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What to Do if You Need to Sue a Debt Collector

November 29th, 2018 Comments off

If you’re in debt up to your ears, you might be worried that a debt collector might sue you for not paying on your debt. But did you know that there are many reasons for which you can actually sue them instead?

Keeping in mind that I’m not a lawyer, and am not giving any legal advice whatsoever, here are the facts:

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, also known as the FDCPA, defines specific practices in which debt collectors may not engage. According to the FDCPA, you have the right to sue a collector in a State or Federal court if they engage in any of these forbidden practices.

So, what are these forbidden practices?

The first, and most common, is harassment. Under the FDCPA, harassment means use of “threats of violence or harm”, using obscene language, or annoying someone through repeated use of the telephone.

The second forbidden practice is using false statements to collect on a debt. The FDCPA prevents debt collectors from telling lies in order to collect on a debt. This includes falsely presenting themselves as government agents or attorneys, lying about how much is owed, or claiming that your inability to repay your debt makes you a criminal. Debt collections agents have a long history of being dishonest if it makes them easier to collect on a debt.

Debt collectors are also not allowed to publicize the fact that you owe money on a debt. This means they cannot contact other people about your debt, contact you via postcard (since the contents of a postcard can be seen by anyone), or publish your name on a list of people who have outstanding debts. The only time they can contact other people about a debt you owe is to discover your address, telephone number, or place of employment.

So, what are the consequences if a debt collector does break the rules and engage in one of these forbidden practices?

Your first action should be to inform them that you are aware of your rights under the FDCPA, and that they must cease their illegal actions. Most of the time, this will resolve the problem without you having to resort to legal action.

If that doesn’t do the trick, however, you still have up to a year from the time they violated the FDCPA to sue the debt collector in state or Federal court. You are allowed to sue them for any demonstrable damages that you suffered because of their illegal practices, such as lost wages or medical bills.

Even if it’s not possible for you to prove that they caused actual damages, the judge can still force them to pay you as much as $1,000. The judge can also make them pay you for any attorney’s fees that you incurred.

Keep in mind that just because the debt collector violated the law in trying to collect your debt, the debt does not just disappear if you actually owe it. Their violation of the law only entitles you to sue them under the FDCPA.

Make sure to know the law, and be aware of your rights. If anyone violates your legal rights, make sure you enforce your rights.

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English Premier League vs La Liga (EPL VS LA LIGA)

November 20th, 2018 Comments off

A number of football fans have this debate that which is league is better among the English Barclays Premier or the Spain’s La Liga. For a few years, these two competitive leagues have been battling for the top spot and to prove which is more challenging is it English Premier League? Is La Liga most watched around the world?

Well both BPL and La Liga teams play 38 games each whichever team finished in the top four of the table gets the chance to play in the most prestigious tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League, the mid finishers play in the UEFA Europa League and the bottom three teams gets relegated to the second division of the club, which in England is known as the Coca Cola championship and in Spain known as Segunda Division.

In the 2010/2011 season, the BPL/EPL title winner went to Manchester United who finished with 80 points followed by Chelsea with 72, Manchester City who finished 12 points behind the gunners Arsenal. In La Liga, Barcelona finished with an outstanding 96 points followed by Real Madrid with 90 points and then down dropping by 25 points was Valencia in third and Villareal with only 49 points.

Based on the points for the teams who finished in top four shows that Barclays premier League is more balanced, challenging and competitive against the top four in La Liga. For around a decade now, it has always been the two teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona who have been competing for all the major trophies in Spain. We have hardly seen that, Valencia or Villareal or Athletico Madrid have given a breathtaking challenge to the mighty two whereas in the EPL, the top four in the last two or three season has not been constant; it has always been so competitive. EPL is not ruled by Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea anymore, EPL has become more and more open with teams such as Man City who have created such a strong team, thanks to the Middle East billionaires, Tottenham, Aston Villa and even Newcastle who have got such talented players with their spirits rising every season.

Also in-terms of mostly watched around the World, English Premier League is most watched than La Liga. Not taking into account Europe, Africa mostly watches EPL matches since their main broadcast channel Sky Sports is collaborated with the South African channel known as DSTV. Most of the fans in Africa support English Premier League teams. Example taken is Egypt, 85% plus population in Egypt support Manchester United and in Kenya, most of the youngsters, teenage support Arsenal. Also in Asia, most of the fans are more in to the English game rather than the Spanish game.

