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The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

October 13th, 2018 Comments off

The Conference material Unicom From October 1, iPhone Attracted Less The Program

China Unicom announced yesterday, will be held from October 1 in 285
The basic package from 96 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into 9 files, student package of 66 yuan, iPhone package from 126 yuan to 886 yuan is divided into eight files, the company announced that starting next month, launched fierce nationwide promotion, purchase subsidies of up to 4253 yuan. Rounds of the iPhone has been hovering in the Chinese mainland market, until the end of August, China Unicom and Apple reached an agreement to introduce. Analysts believe that China Unicom will use it as the national 3G business a big selling point.


Unicom relevant responsible person said, the first listing of the iPhone has five, starting from October 1, China Unicom will start booking online business sales and service, specific launch date has not yet announced. Specifically, users have two ways to buy iPhone. First, the stored calls to buy the iPhone, China Unicom is also the way the main push. Users may sign in the net two years, select the appropriate packages, stored 2900 yuan to 7999 yuan, ranging from the bill, you can even order a certain amount of 0 yuan buy the iPhone.


The 8GB iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case), for example, the minimum can not spend a penny to get a cell phone, but only stored 5999 yuan bill, the minimum monthly consumption of 586 or 886 yuan, while the stored return of calls per month 250 yuan; the more popular programs is that the user stored 2900 yuan bill, select the 126 yuan package, the price of 3099 yuan will be able to buy the iPhone (christmas iPhone 4 cases). Parallel phone price currently around $ 3,700.


Another way is to separate the consumer can buy the iPhone (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case), China Unicom’s calls not to participate in bundled plans. As for the bare metal of the retail price, the company is not being released, but said “the market price.” Because bundling related industry price far beyond the previous forecast, many people feel less attractive. To reporters at press time, the network launched Sina survey, 96% of Internet users that the price of China Unicom version of

The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Back PK

October 10th, 2018 Comments off

The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK: “Smile Curve” And the Story of LOGO

Both of the phones reflect a quite different sense from the design philosophy, then on the details of the body is even more different. The core of Music Phone S1 reflected the design of the word “music”, in both the design process of the back or the silver curved “smile curve” make us feel the charm of Music Phone S1.

The back of Music Phone S1 uses the design process of IMF, and the craft surface of IMF has a hardened layer of plastic film, there is a printing pattern in the middle, and the plastic layer on the back. As the ink layer in the middle, so you can scratch the surface of the product placement, but also can maintain the distinctive color and does not fade.

The back of iPhone 4 shows focus on Apple’s LOGO. All phones use 5 megapixel cameras, but the iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) is equipped with a flash design.

Both sides of the interface contains a power button, headphone jack (iPhone (iPhone 4 cases black and white) at the top, Music Phone at the bottom), and volume control buttons are designed on the side. The side buttons of Music Phone is at the end in the “smile curve” which is a clever fusion, it seems still a whole.

This navigation Music Phone / iPhone (iPhone 4 4S cases) recount positive PK: two design styles, back PK: “smile curve” and the story of LOGO, who knowChina better: Clover Classic UI

Ready to use, Internet applications for full format support multimedia, hardware and the summary

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Hardware and the Summary

October 9th, 2018 Comments off

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Hardware and the Summary

The hardware is the basic of phone features, there would not have the colorful features without the hardware. But I put the contrast of the hardware configuration in the end is not to say that the hardware configuration is unimportant, but I hope the consumers focus on the user experience rather than the hardware itself.

Music Phone S1 uses a Qualcomm 1GHz processor, 512MB of memory, supports WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS functionality, the back is equipped with a 500 million pixel camera. The Apple iPhone 4 with A4 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3.5-inch screen Retina screen, on the whole, the hardware configuration of the phones are basically same, but slightly different in the processor.


Today, we compared the Lenovo Music Phone S1 and two products of the Apple iPhone 4, these two machines almost all the same from the configuration point of view, but the UI interface, the system features have their own strengths. iPhone 4 has its own truth of success, and the music Phone S1 also occupies a place in the field of smart phones relies on the excellent compatibility and understanding the custom of people. And Lenovo music Phone S1 accounted an absolute advantage in terms of price, I believe in this summer, not only the iPhone bring you pleasure as well as Music Phone S1 will sent more surprises for you.

