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How To Avoid Filing For Bankruptcy

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

The majority of people have been in debt at one point or another. The bad thing about debt is that is like sinking sand, once you enter it’s hard to get back up. When you start missing payments it can be hard to catch up on your past due amount as well as what is currently due. Some people get so behind that they have to file for bankruptcy.

There are several chapters for bankruptcy but two most common o the main one is Chapter 7. In this chapter the majority of your property that is not exempt is sold so that your debt can be paid off. Both individuals as well as business can file for Chapter 7, but not everyone can qualify.

The other most common type is Chapter 13. With this chapter you will agree to pay off your debt within two to five years. You agree to a certain amount each month that will allow you to pay off your debt within the set time period. In order to qualify you would have to show details of this plan as well as a reliable source of income.

There are other bankruptcy alternatives that you can choose from. One of these options is consolidation of your credit cards. You would need to transfer all your credit card debt into one single credit card or obtain a loan that pays off your credit cards. You would then pay one single monthly payment instead of many different ones. You of course would have to be strict about your paid credit cards. You do not want to have a balance on those again.

Another alternative is debt reduction or debt settlement. With this method you pay your creditor a lower amount than what you owe. This does have a negative impact on your credit but can be an option when you cannot pay off your debt. Some companies usually offer this after you have gone several months without payment.

Instead of waiting and hoping that they consider a debt settlement you can obtain a credit negotiator. That way they can do a creditor negotiation that will have you paying a lower amount than what is owed. There are certain restrictions that apply such as in order to qualify you have to have a certain amount of debt accumulated.

One last option is to gather all your bills for the month and figure out all your expenses. You would then have to do away with things that are not necessary for the time being. This things can be subscriptions or memberships to things such as magazines, etc. Cutting down on things you do not need such as going out to eat can mean you have more money to pay off your debt. You would have to be strict with your money and only use your monthly allowance and not go over that per month.

These are just some of the options you have before you file for bankruptcy for example file bankruptcy Toronto or file bankruptcy Durham redion. You still have several options that are not always explained to a person who is trying to file. These other options can have a hard negative impact on your credit report. You also have to realize that these missed payments already left a bad mark on your report.

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