In the Middle East and in Asian countries, most people watch La Liga. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and others, most of the fans are Barcelona and Real Madrid. When EL CLASSICO meets, it’s like rivals meeting with all the chanting going on in Arabic language. Also in India especially the Western Coast of India in Mumbai, most people prefer watching La Liga.

In conclusion, EPL still holds the dominance over the La Liga by just a whisker. Even though, Barcelona has showed its dominance both in the league and in UEFA by beating Manchester United in Wembley last season but, EPL teams have been in the UEFA finals six times and won twice both by Man Utd. Also the marketing which EPL has been doing over the past few years and attracting, increasing millions of fan base has surely made the English Premier League game to prevail. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool came to Malaysia not only to increase their fan base which they did remarkably well but also to show to others who basically not see football, that EPL have teams which are financially stabled.

Author says that nowadays, anybody can watch football from anywhere, thanks to internet and live football streaming services where you can get the latest updates on the games and how your favorite team is performing. One of the live football stream website I use is

A Few Debit Cards in Australia

November 14th, 2018 Comments off

Debit Card: Although financial consultants might sniff at the categorization, a debit card can be seen as a type of plastic cheque, devoid of the troubles of writing a cheque, together with several advantages of a credit card. Debit cards and credit cards, although very much bear a resemblance to each other are actually pretty different

Some debit cards in Australia

Anz Debit Card: An ANZ Access Visa Debit card let you make use of your individual money wherever Visa is acknowledged – online, out of the country or over the phone.

ANZ Access Visa Debit is an element of the ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Extras Package, ANZ Access Select and ANZ Access Deeming accounts. If you want to get more from your everyday bank account, change to an account with Visa Debit access.

St George Debit Card: A St george Visa Debit Card is offered with no yearly charge that provides you convenient access to finances in your transaction account

To get started, connect your Visa Debit Card to your St.George transaction account, which can be:

  • Complete Freedom
  • Express Freedom
  • Complete Freedom Student
  • St.George SENSE accounts, or
  • Retirement Access Plus

Westpac Debit Card: With the beginning of the MasterCard debit card in Australia just some years before (2005), there are just three credit card providers in Australia that put forward debit card through MasterCard’s credit services. Westpac just turns out to be one of them.

For a usual debit card, the Westpac Debit MasterCard has a trifecta of protection measures in place, so as to defend its holder’s from credit scam and robbery. For starters, when you make use of it, you’ll have the choice of signing the acknowledgment or using a PIN for your acquisition.

Secondly, Westpac uses the Falcon system which distinguishes strange acquisition movement on your card. So if you’ve made some purchases outside of the common purchases you make, you’ll get a call from Westpac just to make sure that it’s you who is using your card and not somebody who shouldn’t be.

Finally, the Westpac debit card is sheltered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy. Therefore if somebody has been racking up purchases on your debit card, you won’t be accountable for them.

Commonwealth Bank Debit Card: Commonwealth is again an Australian bank to put forward debit cards through the MasterCard facility. The debit card is obtainable in two Commonwealth bank accounts – the Smart Access account and the Complete Access account, and are able to be used together with Commonwealth bank’s Student Options.

The Smart Access account charge is per month, which provides you limitless access to electronic transactions through Commonwealth bank. The Complete access account offers a little bit more, with unrestrained branch withdrawals, teller-assisted cheques and phone banking and indefinite electronic Commonwealth electronic transfers.


Adam Reedy writes about “Debit Cards” – At you can compare the best available Debit MasterCard, Westpac debit card and Suncorp debit card from across Australia.

The Three Big Mistakes of Getting a Debt Reduction Loan (and How Not to Make These Mistakes)

November 4th, 2018 Comments off

If you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, you’re probably on the telemarketers’ list. They call, offering to give you a debt reduction loan. At first, this kind of loan sounds like a dream come true. After all, why wouldn’t you want to lump all your smaller debts into one easy-to-pay loan with a low interest rate?

Any wise man will tell you that you can’t get something for nothing. This is absolutely true when it comes to debt consolidation loans. Although they look good, these loans can be full of traps to snare the unsuspecting person, getting you in more trouble than you already were in. Here are the worst of the traps of getting a debt reduction loan:

Trap #1: You’re treating the symptom, not curing the problem.

