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Debit Cards In Australia

Todays Date: November 16, 2018
Debit cards are everywhere. With time and technology, gone are the days when people used to carry cash for shopping or travellers check for travels. Today, we are in the generation of debit and credit cards, which gives people the liberty to go for shopping without card. Easy to carry and can be swiped in all shopping places. Debit cards and credit cards are more secured than carrying cash or checks, as they can be immediately blocked if misplaced or lost.

Debit cards are more popular than credit cards, as it prevents unsecured debt, as you spend your own money. Also, with debit cards it is easier to keep track of purchases and you can immediately check it online or receipts of ATM’s.

Almost all banks offers debit cards which are either visa debit cards or MasterCard’s without high fees or interest rates.

If you are in Australia and looking for debit and credit cards, the following cards can be highly useful.

ANZ Debit Card – This card is best for people who are looking for a debit card without mandatory credit check, as all traditional banks require. The options of direct debit are available to this card. You can operate through ATM’s and over the counter. You can choose black, blue or pink card.

NAB Visa Debit Card – NAB offers its customers three smart banking accounts which can be used with banks visa card. NAB customers have the advantage of using the debit card in any ATM in the world without any additional fee. However, certain ATM owners charge usage fee which cannot be controlled by the bank.

Westpac Debit Card – Westpac debit cards issued by Westpac gives its customers the option of shopping online, over the phone and stores with the Westpac MasterCard debit card. Westpac is the oldest financial institution of Australia and all products of Westpac are highly recommendable as they come without application fee and annual card fee. Westpac debit cards are accepted over 90000 ATM’s worldwide.

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