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6 Westpac Credit Cards With Annual Fee From $75

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

In the world today, there have been numerous changes that have occurred in the field of trade. These changes have mostly occurred in this part of the 21st century and have included the change from cash money to plastic money. The use of plastic money comes with many benefits and though it ma also have its shortcomings, the world is better of with improved access to credit and easier ways to do shopping.

Credit cards are thus a major break in the world of business. Nowadays, business executives are using the credit cards to control their employees spending and to keep track of the movement of money in the accounting system, making auditing easier and reducing fraud.

Westpac has produced its own varied types of credit cards to fit the tastes and preferences of the market. They have shaped their products in such a manner that no credit card is like the other and thus giving them an edge in terms of providing credit card shoppers with a wide variety to choose from.

Their cards come with attractive interest rates and affordable annual fees. Their cards have annual fees from $75 and include the Earth credit card which is a standard level card that has an interest rate of 17.74% and an annual fee of $75. This card is one of the most competitive of the Westpac cards.

Another card is the Altitude credit card that is also a standard level card that comes at a rate of 17.74% and an annual rate of $100. This card is followed by the Earth Gold credit card that is actually a Gold level card and thus more prestigious. It comes at a rate of 17.74% like the two others but carries an annual fee of $125. The Altitude Gold credit card is a gold level upgrade of the Altitude credit card and it has the same interest rate of 17.74% and an annual fee of $150. The Earth platinum credit card is the most prestigious card that Westpac offers and it is only similar to the Altitude Platinum credit card. Both these cards come at the same rate of 17.74% and have annual fees of $250 and $295 respectively.

It is notable from the six cards that Westpac offers the same medium rate for all its cards. This is good since customers do not have to focus on reduced rates when making a selection of cards but will consider the individual aspects of each card which are varied.

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