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The Beauty, SPA, Salon, Massage WordPress Theme Templates

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If you are a true beauty specialist or just a fan of body care procedures – you should definitely choose The Beauty, SPA, Salon, Massage WordPress Theme Templates for your personal/professional blog website. Reveal your beauty secrets to the world through a template charged with relaxation, nourishment and delight. Keep your beauty salon clients up to date with any new services and promotions through detailed friendly articles, or just share your ideas about the therapeutic effect of keeping in good physical shape everyday.

This is an easy to use CMS WordPress theme designed for Massage SPA websites, salon websites etc.latest new CMS WordPress theme designed for beauty, health industry.

1. The Beauty WordPress theme. The Beauty is a CMS WordPress theme. More and more people have moved their business online, and build a website is necessary. This Beauty theme is designed for SPA, salon, beauty related websites, with theme options, you can setup your site quickly and easily. This Beauty theme is designed for SPA, salon, beauty related websites, with theme options, you can setup your site quickly and easily.

2. Massage WordPress Theme, Build professional business website use Massage theme.  The Massage Theme is an easy to use WordPress theme which is good for massage SPA websites, salon websites, and other niche sites as you like.

3. Salon WordPress Theme. Salon is a WordPress CMS theme for beauty related websites. You can use this WordPress theme for hair salon, tanning salon,beauty salon,nail salon,spa websites and more.

4. Nail Care Salon WordPress Theme. Nail Salon wordpress theme with complete booking system, the prefect WordPress theme for nail care salon owners, who want to showcase their services, location, customer testimonials and their products. full booking / appointment management system. Try USE BizzThemes Coupon Code to checkout.

5. Hair Care Salon WordPress Theme, Hair Salon with complete booking / scheduling, the perfect WordPress theme for your hair salon. It has all you need to run your hair salon on-line: showcase of your services, products, staff, location, contact information and most of all.

6. There more The Beauty, SPA, Salon, Massage WordPress Theme Templates you can found.

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Report Said That The Cost Price Of iPhone 4S is $ 188

August 21st, 2018 Comments off

Report Said That The Cost Price Of iPhone 4S is $ 188

According to the foreign media reports, Apple launched iPhone 4S for some time, its official formulation of the two-year contract prices is $ 199 (16G version), $ 299 (32G version) and $ 399 (64G version). There is no doubt that iPhone 4S again creates a sales miracle, and many consumers have begun to study that how much the production of iPhone 4S  cost

According to market consulting firm IHS iSuppli’s survey results show, 16G version of iPhone 4S cost about $ 188, if considered the manufacturing cost, then the price will rise to $ 196. However, analysts said the larger storage capacity does not mean that the cost of iPhone 4S higher prices along blindly, 32G version of iPhone 4S cost $ 207, 64G version iPhone 4S cost $ 245. The idea that iPhone 4S and its “predecessor” iPhone4 have many similarities, but IHS iSuppli stressed iPhone 4S (cases for iPhone 4) itself contains highlights technological innovation. IHS iSuppli senior analyst Andrew dismantling Las Wheeler (Andrew Rassweiler) in a statement said: ” the more outstanding aspect of the performance of iPhone 4S is that its ability to various wireless networks in the world and free to use this while maintaining low cost.

At the same time, IHS iSuppli for the first time confirmed iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 leather cases) internal R & D uses Hynix’s NAND flash memory device, and after dismantling the physical machine by IHS iSuppli found that the previous generation iPhone and iPad products are used Samsung or Toshiba’s storage products. “in addition, iPhone 4S’s another notable technological improvements is the camera. iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 covers and cases) with a 800-megapixel camera is also equipped with its in-house manufactured by Sony image sensor components.

Product sales continue to surge in Apple’s ability to make the costs remain at a relatively low level. Earlier this week Apple announced that its fourth-quarter profit of up to $ 6.62 billion, while in the past three months time, the company sold a total of 17 million iPhone.

The Recall Of iPhone 4 Will Cost $ 1.5 Billion Dollars

August 17th, 2018 Comments off

The analyst Toni Sacconaghi (Toni Sacconaghi) ofU.S.investment bank Bernstein Research released the Investment Report on Tuesday and said that if Apple launched the full recall of iPhone 4, it will cost $ 1.5 billion.


Authority of theU.S.consumer magazine “Consumer Reports” (Consumer Report) said on Monday, because of signal problems, so do not recommend consumers to buy iPhone 4, which led to a discussion about the recall of iPhone 4. Sacconaghi think that, the recall of iPhone 4 will not only greatly damaged Apple’s reputation, and it will have a huge cost. Sacconaghi said that despite the “full recall iPhone 4 is unlikely”, but if Apple is really doing, it will cost $ 1.5 billion in funds, accounting for 3.5% of Apple’s cash reserves. The program which more likely and also cheaper is that Apple released free rubber sleeve to the users of iPhone 4, thereby preventing the user’s hand touch to the phone antenna.


While the retail price of Apple’s rubber sleeve is $ 29, but according to Sacconaghi estimated that if distributing it free to the user, the actual cost is about $ 1 each. Sacconaghi said: “The program could be applied immediately, not only to directly discourage the concerns of “Consumer Reports”, and would not affect the financial position materially, although Apple will ‘recognize’ the design defects of iPhone 4 (wholesale iPhone cases), but we think that, as more and more consumers are beginning to realize this, so compared to deny or ignore the issue, the most appropriate and timely behavior is the remedial actions.” Sacconaghi said the response of Apple to this matter was more important than the antenna problem itself.


