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Nanjing Road lamp Mounted Monitor Camera

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

25 “wireless Nanjing city street lamp monitoring system coverage will reach 100%, at the same time to prevent and combat street light facilities theft, will install camera monitoring the probe to the street light facilities, on street lamps via the video images of health monitoring.

Nanjing Street lamp “25” plan goals in Ministry of construction, or street lamps on the basis of industry standards throughout the country, put forward higher requirements, Nanjing Road lamp lit rate within five years to more than 97% facilities intact rate of 85%, facilities cleaning rate of 85%. At the same time will gradually improve the coverage of wireless street light monitoring system, “25” coverage in the main city in the end reached 100%; updated perfect geographic information system database of street lamp, “25” in the main city during census account entry rate of 80%.

According to the “25” plan, Nanjing new roads within the planning period will be fully in accordance with the standard matching street lights, combined with “25” road reconstruction plan for the period, on the road with no matching street lights, planned a phased solution to stop supporting new roads out of, realizing lights support without leaving a blank. On the part of the extended unit-service, low efficiency, facilities are old and unsightly, there is a failure and safety issues, also combined with road improvement project update. At the same time, requested City Road (bridge, development zone, residential, etc), should be unified planning, synchronization construction lights, and over the same period in the planning and design approval and construction projects to force determined to stop new light zones appear (spy pen camera). On the edge of the city highway street lighting problem of the lack of supporting, according to the construction of the planned arrangements for lamps matching.

“25” period, the use of Nanjing Street lamp lighting lights, lamps, first choice with energy-saving effect of the product. Selection of high-luminance light, present in the streets and residential areas using high pressure mercury lamp, should be gradually phased out, switch to energy-saving lamps or electrodeless lamp; try landscape lighting LED lights replaced in use on fluorescent lights. While adopting some energy-saving technologies (hidden camera spy), such as buck power saving, power saving reduction. In addition, as requested by the Ministry of construction, will carry out the green lights and energy-saving retrofit demonstration project, appropriate incentives to guide the work of energy saving.from: hidden spy cameras for home

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