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Nokia’s High Popularity Analysis of 3G Mobile Phone Brands in January 2010

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Mobile phones users click conduct as the sample of statistical analysis, real-time tracking analysis the mobile phone market brand strength and market attention proportion, objective and timely reflect the brand of the mobile phone market competition. The results are as follows:

With the constant improvement of 3G networks, 3G tariffs continue to rationalize, 3G mobile phone users has constantly increased. 3G handset market is also unprecedented prosperity, the major manufacturers in order to carve the huge China mobile phone market continued to improve and introduce new products to meet the needs of 3G mobile phone users.

Nokia mobile phone market has been in a dominant position, 3G, after the advent of the market is constantly adjusting operating strategy for the domestic launch of the three major 3G standard operators of 3G mobile terminals of different products popular with users, and continued in the 2G mobile market brilliant. 47.29% of the popular month to obtain the ratio ranks top.

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC constitute a second army, divided by 11.49%, 9.82%, 7.29%, followed in second place to fourth. Google, Cool, LG’s popular ratio is more similar, concentrated in 3% -5%, followed in fifth place to seventh. Huawei, Apple, Dopod popularity ratio are less than 3%, ranking the eighth in order to occupy the tenth.

Although 3G mobile phone market has begun to take shape, but many of the 3G standard by the Chinese influence, making the 3G handset market products compared to 2G phones, or rich enough, so the face of such a potential area to be developed, the major brand competition between the increasingly fierce.

Datacenter related research articles related to “IT brands, products and distribution list”, data based on the media’s six YORK IT Focus Web site and all partner sites, through statistical analysis of user click behavior of interest and information products derived, and with MSN, Megaupload, Xinhua, Phoenix and other national top portals, as well as Shanghai LONDON, Northeast news network, Sports Network and other media portals provincial cooperation for the development of IT industry trend analysis and forecasting (cell phone cases wholesale). Research article in the statistics are based on a certain period of time for the cycle, the interception of a certain period of time effective analysis of the data, research results are for reference only. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact YORK Datacenter media data research center (nokia phone accessories).from: samsung phone accessories

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