He said: “For Apple investors, the greater and more long-term concern are that Apple shown arrogant constantly, which gradually led to competitors and the hostility of regulators, and may be gradually changing the tendency of consumer.” He added: “Apple’s behavior, including its limited disclosure of information act (the health of Steve Jobs and the spending plan of the cash), the attack on Adobe Flash, the investigation of the missing iPhone (accessories for iPhone) prototype (to search the house of the reporters and the confiscation of their residence computer), the restrictions on application development, the indifference on the iPhone  (wholesale iPhone accessories) antenna problems (such as, requiring users to change a way of holding cell phones, and declared that the problem stems from the failure signal strength display software).


Summary of these concerns together, in time will begin to affect the consumer’s view of Apple, undermining Apple’s huge commercial success. “In addition to allowing users to change a way to hold the mobile phones as well as buy rubber grip sleeve, Apple has not provided other solutions to fix the hardware problem. Instead, the company said, they were developing a software update, hoping to repair the phone’s signal display problems.

I9100 compared with iPhone 4 details of the fuselage

July 6th, 2018 Comments off

IPhone 4 just released when promotional iPhone 4 thickness of very thin at that time, only less than a cm of thickness, get a lot of users appreciate. I9100 come and create a slim Smartphone a new record, the thickness of only 8.49mm, and supposedly world’s thinnest Smartphone, I also will be shooting with two phones on the readers to watch. Volume keys of the two phones are located in the left side of the fuselage, Samsung i9100 volume using a submerged fuselage design, while iPhone 4 uses a separate button, regulation and above the volume control with a mute switch, user-friendly.

 Samsung i9100 right very simple, but different from most phones, Samsung i9100 designed the power switch on the right side of the fuselage, fuselage only have this one on the right key. And there is no Design button on the right side of the iPhone 4, just move the SIM slot is located in here. Mobile phone location at the top, because Samsung i9100 designed the power key on the right side, so Samsung i9100 only at the top with a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack. IPhone 4 design is also very simple and only has a power switch at the top and a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack(iPhone 4 leather cases). Bottom of the cell phone location, Samsung i9100 line interface located in the data here, USB interface in addition to transport and charging functions, you can also use multimedia base to HDMI HD output functions. Bottom of the iPhone 4 design is slightly different, very symmetric design at the bottom of the iPhone 4(cases for iPhone 4), charge the cable set interface in the Middle, so that the line also operates two screws on either side of the interface and speakers. Appearance and detail summary: overall, completely different design styles of the two phones, Samsung i9100 to reduce weight and thickness of the fuselage, fuselage mostly plastic, so the body size of only 125.3×66.1×8.49mm Samsung i9100, at only 116g, in the hands of very lightweight. IPhone 4 Although the screen does not Samsung i9100(iPhone 4S covers), and aesthetics of the machine in terms of design to the manufacturing process, are very good, the shell is composed of three basic parts: two smooth stainless steel of high strength glass, wrapping around in a circle, weight 137g, in hand very tactile, so who is the superior or need based on your personal preferences.

IPhone 4 is not about delisting of stock report

July 6th, 2018 Comments off

IPhone 4 answered discount promotions no iPhone5, only iPhone4S! IPhone5 fails many of the early hours of October 5 call waiting for the domestic fruit powder down. However, iPhone4 answered part make the cut powder excited, many stores have been in short supply.

Almost iPhone4S launched at the same time, Apple iPhone4 diving prices a moment on the official website, iPhone416G b bare metal prices the previous 4,999 million down to $ 4,548, iPhone432G b bare metal price reduced to $ 4,988 from $ 5,999; iPhone 3G s bare metal prices dropped from $ 3,999 to $ 2,888. After the Apple official website iPhone4 prices diving, industry analysis, now Apple’s unique cooperation between operators in China Unicom, is likely to cut in prices for iPhone4 in the near future. After 8th, Unicom insiders on Twitter to respond to the outside world, “said China Unicom (microblogging) sales channel iPhone bare metal and the contract price will be adjusted accordingly. However, China Unicom has yet announced timing and details of the adjustment. “As prices plunged for the iPhone4, iPhone4 at theGuangzhoumarket has gradually started a price war. Recently, the southern reporter visitedGuangzhoubainaohui, places such as the Cyberport, computer city, iPhone4 prices generally fell by hundreds of dollars, at around $ 4000-4700 as a whole, bainaohui a cell phone shop is making 16G use discount package price of $ 3,999, set off a wave of selling small climax. An Apple authorized reseller based in gangding told reporters, on October, 8th only two days had sold more than 100 multiple iPhone4, current stock shortages. However, there are businessmen complained to reporters, as prices of goods on the high side, now sell iP hone4 less than Apple’s official online price, 16G models must sell at least about $ 4,700.   Only the goods sold out, the price will come down. IPhone 4 is not about delisting the other day, and southern reporter visited several digital shops found inGuangzhou, shops are not posting iP h on E4 s advertising, unlike last year when iPhone4 listed in stark contrast to the popular scenes. Is the iPhone4 price promotional posters are everywhere. Bainaohui told reporters a cell phone shop clerk, to consult iP hone4 customers more these days, mostly directed at iPhone4 price. There are many shops, told reporters, since iPhone4S after listing, iPhone4 sales increased significantly, gangding some Apple dealer was sold more than 100 to more than one in two days.       

Current dealers iPhone4 inventory is no longer in the hands of many. Fearing iPhone4S will affect the iPhone4 after listing price, many dealers have stepped up selling iPhone4 inventory on hand(iPhone 4 leather cases).  

However, insiders said, from the iPhone4S referred to as “new low”, as the new voice control feature is not used on a Chinese user, along with iPhone4 is cheaper than iPhone4S, so expected fact iPhone4 in China still has a large market space(cases for iPhone 4), will not be quickly withdrawn from the market. The main difference between iPhone4S and iPhone4(iPhone 4S covers), the use of duo A5 processor at up to 1G Hz 2, 8 million pixel camera upgrade 3, increase the voice control function.