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News Said That Foxconn Already Begun To Reduce Shipments Of iPhone 4

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News Said That Foxconn Already Begun To Reduce Shipments Of iPhone 4

According toTaiwanwebsite DigiTimes reports, industry observers found that the largest co-generation plant of Apple iPhone, Foxconn has been gradually reduced shipments of the iPhone 4 since August, further indicates the birth of iPhone 5, it is also implied the current focus of Foxconn has shifted to iPhone 5 production lines. Earlier there were news reports, Foxconn will produce at least 150,000 iPhone 5 per day at present, to ensure that the September quarter shipments could reach 5-6 million units, while shipments in the fall will reach 22 million . The Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets latest survey report also showed that the current consumer desire for iPhone 5 has reached an unprecedented high.

In addition, the analyst Kuo Ming-Chi also claimed yesterday that Apple will be on September 23 to 30, send iOS 5 of the GM version to the company’s co-generation plant, to be able to hardware and software in October with the completion of assembly to prevail launch in the market to do preparation. Comprehensive reports in recent days, we can probably guess iPhone 5 will be officially released until mid-October.

Apple released the iPhone 4S, Apple China’s official website update, iPhone 4 fell more than $ 149, October 5 morning news, Apple released the new iPhone 4S cell phone, the Apple China’s online official website make update, iPhone 4 cell phone slashed prices, the highest fell more than $ 149. Apple China’s latest information shows that, 16G version of iPhone 4 prices from $ 746 to $ 679; 32G version of iPhone 4 prices from $ 895 to $ 744, fell more than $ 149. In addition, 8G version of iPhone 3GS from the previous price of $ 597 fell to $ 431. Apple today released iPhone 4S (peacock iPhone 4 case) similar shape with the iPhone 4 (christmas iPhone 4 cases), but has been upgraded internal components, which change is built-in Apple’s new A5 dual-core processor, with 800-megapixel camera, voice-assisted functions.


iPhone 4S will be officially on sale on October 14, both black and white colors, two-year contract price of 16G $ 199, 32G $ 299, 64G $ 399. The first launching countries are the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germanyand Japan. October 28, iPhone 4S (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) will be launched in another 22 countries and regions, at the end of the year launched in other 70 countries and regions. Unfortunately, the first two groups in the open country and region does not include mainlandChina andHong Kong.

Straight-touch And Light Apple iPhone 4 Only Sell For $ 746 Now

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Straight-touch And Light Apple iPhone 4 Only Sell For $ 746 Now

Compared to the previous 3G and 3GS version, iPhone 4 has quite obvious change, first cancel the original curved edge design, instead of using angular cover the whole plane, while the volume keys to the left side of the body split into two circular designs. The latest price inBeijingis $746.

Appearance is also straight-touch design compared with the previous versions, but the body thickness of 9.3mm overall body style is more simple and light compared to the previous generations. The screen, iPhone 4 uses 3.5-inch 960×640 pixel resolution TFT screen, either display text or images, the overall effect is very good. The back of the camera body upgrade to 500 million pixels, support the AF auto focus, with LED flash, are you satisfied with this camera effect?

Compared with the previous products, iPhone 4 (peacock iPhone 4 case) made ​​two big update, the first is the addition of supporting for multi-tasking capabilities. Relative to the previous terms of a single task can be said to be much more convenient; the second update is the inclusion of folders feature, each folder can be placed up to 12 softwares, thus which allows users to better manage their own files. Another point is the addition of the A4 processor, speeds up to 1GHz. Allows users to send and receive e-mail and web browsing speeds up to twice of the previous generations of the iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases).

Editorial comment: iPhone 4 cell phone is the crystallization of the wisdom and experience of Apple’s designers and engineers, is the fashion trend, it is sought after by fashion people, it gave rise to the visual quality of the listening experience with fashion. So far the iPhone 4 (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) price is quite expensive.

Conference Material Unicom & iPhone: The Struggling Marriage

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Conference Material Unicom & iPhone: The Struggling Marriage

Struggling to “bite” iPhone of the “Apple”, the China Unicom faced with more difficult work of digestion, “Ms. Apple your wife you marry, even if it is greedy, Jiao Wang?”, “Will you marry Mr. Unicom do, even if It is weak, lazy? “one can imagine, this is far from a perfect match for marriage. It must be full of suspicion, conflict, and certainly a compromise. You should be able to imagine,

There is the energy contributed to this seemingly helpless marriage of the “conductor” is what people love and hate and envy of the world stuff. Talented designer Steve Jobs (Apple’s godfather) that it was “as great as the storm.” Indeed, it is by virtue of it, Apple gained precedence over many of the world’s top mobile operator on the capital. It is the first definition of the mobile phone has become wireless Internet terminal – iPhone.

