camera, support 720p video recording. These should be paid just signed another two-year program and pay a higher price it? AT & T’s iPhone had previously been allowed to old customers the same price as previous generation equipment to purchase new iPhone. If the carrier does not provide such a price, iPhone (iPhone 4S cool covers) will be priced $ 599 from the sale. iPhone 4S (white iPhone 4S accessories) VS Andriod, WindowsPhone, if you do not intend to use the BlackBerry iOS system, Andriod is worth seeing. Many Andriod phone such as HTCIncredible, HTCEVO3D, Motorola Photon, Atrix, NexusS have a good performance.

Andriod system, although not Apple iOS system provides such a wealth of applications, but there are also many great games and entertainment applications. In the application of this point, WindowsPhone7 worth recommendation, although the level of application development in growth, compared to Apple and Andriod system is still lacking. If the phone (iPhone 4S accessoires) is not so important for your entertainment, so much choice WindowsPhone system equipment.

On the other hand, I will not promote the BlackBerry system, studies have shown that it will launch later this year or early next year, new phones, and may even run Andriod program.

Please Grasp A Small Knowledge About The Battery Of Cell Phone

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Please Grasp A Small Knowledge About TheBatteryOf Cell Phone

Now, more and more people use the beautiful widescreen Smartphone, but there are also many people complain that: cell phone battery is not durable, just a day or two the power went out. Indeed, widescreen Smartphone needs more power consumption. Therefore, be nice to your cell phone battery, let it can give you more lasting work, and becomes even more important.

Today’s mobile phone basic use lithium-ion battery, its characteristic is small volume, light weight; it has the long standby calls when it compared with nickel cadmium battery and nimh batteries.

Generally speaking, when you buy the phone (cell phone cases wholesale), it has original battery products. If you need to purchase another, you had better go to a store or prestige good place to purchase, in order to ensure quality. Whether the original battery first can discern from the label of its printing and see whether the font, color plays flash whether evenly. Font size is differing; printing fuzzy of most is counterfeit batteries.

Secondly, you still can discern from some details, such as counterfeit batteries due to shell mould and original product has difference, into the handset battery magazine will have some doesn’t agree with the place; The original battery metal contacts generally USES high-quality pieces of copper, only on the plus side will have golden reflective, and fake battery metal contact from any Angle are shining.

Generally speaking, before the battery leave the factory, manufacturer has carried on the activate processing, and fill some electricity in advance. But after they leave, short battery is a month; the long is half of a year will reach users’ hands with cell phone (wholesale cell phone covers). This time, for the battery electrode materials, so manufacturers and blunts dealer would normally suggest users should first use of cell activation “, namely again “3-5 times process to enable the full charge in the future use of the best state.

The so-called activate charging, are deep charge and deep put, namely completely consumed power, continuous charging 12-16 hours. So the consecutive of 3- 5 times to ensure that the activity of lithium ion fully activate. However, there is another view of lithium ion no memory effects, which do not have activated possible, so the ten hours of long time charging no practical significance. At present, the two completely opposite views head-on, let a person is right.from: cheap cell phone cases

Renew Brilliant, Apple Released A New Generation Mobile iPhone Around The World

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Renew Brilliant, Apple Released A New Generation Mobile iPhone Around The World

In the expecting of iPhone fans in the global, new generation 3G blackberry 11 in global 22 countries and regions and sale. Apple hope through29 new generation iPhone in the smartphone market continue the brilliant.

Early days before the launch day, the iPhone fans worldwide began to row up the long dragon around POS , hope to buy soon. InNew Yorksomeone from July 4 began to put up tents in point-of-sale outside waiting for sale;TokyoiPhone fan 9 morning began to rain queuing. In this phone first sale the first in line toNew Zealand, the students in 3 days’ advance bothwell.outside game began in FaShouDian wait outside. In addition, online booking also unusually hot O2 UK operators, according to iPhone statistics, 7, the day started accepting Internet booking O2, online pre registration number per second highest when 1.3 million pen.

Industry research firm iSuppli predicts, starting on that day that global will sell about 200 million department 3G blackberry. Also have market analysts forecast, starting the day’s sales are expected to break through 10 billion dollars

Apple announced on June 9, blackberry upgraded version , this phone use  the third generation of Internet network operating system, so faster and more accurate satellite navigation technology, call time is longer, the price is better than the first generation of blackberry drop $200. This phone (wholesale cell phone covers) is still bound by operators and sales mode. While cell phones  (cell phone cases wholesale)reduce the price but operators would increase in the service charge.

Apple choses includingHong Kong,China,Japan, theUnited States,Germany, etc to 22 countries and regions as starting, the company plans to end will sales market increased to 70.

According to the survey data by Gartner, the phone is currently in the global iPhone (cheap cell phone cases) smartphone market share in the third, about 5.3%; Market share in the former two respectively by nokia (45.2%) and blackberry (13.4) occupied .

Cash Cow Is Unacclimatized In China, Unicom Concessions To Sell Apple iPhone

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Cash Cow Is Unacclimatized In China, Unicom Concessions To Sell Apple iPhone

Six months later, iPhone sales still slow and still  lose the gray market iPhone import . Meanwhile,Chinamobile’s new users increase speed is 3.5 times of unicom.

Unicom’move strive for users , highlighted in China the world’s largest mobile phone market, telecom operators to compete for market share, need to pay more and more big cost.

Reduce smartphone charges will play a role, but may not be enough, because unicom rivals in the mobile market in expanding the high-end, at least with unicom also aggressive .

According to foreign media reports, due to have video and the Internet market phones boosting demand, Apple’s iPhone to mobile phones and RIM (j) are polylink true In the blackberry’s global sales In the first quarter for the first time In more than MOTOROLA.

According to the American market research firm isuppli said on Monday, RIM market share growth to 3.6 percent, while apple’s growth to 3.04%. Compared with last year in the fourth quarter, mobile phone sales gain growth company is just the two companies. This research company’s digital also shows, MOTOROLA global market share in the first quarter from 3.6% drop to 3%.

iPhone (wholesale cell phone covers) and blackberry smartphone sales are beyond the ordinary blackberry smartphone (cell phone cases wholesale) users, to provide browse network has such functions, while ordinary mobile phones are confined to call and send text messages. isuppli said, in the top 10 global mobile manufacturers, only apple and RIM have their Canadian smartphone (cheap cell phone cases) brand. isuppli analyst Tina Teng (Tina Teng) in this study, the report says: “smart phones are shaping the wireless industry competition.”