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Prices Fell Markedly The U.S. Version Of Apple’s iPhone 4S Sale For 776 Dollars

January 15th, 2019 No comments

Apple iPhone 4S (parameters offer picture forum software) cell phone recently officially on sale in Hong Kong Apple Store, caused an uproar, consumers respond to scenes of spectacular waves line up to buy, quickly run out of product. Recently, the news that Apple iPhone 4S cell phone has passed the State Ministry of Industry detection, and will be issued access permits nearly two weeks, it appears that country-line version is coming, so the news hit on a large parallel , prices have decreased significantly. Today I brought theU.S.version of Apple iPhone 4S, offer only 776 dollars, interested friends can see it.

Apple iPhone 4S(wholesale iPhone accessories) uses the latest A5dual-core processor, performance enhances significantly, frequency is 800HZ, and memory is 512MB. Integrated iCloud cloud services, users can store iPhone photos, documents, contacts and other information in cloud end, the new wireless sync, active support. Also built a powerful voice assistant Siri, as the most anticipated Apple iPhone 4S(wholesale iPhone 4 accessories) function, Siri can voice man-machine dialogue, the completion of all such inquiries, the weather, first e-mail, maps, navigation and other common functions, to really become Apple iPhone 4S an cell phone has “artificial intelligence.” However, due to lack of support inChina, not being SIRI playability. But Apple said in 2012 that SIRI will support Chinese.

Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in appearance basically no difference, its change part is not obvious, only the location of the antenna change to the top side of the mute switch, which is an effective solution to the problems of iPhone 4 signal problems. Shell part is still using the glass panel, plus the metal frame, 3.5-inch screen resolution of 640 × 960 pixels at the same, in the shooting, the machine uses a 8 million pixel camera, and joined a 1/3.2 inch back-illuminated type CMOS sensor, and support for 5x digital zoom, the performance is almost perfect, and the camera faster 60%, more streamlined and practical structure.

Apple iPhone 4S(wholesale iPhone 4S accessories) maintain Apple iPhone4 classic appearance, and has a larger hardware upgrades, such as from single-core upgrade to a more powerful A5 dual-core, and high-speed camera and faster shoot, performance enhance greatly. Also, if your English is good, Siri voice assistant is also a very convenient function, increased playability. Now theU.S. version of the quotation 776 dollars, you can look.

Hacker Said Apple iPhone Operating System Contains Spy Software

October 17th, 2018 Comments off

Hacker Said Apple iPhone Operating System Contains Spy Software

According to foreign media reports, a well-known hacker recently pointed out that Apple’s iPhone cell phone equipped iOS operating system with a controversial software that can monitor all the activities of cell phone users.

The software developed by Carrier IQ’s, it’s sold to the various wireless carriers, can help them to monitor wireless network usage. However, this software has been regarded as spyware by critics.

It had previously appeared in Android cell phone launched by theU.S.operators, record cell phone users’ every move. Recently, the famous iOS hacker chpwn pointed out that this software also appeared in Apple’s mobile operating system iOS version 3, version 4 and version 5. However, in normal circumstances, this software is disabled. Different with the software of Android device, it does not allow records users’ input text or other data.

I have reason to believe that it does not record the user input text, access the network, passwords, browsing history or SMS, so it does not send these data to a remote wireless operators. ; chpwn wrote. Nevertheless, this finding let iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case) users feel a bit worried. In the United States, Carrier IQ has been involved in several important privacy disputes, among the U.S. mobile operator Sprint launch Android cell phone normally have this spy software. Chpwn said, Carrier IQ’s software, once activated, will be able to send iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases) users phone numbers, call records and location information to their wireless carrier.

As of now, Apple has not yet declined to comment. Talk about Android cell phone Carrier IQ software, Graham Cluley of Internet security firm Sophos said: in the case without informing the user to install the software, but users can not opt out or remove the software, which is particularly worrying. ; He added that; together the software intercept sensitive information, so this raises a question, how to use this software in the end.From: (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case)

News Said That Foxconn Already Begun To Reduce Shipments Of iPhone 4

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News Said That Foxconn Already Begun To Reduce Shipments Of iPhone 4

According toTaiwanwebsite DigiTimes reports, industry observers found that the largest co-generation plant of Apple iPhone, Foxconn has been gradually reduced shipments of the iPhone 4 since August, further indicates the birth of iPhone 5, it is also implied the current focus of Foxconn has shifted to iPhone 5 production lines. Earlier there were news reports, Foxconn will produce at least 150,000 iPhone 5 per day at present, to ensure that the September quarter shipments could reach 5-6 million units, while shipments in the fall will reach 22 million . The Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets latest survey report also showed that the current consumer desire for iPhone 5 has reached an unprecedented high.

