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Home Foreclosure: The People On The Phone

August 18th, 2017 Comments off

Home foreclosure is a not the best situation to be in. Once the notices start coming and the phone starts ringing you can’t really keep hiding. Your going to hear from lots of people who claim that they can help you. These calls are from organizations and companies that have their own motives and goals. Beware, in desperate times even a good sales pitch may sound like a miracle.

There are a number of people who are going to send mail or call. Most likely they were able to get your address or your number from the court system. Due to the legal nature of the process your information will be deemed as public and be published. This means anyone with internet access can find you.

The most common people or organizations that are going to give you call:

Swindlers/Con Men/Crooks

These are the ones you have to be aware of. (And there are a lot of them out there.) All of them offer promises and refer you to a chapter 13 attorney for collect a fee. In worse cases, they will take the deed of the house and force you to pay rent while leading you to believe that they can save your home and in the end you loose it all because they do nothing but take your “rent money” and skip town.

This is the most common problem you will face besides the actual foreclosure. Be very wary of anyone offering this type of “help”.

Mortgage brokers

They can help you by refinancing your property. However, these loans may have higher interest rates and closing costs than what you payed at the bank. Some may even charge you more to see how much you are willing to pay and take advantage of it. Not all brokers will rip you off. Over the last several years mortgage brokers have gotten the short end of the stick in the press. Shop around and ask family and friends for a referral if you decide to use a broker. (and just for the I am not a mortgage broker)


This is your last resort. Most attorneys don’t really care about the situation you’re in or give you the attention you need.

Mortgage negotiators/Mortgage “Mod gods”

They negotiate repayment schemes with mortgage lenders. You can negotiate with the bank but in case it fails you can ask the help of a professional to get the plan approved. Some banks may impose a much more demanding plan and these professionals can get you a more favorable agreement.

Private Financers

These people are normally wealthy and are looking to loan you money, to cover your mortgage, at a higher interest rate. In some cases they will over to buy your house and lease to own it back to you…for a higher interest rate of course. (this may not be a bad option IF you can arrage something that works fr your financial position)

Mortgage/note holder

Your mortgage holder will call you to reinstate your house. This can be a good option depending on your situation. These are usually offered by mortgages backed by the government.

Whoever calls you or wherever the mail comes from be aware and think things through. You can stop a home foreclosure with the right options applicable for your situation. Do not throw in the towel if you don’t have to.

Getting Rid Of Business Debts With Corporate Turnaround.

August 3rd, 2017 Comments off

Debt relief is an absolutely great way for those with companies and big debts to pay them off and go on to change their fortunes.

It is a relatively simple process. A debt relief organization use their knowledge of the industry to negotiate directly with creditors. This process allows them to secure straight discounts on the levels of debt.

The discounts are actually just that. This does not involve having to take out more complex loans systems. The actual reduction can be sizeable and some companies can see their debts reduced by up to 80% from the original amount.

What is important however, is to make sure that a reputable debt relief company does this on you behalf.

The best companies in the industry get the best discounts because they have the highest skill levels and knowledge of how the business works as well as the best negotiators.

In addition to negotiation services their role does not stop there. they will also go on to provide the necessary support and help through the whole repayment process, until you are finally debt free.

when it comes to choosing the people that you will be working with in this process there are many choices, but our experience has shown that the best of the best are Corporate Turnaround. The experience has helped over 5000 companies in the last 12 years.

The reason they are so good at what they do is the background of the company. It is run by people who have worked in the debt collection industry and understand it completely. This means they are in a unique position in the industry to understand just what is possible and what can be done for you and your company.

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Bill Consolidation Company Basics

July 27th, 2017 Comments off

Bill consolidation companies handle payments for your accounts and lower your rates. They have a huge positive impact on your financial situation. Of course if you need to choose a company you should know how to choose the best one.

Getting you out of debt

Bill consolidation companies usually eliminate your short term debt within five years. Such companies also lower your interest rate. Also sometimes a creditor will also agree to waive any late payment or other fees if debt consolidation company is working on your debts.

All you have to do is to pay the bill consolidation company one payment. Then they pay the accounts you have agreed to consolidate. Fees usually vary and are based on each account handled. Usually you have to pay a monthly fee. Of course there are companies that charge a large upfront payment, but a monthly fee practice is better choice.

Some creditors might report to the credit reporting agency that you use a debt management plan. Such report may temporarily stop you from opening new accounts, but if you will pay regularly you will be able to open new accounts after several months. You will even be able to apply for a mortgage after a year.

