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Aggregate WordPress Theme | Elegant Themes

May 5th, 2017 Comments off

Elegant Themes newest theme, Aggregate wordpress theme has been released. The goal of this “Magazine-Style” theme was to display a good deal of content at once without loosing clarity and hierarchy, something commonly seen on news sites. Elegant Themes also added some handy new widgets, as well as many new advertisement areas. Finally, you will also see that our color control panel (previously released with Chameleon WordPress theme) has been integrated into Aggregate wordpress theme as well, making customizing your theme quick and easy.

Aggregate WordPress Theme


Aggregate WordPress Theme Features:

1. Five Basic Colorschemes – Aggregate WordPress Theme comes with five different colorschemes to choose from, including Brown, Blue, Green, Red and Black.

2. Infinite Color Combinations – While Aggregate WordPress Theme comes with five color schemes to start with, you can customize the theme’s colors even further from within ePanel. Our new Color Control panel gives you an easy way to visualize your changes, and ePanel gives you an easy way to make these changes come to life.

3. Four New Ad Areas – Aggregate WordPress Theme comes with several advertisement areas where you can add 125×125, 468×60 and 728×90 ads. The theme also comes with tons of widget-ready areas, including a sidebar, footer and 6 additional modules on the homepage where ads can be easily added.

4. New Custom Widgets – The Aggregate WordPress Theme comes with some new widgets that were created just for Aggregate. These include the Recent Videos, Photostream, Popular Posts and Recent From widgets.

Download Elegant Themes Aggregate WordPress Theme

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nowLedge WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

May 4th, 2017 Comments off

Want to use Knowledge base wordpress theme for self hosted Knowledge base or Wiki websites? You can choose the WikiBase WordPress Theme for you build Wiki, Knowledge Base websites. And today we bring you another great premium WordPress knowledge base theme – NowLedge WordPress Theme.

NowLedge wordpress knowledge base theme will help you build a knowledge base site, NowLedge has a build-in AJAX rating system and post view counter to help you know how many people viewed an article and how useful the article is. And the homepage is fully-widgetized and optional blog layout is also available for anyone who just want to use now Ledge as a normal blog.

NowLedge Theme Features:

  • Advanced WarriorPanel
  • 4 amazing color schemes (Light Grey – default, Blue, Light Brown, Green)
  • Full width and archives page templates
  • AJAX post rating system
  • 7 custom widgets
  • Banner ad management
  • Maintenance mode
  • Widgetized homepage and sidebar
  • Your personal social media icons
  • Localization support
  • Very slick threaded comment layout
  • Support WordPress 3.0 navigation menu
  • Support WordPress featured image
  • Internet Explorer 6 Warning Message

Demo ThemeWarrior nowLedge WordPress Theme

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Igloo WordPress Magazine Theme BY BizzThemes

April 28th, 2017 Comments off

Igloo is a premium wordpress magazine theme for web magazine from BizzThemes, Igloo Theme packed with all the tools you need to build Professional, Outstanding and Best Looking Magazine Site on the Internet. The Igloo WordPress Theme allow you publish viral news and attratct new visitors with top SEO optimized code.

Igloo WordPress Theme Features:

  • 12 Alternative Colour Styles
  • Sticky Slider – Stick any of your posts to the top and put forward articles you want to promote at the moment.
  • Amazing Shortcodes – Split your content into columns, highlight certain words, create your own tabs and toggles, insert your FAQs or even create multiple blog pages from different categories.
  • 9 advanced widgets
  • Designed to Perfection
  • Feedburner Reader Counter
  • Advanced Design Control
  • Total Layout Control
  • Branding Control
  • Extensive Theme Options
  • Very Fast Loading
  • Contact Form Widget
  • Integrated Pretty Photo Script
  • Release date: August 10th, 2010
  • Type: Magazine

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Best WordPress Bug Tracking Themes : FaultPress By Woothemes

March 18th, 2017 Comments off

Do you want to have Bugs Tracking website for tracking your products and businesses, Try the best WordPress Bug Tracking Application Theme: FaultPress WordPress Theme.

FaultPress is an advanced WordPress Bug Tracking Theme from Woothemes, FaultPress with a focus on team collaboration & community interaction, allows you transform WordPress into a fully fledged ticketing application.

FaultPress theme empowering you and your team to refine your product by engaging the community, requesting bug reports and ticket submission. You can then delegate tasks amongst team members, assign bug fixes to milestones or version releases and discuss any issues via the built-in messages system.

Best WordPress Bug Tracking Theme – FaultPress WordPress Theme

WooThemes FaultPress WordPress Bug Tracking Theme

Wordpress Bug Tracking Theme

WooThemes FaultPress WordPress Bug Tracking Theme adapts to whatever screen resolution, which optimizes your viewing experience & usage of the app regardless of which device you are using.

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FaultPress features:

  • Ticket & Bug Tracking. Create tickets, assign them to individual team members, discuss issues on those tickets and change the status according to the actions taken.
  • Milestones. Attach various tickets to specific development milestones to help in your planning.
  • Internal Messages. Easily discuss the issues with team members and have the option of making these threads viewable by the public.
  • It’s a dashboard. Easily & quickly get an overview of what exactly is going on, where you’re at and what issues need attention.
  • Mobile Support
  • Seamless integration
  • Multi-site support
  • Custom email notifications
  • Cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3
  • Backend theme options
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Auto-sizing thumbnails
  • Localized for translations
  • Woo framework
  • Custom page templates

Visit WooThemes FaultPress WordPress Theme

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InReview WordPress Theme For Review Website

March 13th, 2017 Comments off

InReview WordPress Theme For Review Website. InReview is an advanced WordPress Review Theme from Elegant Themes that allows you to transform your WordPress blog into a fully-functional ratings website. The InReview WordPress Theme makes rating products easy with our custom options and integrated user-review system. The InReview WordPress Theme also includes affiliate integrated and custom widgets to help you increase conversions.

InReview WordPress Theme For Review Website

InReview WordPress Theme

InReview WordPress Theme Features

  • 5 Unique Colorschemes – Black, Blue, Green, Red or Purple.
  • Advanced Rating System – The advanced rating system allows you to create star ratings for each post broken into different categorie.
  • Intuitive Ratings Interface
  • Affiliate Integration – For each post, additional options have be added for affiliate linking.
  • Custom Top Ratings Widgets
  • Safari compatible
  • WordPress 3.1 compatible
  • Gallery Section
  • Threaded Comments
  • Optional Blog-style Structure

For more informtaion, Visit Elegant Themes InReview WordPress Theme

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