Music Phone / iPhone recount, positive PK: two design styles back PK: “smile curve” and the story of LOGO and who knowChinabetter: Clover Classic UI

Ready to use, Internet applications full format support multimedia, hardware and the summary

The international brand mobile phone has been dominated in the high-end mobile phones, but in recent years with the rise of smart phones, Lenovo from Chinapropped up a new sky successfully. Some time ago we bring the detailed evaluation of music Phone S1 (parameter forum software), I am sure you have a more detailed understanding on the phone. Today we take a look once again into the contrast of Music Phone S1 and iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) (parameters offer picture forum software) in the side of popular, I believe that from which you can find more surprises.

The strong contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4

The reason of why chosen iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 cases black and white) and Lenovo music phone S1 is mainly on account of the two products are the current high popularity phone. Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 4S cases) as one of the most selling products has become a high-end products for many users now. The Music Phone S1 has accumulated a lot of fans after a year’s precipitation. When a product to put together, I believe many users can not wait, let’s take a look at their “supernatural powers” of these two products.

Highlight the Taste, Shenyang Apple iPhone 4 32G Phone Is Sold Hot

October 9th, 2018 Comments off

Highlight the Taste,ShenyangApple iPhone 4 32G Phone Is Sold Hot

The playability of Apple phone and rich software resources is very good, it can meet the general user needs, and its stylish and exquisite mobile phone can also highlight your taste. Today I bring a model for the Apple iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) (32GB) picture 360 series of evaluation forums offer net acquisition cost fashion phone, now Shenyang Sanhao given the latest offer is only $895, friends who interested in it can contact the dealer about.

Appearance: Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 cases black and white)(32GB) mobile phone has a 3.5-inch resolution of 640 × 960 pixel IPS capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch screen technology, the use of Retina display, dual-microphone design, contribute to noise reduction, so sound quality is more clear, and supports a virtual QWERTY keyboard, convenient and quick. Classic candy bar shape, it is luxury and attractive, black body but also highlight the professional qualities, measurements measuring only 115.2 × 58.6 × 9.3mm, weight 137g, moderate size, feel very comfortable in the hand.

Configuration: Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 4S cases) (32GB) using the latest iOS 4 operating system, equipped with a frequency of 1024MHz Apple A4 processor, Imagination PowerVR SGX535 type of GPU, making the graphics processing power stronger, 32GB free space can meet the user’s storage needs. Powerful entertainment features and software resources, and support digital compass, fingerprint recognition, touch force feedback, touch force feedback, Facetime free video chat, support for SyncML features, and powerful business tools and other business functions can better meet the need of business people to use, but also built-in 5 megapixel camera, video sharing and user-friendly camera to meet the needs.

Visas: Obtaining Authorization for Entering a Territory of Your Choice

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Obtaining authorization for entering a country:

Possession of the visa is not necessarily a guarantee of entering the country that issued it; it can be revoked any time. The visa process allows the issuing country to scrutinize the identity of the applicant before entry is permitted. Some visas are granted by prior application to the countries consulate or embassy or on arrival or through private visa services that specialize in issuance of travel documents. These agencies have the authorization of embassies/ consulate or foreign agencies to represent travelers who are unwilling or unable to visit the embassy to apply in person.

Visas for Australia provide a specialist service intended for persons seeking to travel for either business or tourism. Visa applications depend on the purpose and duration of the visit. There are different categories of visas available for persons intending to visit Australia. The different visas cater for migrants, workers, employers, visitors, students and refugees.  Each of the visas provides specific requirements and obligations.

Australians do not generally require American visas for temporary visits. However, an ESTA clearance is necessary. Plans for a longer stay including study or work related visits require an American visa. US Visas are issued to foreign citizens seeking to travel the United States of America before travelling. The US Visa grants permission to the applicant to travel to a possible port of entry, land border crossing or airport and request for permission of customs, Boarder Protection inspector and Department of Homeland Security to enter the United States. The visa does not however give non- citizens rights, including rights to enter the country or to stay in the country. The purpose of the travel prescribes the type of visa. A non- immigration visa is obtained for a temporary visit while the immigration visa is issued for permanent stay.

Citizens of other countries seeking to travel to India are advised to make their applications for Indian visas regardless of the nature of visit. The main categories of visas are Temporary India Visas (i.e. tourist visa, business visa and transit visa) and Permanent India Visas.

Working Holiday Visas depend on the country expected to be visited. Australian nationals wishing to travel to specified countries must endeavor to abide by the provisions of the embassy or consulate of the country of destination, to qualify for working holiday visas. It is equally important for applicants to consult with embassies or authorized immigration service of the country on possible work related travel plans before embarking on the journey.

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