How to find the best company

Usually the best debt consolidation companies only handle debt management. There are other companies that have a vide variety of other services such as debt negotiation or bankruptcy but they dont always provide a good service.

When you will start investigating debt consolidation companies ask them when will your accounts be paid. You will instantly notice a reputable company after they will answer your question, because they will give separate dates for each account according to the account balance and a creditor name.

Of course service fee is another factor when choosing the best company. You should request quotes from several reputable companies and then compare them. You should quickly find the best solution for you.

Watch your bill statements

Paperwork mix-ups, defunct business, or poor service can all result in missed or late payments on your credit history. You wouldnt want that, so you should prevent it from happening. You have to protect yourself from a lower credit score, so continue to monitor your bill statements. If you will notice any problem, call your creditor and bill consolidation company to resolve the issue. If you will do all these things it should save you from even bigger fees and make your finances better.

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Information On Bank Of America

July 21st, 2017 Comments off

One of the major banks on the financial scene and a force to be reckoned with on the international stage of banking, is Bank Of America. With all of its assets it is the largest bank in the USA by assets, and the third largest commercial bank by deposits. Its history is full of twists and turns and as a result it is a powerful institution and a giant in finance.

The institution was founded in San Francisco in 1904 as Bank of Italy and after a series of mergers and major acquisitions, it was renamed as Bank of America in 1930. As the bank became larger and had branches in more and more states beyond its holdings in the west, its corporate headquarters was moved to Charlotte, NC where it remains today. When banks as such were allowed to have their own credit cards, BOA created its Bankcard which later was renamed as VISA, and the rival banks got together and created their own card which eventually became Mastercard.

There is a new loan consolidation plan that has just come out from Bank of America to help people pay off their debt in these days of so much uncertainty and financial instability. The plan is called the Clean Sweep Consolidated Loan plan and it is available to people who have okay credit; they can apply for a loan to consolidate their debt for up to $50,000. Folks who have studied the loan plan say that it is not the great deal that it seems to be and is not much more than exchanging one large debt for another one, and another way for the bank to make money off other people’s misery. Both sides of the haggle have merit.

Bank of America is structured in such a way that they have numerous avenues that folks can use to either pay off debt or borrow money for other needs, such as home repair or vacations; and also have many mortgage plans available for the first time buyer or someone looking to refinance their existing home. They have multiple options for business owners as well and will work with you to set up what financing you need for your business and help you apply for loans to get started.

Debt problems of all kinds can be worked out with the different departments in the bank itself; where you are helped with your financial problems to the point of trying to eliminate your debt and also helping you to manage your finances so you don’t fall prey to the same situation in the future. Bank of America has the resources to help most people who are account holders and homeowners work out a plan that fits their needs and income.

Bank of America offers many services such as financial services, investment services and of course, banking services. The entire operation has assets of approximately $2.88 trillion and has over 171,000 employees on the payroll. Branches of the bank exist all over the USA and the services extend to numerous countries around the world.

Bank of America is still a force to be reckoned with in the financial world, and is still a strong survivor in the throes of the struggling world economy. It is a major contender in all arenas and looks to stay that way for many years.

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Yes! You Can Use Credit Cards To Rebuild Credit

May 29th, 2017 Comments off

You may not believe it but you can use credit cards to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. The last thing you want to do right now is get discouraged about your situation. The reality is that it could happen to anyone. I’d like to talk to you now about using credit cards to rebuild credit.

The Good News

The good news is that it’s not the end of the world. There is a way to regain the life you once had before bankruptcy. Without the ability to be positive in spite of your situation you cannot move forward. You might have to start over when it comes to your credit, but at least you are given another chance.

Building Trust

You will find that there are credit companies that will be willing to lend to you after bankruptcy. If your going to use credit cards to rebuild credit you can expect to pay high-interest on the money you borrow. You only want to establish trust by making regular on time payments.

Showing Responsibility And Restraint

The idea is that you will be paying off your debt in full every month. The credit lender will be looking at your ability to exercise restraint and responsibility. Let the lenders know that you have made some real changes.

Secure Credit Cards

Another option that can be used is to apply for a secure credit card. A secure credit card is often secured using a savings account. The funds may be claimed by the lender in the event that you default on your payments. This allows the creditor the ability to take on riskier applicants.

This Takes Time

Although it won’t happen as fast as you’d like you now know that you can use credit cards to rebuild credit. Learn from your mistakes to ensure you don’t make the same one’s twice. As long as you are patient and persistent and your credit will eventually improve.

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