For is in transition from 2G to 3G, urgent voice to data from traditional business transformation operators in China, iPhone as good as God’s gift. In January 2009, China issued 3G licenses, the inherent competition is broken. Have a different license than China Mobile and telecommunications, is also facing shortage of terminal embarrassment. And a star of the terminal such as iPhone, will promote new business operators the most effective killer. Since 2007,

China Mobile negotiating with Apple first came out, during which China’s telecommunications industry after the restructuring, 3G license issuance, and many other events. In this chase the game, the magic of Apple’s Midas touch, and made no secret of its own way the tyranny of greed, so that Chinese operators are eye-opening. Finally, August 28, 2009, this up to 2 years of indulgence marriage finally being drawn on the period. At 18:00 on October 30, iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case) will be dressed in the cloak of China Unicom official in the Chinese market. There was a “goddess of the golden apple, and not” caused the Trojan war, and now on the “Apple”, spread it in rivers and lakes everywhere evil, greedy, it will give China Unicom, a kind of future? This is a strange combination of circumstances from China Mobile, China Unicom negotiations finally the story.

June 29, 2007, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, waiting in line, buy Apple iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases), the enthusiasm of fans, like a hurricane broke down the side of the ocean Wang Jianzhou (China Mobile CEO) office. China has been struggling to explore the mobile Internet strategy first met Wang in Hong Kong iPhone (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case), China Mobile would like to see future opportunities. In November 2007, there is news in the mobile data went to the United States to study high-Minister, to discuss cooperation with Apple. Apple certainly knows the world’s largest mobile operators backing, but Apple is still negotiating on behalf of arrogance, that “China Mobile’s revenue share from 20% to 30%” (in the previous, Apple and AT & T and other large U.S. carriers share is 10%).

The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

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The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

China Unicom announced yesterday, will be held from October 1 in 285
The basic package from 96 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into 9 files, student package of 66 yuan, iPhone package from 126 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into eight files, the company announced that starting next month, launched fierce nationwide promotion, purchase subsidies of up to 4253 yuan. Rounds of the iPhone has been hovering in the Chinese mainland market, until the end of August, China Unicom and Apple reached an agreement to introduce. Analysts believe that China Unicom will use it as the national 3G business a big selling point.


Unicom relevant responsible person said, the first listing of the iPhone has five, starting from October 1, China Unicom will start booking online business sales and service, specific launch date has not yet announced. Specifically, users have two ways to buy iPhone. First, the stored calls to buy the iPhone, China Unicom is also the way the main push. Users may sign in the net two years, select the appropriate packages, stored 2900 yuan to 7999 yuan, ranging from the bill, you can even order a certain amount of 0 yuan buy the iPhone.


The 8GB iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case), for example, the minimum can not spend a penny to get a cell phone, but only stored 5999 yuan bill, the minimum monthly consumption of 586 or 886 yuan, while the stored return of calls per month 250 yuan; the more popular programs is that the user stored 2900 yuan bill, select the 126 yuan package, the price of 3099 yuan will be able to buy the iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases). Parallel phone price currently around $ 3,700.


Another way is to separate the consumer can buy the iPhone (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case), China Unicom’s calls not to participate in bundled plans. As for the bare metal of the retail price, the company is not being released, but said “the market price.” Because bundling related industry price far beyond the previous forecast, many people feel less attractive. To reporters at press time, the network launched Sina survey, 96% of Internet users that the price of China Unicom version of

The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Back PK

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The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK: “Smile Curve” And the Story of LOGO

Both of the phones reflect a quite different sense from the design philosophy, then on the details of the body is even more different. The core of Music Phone S1 reflected the design of the word “music”, in both the design process of the back or the silver curved “smile curve” make us feel the charm of Music Phone S1.

The back of Music Phone S1 uses the design process of IMF, and the craft surface of IMF has a hardened layer of plastic film, there is a printing pattern in the middle, and the plastic layer on the back. As the ink layer in the middle, so you can scratch the surface of the product placement, but also can maintain the distinctive color and does not fade.

The back of iPhone 4 shows focus on Apple’s LOGO. All phones use 5 megapixel cameras, but the iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) is equipped with a flash design.

Both sides of the interface contains a power button, headphone jack (iPhone (iPhone 4 cases black and white) at the top, Music Phone at the bottom), and volume control buttons are designed on the side. The side buttons of Music Phone is at the end in the “smile curve” which is a clever fusion, it seems still a whole.

This navigation Music Phone / iPhone (iPhone 4 4S cases) recount positive PK: two design styles, back PK: “smile curve” and the story of LOGO, who knowChina better: Clover Classic UI

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