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Pacer – The National Filing Bankruptcy Database Plus Others

Todays Date: January 17, 2019

The most important and used bankruptcy database is the Pacer database used by the federal courts, this database is accessible online for a fee and is particularly of importance to attorneys throughout America who need to file their clients bankruptcy cases online.

You see quite often when courts find themselves overrun with a lot of bankruptcy filings to process they will allow attorneys dealing with their clients bankruptcies to make use of online means in order to complete their clients bankruptcy filing.

The Pacer database cannot be accessed by the general public. Anyone seeking to access information held within it must first go through their attorney.

Nevertheless the public can make use of the bankruptcy databases that other companies have assembled. The general public can use these databases to help with their bankruptcy filings and to do research on businesses and more.

Using different search queries with bankruptcy databases

If you are looking to use these kinds of bankruptcy databases, you can enter certain parameters for your search which can include according to region which will throw up information according to county, state, city and even three first digits of zip codes.

Also locating data according to specific dates is also normally an option. So you can search by filing date, dismissal date and or discharge date. Often it is even possible to search by date of first meeting.

Searching by the type of bankruptcy i.e. chapter-, Chapter 11 or chapter 7 may also be beneficial to you, you could also try out a combination of these to see if that gave you more relevant data.

Just as a side note here, remember that Chapter 11 is only for businesses while chapter- is only really for individuals and that also chapter 7 is mostly for businesses as well.

In some cases you may even come across a bankruptcy database that provides information such as the amount of assets and or liabilities that the person or entity in question has.

Finally, the bankruptcy database will also contain the house addresses and within this you can filter out addresses with regard to certain apartment numbers, PO Boxes as well as those addresses that have number signs in them.

Whether it be the Pacer bankruptcy database or one of the many others around, there is a lot of information to be research should you need to make use of their services.

Pacer Bankruptcy is only one of many things discussed in this How To File For Bankruptcy archive here.

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