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Dunhuang CEO Wang Shutong: too early to talk about competition

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Has an exclusive interview with the investment community, “CEO Summit, China’s high growth companies,” network founder and CEO of Dunhuang guests Wang Shutong, she said that since the end of last year access to Warburg Pincus, the Dunhuang network development has entered the third stage, the core of this stage is to raise service levels, strengthen the core competitiveness, enhance customer experience and improve the platform facilities.

Wang Shutong said that the development of China’s business e-commerce is just beginning, too early to talk about competition. She also disclosed that the first half of Dunhuang network transaction size is more than double the same period last year. In 2009, the Dunhuang network deal size reached 25 billion yuan.

After three stages of development of Dunhuang network core to enhance the current service level

In 2004 the first phase in 2006, the Dunhuang net realized trading platform of international trade, online technology, through the concept of deliberation, the process of forming and development. The second phase from 2006 to the end of 2009, the Dunhuang Network is committed to fostering new groups of network operators to explore how to open up overseas sales channels. The third stage, the channel has been opened up, Dunhuang network began to explore how Chinese companies as a global professional services business, providing customers with world-class service.

The investment community: Dunhuang network has gone through several stages since the establishment? What are the characteristics of each stage?

Wang Shutong: First, we think that doing Dunhuang network is a very innovative things, but also subvert the innovation, before that, it was thought, but no one has really been made. Dunhuang network and location of this model to achieve a platform of cross-border trade transactions, online technology. Before 2004, so that the positioning and such innovations, the market is not. We are the first made.

The market has a new purchasing groups, new micro-economic forces. We anticipate that in 2004, a force will lead to the export of revolution, and the market is not the appropriate solution to tap this demand. For the new generation of micro-economy, global procurement, trade in traditional Chinese way of the past and Alibaba, represented by way of B2B information services can not meet the needs of this group. They need a lot of products directly online trading, you need the appropriate risk control system, including updating the manner of payment and logistics, updated marketing. Then no company able to integrate all of these things. Dunhuang network first to realize the disruptive innovation.

The second stage. Although global sourcing has been that the Chinese in the world to supply the name, but which were not previously in the supply of such a model. Therefore, in the second phase, we need to cultivate a generation of their new network operators. Network in Dunhuang before, in fact, there is no such a specialized cross-border transactions in the wholesale business of foreign trade network operators group. We cultivate these people, to understand how a service-oriented enterprises in China which, with the global procurement deal.

Among these, the Dunhuang networks have been established many new rules of the game. For example, how the money received, before the order of foreign trade is you first hit, I do like you, then L / C, I went to the port of loading, you put the money to me, this is a set of operational methods of traditional trade . Our on-line in 2005 when the first paid by the buyer, and we for him to maintain, until the buyers receive the goods after the satisfaction that we loan. At the time, we are not in the cross-border trade in doing so. At the beginning of the expansion process, we set a number of similar rules of the game.

The second stage, we continue to develop new groups of network operators to explore how to open up a lead of overseas sales channels. This process so that we come to realize that the original cross-border trade can also operate in this way. Moreover, we adopted the rapid growth of Dunhuang network – we are Paypal Asia Pacific’s largest customers, but also it is the world’s sixth largest customer, from this point we know that this is indeed a gold mine, indeed is the future trend of development. More people began to enter into this market. This is the second phase.

Now, we began to move toward the third stage. The third stage, the channel has been opened up, and we also believe that the potential of this market, but how do we(buy wholesale), as a Chinese company serving the global professional business people, in this way how to realize world-class customer experience standard. In fact, we move towards a higher process, the standards higher, not only to achieve the scale of development, and to establish a service standard.

At the same time, we have “Made in China” to achieve structural transformation and upgrading, to enhance competitiveness in the process, can also play an important role to solve the problem of social reality, a social value(China trade). “Made in China” would represent so many export enterprises, foreign trade companies, we not only give you the concepts, skills training, and through a platform to solve practical problems in the enterprise business. Last year we introduced earlier this year by the end of the driving force to promote personnel training camp, and China Construction Bank to launch online small loans to help businesses raise capital. Many of our power business and schools jointly established within the school training of students for employment and college students have helped their own businesses.From: china wholesale

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