The worst aspect of debt reduction loans is that they don’t fix the problems that caused you to be in debt. Instead, they treat the “symptom” of having debt. When you get one of these loans, you just end up with a large loan that you have to make payments on…but you will also acquire new debts when you eventually start to, once again, spend more money than you have.

Any statistician can tell you that the likelihood is high that someone who gets a consolidation loan will wind up with the same amount of debt, or more, in two years or less. And remember, they’re still making payments on their new debt consolidation loan.

Trap #2: Making your unsecured debts into secured debts.

If you have credit card debt, you should know that it is what is called “unsecured debt”. This means that the loan is not backed up by a tangible object, such as your home. Most consolidation loans are what is known as “secured debt”, or debt that is backed up by something valuable, most often the house that you live in.

The main problem with this is that when you can’t pay off your loan (and this is not uncommon), the creditor has the ability to foreclose on your home. On the original debt, the only thing the creditor could do was sue you in a court of law. They couldn’t take your home from you.

What you’ve done to yourself by taking out a secured loan (also known as a “home equity loan”) is to make your home vulnerable to foreclosure. Not too smart of you, was it?

Trap #3: Higher interest rates, not lower.

Even if you dodge the bullet of getting a secured loan by getting an unsecured loan, you’re still gonna get smacked with higher interest rates. This is because your inability to pay off your current debts makes you a credit risk, meaning that anyone who is willing to give you credit is going to charge you a higher interest rate to offset the additional risk.

They may change the loan in different ways, including a longer loan term, in order to offer you lower monthly payments than you’re making right now. However, this means that you will still pay more in the long run for your debts. As somebody who is already in debt, you probably can’t afford to do this.

So, how do you avoid these traps?

You can steer clear of all of these traps by deciding to manage your own debt. Unless you’re already filing bankruptcy, you still have the capability of getting out of debt without resorting to the help of some new lender or a so-called credit counselor. You’ll have to make some drastic changes to your lifestyle, but after you change your lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to changing the behaviors that got you into debt in the first place.

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How to Become Debt Free By Budgeting Your Money

April 24th, 2018 Comments off

Ok, so you have stumbled across create a budget and are probably wondering how in the world to get out from beneath a mountain of debt. This is a problem that plagues many people but the answer is much easier than the actions. Even though it is tough to get debt free, it CAN be done and I will show you how to get there.

One of the first huge steps in becoming debt free is in knowing where you stand financially. Knowing where you are financially means you HAVE TO draw up a budget. Creating a financial budget is EXTREMELY important to your long-term success. For you to get debt free you need to know what monthly income you have coming in and what monthly expenses you have going out every month. My personal budgets take this one step further; you also must take into account expenses that are likely to occur annually, such as vehicle registrations.

What do you put in a budget? I’ll show you what a typical expense budget might look like for the average American.

Rent/Mortgage – $995

Auto Insurance – $120

Auto Loan – $405

Auto Loan #2 – $300

Life Insurance – $64

Water – $40

Electricity – $81

Garbage – $19

Natural Gas – $120

Childcare – $495+

Gasoline – $300

Groceries – $995

Telephone – $40

Cable – $50

Internet – $49

Cell Phone – $99

Credit Card – $99

Student Loans – $101+

Total – $4385++

Looking at the finances shown above, each item taken alone doesn’t seem like too bad an idea. But together things start to get out of control. In the above budget we have almost $4400 of monthly expenses, AFTER taxes. In order to BREAK EVEN on this type of financial budget you HAVE TO be raking in about $70K per year. Keep in mind this doesn’t include children’s doctor’s visits, and all the other annual crap we haven’t even addressed yet, such as enrollment fees, the vehicle expenditures such as registrations and the one off mechanical failures that can cost an arm and a leg. It’s no wonder people are up to their eyeballs in debt. Most people don’t make $70K,$70,000 and most people have all kinds of one off expenditures that aren’t outlined on the above financial budget. In order to know where you can cut back, you must know what you have.

My first assignment for you people out there reading this is to do this very first step. Make a budget and BE HONEST – it will do you no good if it is not right. As soon as we get this done we will be talking about such things as discretionary spending and debt equity. Let us get our financial budgets prepared so we can begin working on a plan to BECOME DEBT FREE!!!

Richard DFO Hijinx has an article showing you how to create a financial budget