In addition, the analyst Kuo Ming-Chi also claimed yesterday that Apple will be on September 23 to 30, send iOS 5 of the GM version to the company’s co-generation plant, to be able to hardware and software in October with the completion of assembly to prevail launch in the market to do preparation. Comprehensive reports in recent days, we can probably guess iPhone 5 will be officially released until mid-October.

Apple released the iPhone 4S, Apple China’s official website update, iPhone 4 fell more than $ 149, October 5 morning news, Apple released the new iPhone 4S cell phone, the Apple China’s online official website make update, iPhone 4 cell phone slashed prices, the highest fell more than $ 149. Apple China’s latest information shows that, 16G version of iPhone 4 prices from $ 746 to $ 679; 32G version of iPhone 4 prices from $ 895 to $ 744, fell more than $ 149. In addition, 8G version of iPhone 3GS from the previous price of $ 597 fell to $ 431. Apple today released iPhone 4S (peacock iPhone 4 case) similar shape with the iPhone 4 (christmas iPhone 4 cases), but has been upgraded internal components, which change is built-in Apple’s new A5 dual-core processor, with 800-megapixel camera, voice-assisted functions.


iPhone 4S will be officially on sale on October 14, both black and white colors, two-year contract price of 16G $ 199, 32G $ 299, 64G $ 399. The first launching countries are the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germanyand Japan. October 28, iPhone 4S (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) will be launched in another 22 countries and regions, at the end of the year launched in other 70 countries and regions. Unfortunately, the first two groups in the open country and region does not include mainlandChina andHong Kong.

Straight-touch And Light Apple iPhone 4 Only Sell For $ 746 Now

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Straight-touch And Light Apple iPhone 4 Only Sell For $ 746 Now

Compared to the previous 3G and 3GS version, iPhone 4 has quite obvious change, first cancel the original curved edge design, instead of using angular cover the whole plane, while the volume keys to the left side of the body split into two circular designs. The latest price inBeijingis $746.

Appearance is also straight-touch design compared with the previous versions, but the body thickness of 9.3mm overall body style is more simple and light compared to the previous generations. The screen, iPhone 4 uses 3.5-inch 960×640 pixel resolution TFT screen, either display text or images, the overall effect is very good. The back of the camera body upgrade to 500 million pixels, support the AF auto focus, with LED flash, are you satisfied with this camera effect?

Compared with the previous products, iPhone 4 (peacock iPhone 4 case) made ​​two big update, the first is the addition of supporting for multi-tasking capabilities. Relative to the previous terms of a single task can be said to be much more convenient; the second update is the inclusion of folders feature, each folder can be placed up to 12 softwares, thus which allows users to better manage their own files. Another point is the addition of the A4 processor, speeds up to 1GHz. Allows users to send and receive e-mail and web browsing speeds up to twice of the previous generations of the iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases).

Editorial comment: iPhone 4 cell phone is the crystallization of the wisdom and experience of Apple’s designers and engineers, is the fashion trend, it is sought after by fashion people, it gave rise to the visual quality of the listening experience with fashion. So far the iPhone 4 (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) price is quite expensive.

Conference Material Unicom: The Contract Of iPhhe Deal Gives Users The Right To Know

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Conference Material Unicom: The Contract Of iPhhe Deal Gives Users The Right To Know

China Unicom on iPhone 4 today, they launched a new policy plan, subscribers will use the new version of the user agreement, the new policy requires that customers not only in machine card separation, that is bound to use the purchase of communications services, USIM card, the user terminal number and the iPhone circumstances, only to enjoy the China Unicom to provide customers with end-subsidy policies. Unicom said the company will give users the full right to know and whether you choose the right contract plans; Duiyu lose your iPhone, etc., Unicom will be based on the actual situation, handled properly.


China Unicom’s announcement in its business offices across the country will generally be posted, allowing users to have full choice whether to join the iPhone contract plan in the right purchase. Since the end of September this year, China Unicom, the introduction of Apple iPhone 4 in the Mainland after the sale, iPhone 4 by the fanatical pursuit of the most talked about China’s mobile phone market. To this end, China Unicom also launched a heavily subsidized way to China Unicom iPhone 4 contract program, allowing users to buy the iPhone 4 in time to enjoy the benefits. However, there are some on the market for China Unicom iPhone 4 contract plan malicious unpacking, selling high-priced iPhone 4, the case of low-cost selling phone cards.


China Unicom said that customers used the event card from the case constitutes a breach of contract, agreement by both parties the right to cancel customers of China Unicom’s preferential policies, and user numbers for the shutdown process, terminal lock on the iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case), while customers should be held breach of contract. Unicom said that this terminal contract bundling subsidies, but also the practice of domestic and international communications market. Also, users can also choose whether to join the China Unicom iPhone 4  (christmas iPhone 4 cases) contract plan, because the domestic market, there are two legitimate channels carrying the iPhone 4 (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) sales, in addition to China Unicom, the users through the Apple store to buy iPhone 4 bare metal, users have full right to choose