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AOL sends ads to iPhone users by upgrade of online ads platform

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

According to reports of foreign media, the U.S. AOL announced that the one-stop advertising platform-A was upgraded on Wednesday. When the iPhone mobile phone users use Internet, the product vendor can send ads to iPhone users by platforms-A.

America Online said that when iPhone users access the AOL Web site or any partners’ website, the company will send a banner with special format or vendor’s website to the iPhone users.

AOL says that this advertising technology platform will be sold to external by the mobile advertising sector of Platform-A, Third Screen Media. America Online said that after the upgrade of the platform-A the company will send 75 million pieces of advertising information to iPhone(iphone leather cases) users each month.

Currently, America Online has become a first-class provider of intelligent mobile advertising system with Platform-A. According to statistics from a market research firm, ComScore, in June this year, Platform-A(iphone hard cases) in ad network of the United States covered 90% of U.S. Internet users, which has attracted about 190 million unique visitors. Yahoo ranked second, which covered 83% of U.S. Internet users; Google ranked third, covering 81% of U.S. Internet users; Specific Media ranked fourth, and the coverage was 78%.

America Online will expand platform in Europe in June this year, and it hoped to seize more market share in the global display advertising market. America Online said that the company’s platform-A will enter the rest of the world market by the end of 2009. Currently, the U.S. is working to integrate a range of online advertising asset and prospect to provide more comprehensive services to advertising customers. From: best iphone case

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