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Bankruptcy- The Right Solution In Credit Crisis

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

In UK, declaring bankruptcy was considered to be something that was done by irresponsible people. It was like a stigma that one had to carry throughout their lives. However, in today’s world, with rising food and fuel costs and reduced buying power of the British Pound, at times bankruptcy may be the logical solution.

If it has been a perfect world, you could have opted for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and pay off your dues in five years. However, we don’t live in a dreamworld and creditors will not let you stay at ease. They may accept monthly payments that may take years to pay and yet the loan may not be fully repaid. One way of working off debts is by declaring bankruptcy. Once bankruptcy is declared, the creditors cannot harass you. Alternatively, make you enter an agreement that will leave you stuck paying of loans forever.

A creditor whom you have to pay more than seven hundred and fifty pounds can or you yourself can charge for bankruptcy in a local court. There is a hundred and twenty pound court fee. Nevertheless, if you are depending upon an income support program, the court can remove the fee. You will have to give two hundred and fifty pounds to the court for looking into your bankruptcy. You will need your own legal advisor to present your case.

After the court proceedings, the court can issue a stay order. It means the court wants more time to look into the case. The court may call off the pleading because an administration order will be more apt. The court may name an insolvency practitioner. This can occur if your assets are more than two thousand pounds and unsecured debts less than twenty thousand pounds. The court can pass a bankruptcy order.

You are affirmed as bankrupt as soon as the court proclaims it. The court may also give away a certificate of administration incase your debts are less than twenty thousand pounds and you were previously not bankrupt or pleaded for individual voluntary arrangement in the last 5 years. This makes the administration of your bankruptcy lucid.

The official liquidator becomes your guardian, and you are laid-off from the bankruptcy post two years of the date of verdict. If a summary of administration is not made, the bankruptcy order will be dismissed post three years.

After bankruptcy, all your capitals are passed over to the legal guardian. You are not supposed to correspond with your bank or take any money without the information of your legal guardian. You are not supposed to make any direct payments to your creditors. You are not supposed to form, own or manage a company without the knowledge of the court. You are not supposed to hold certain public offices.

After you are discharged from your bankruptcy, you can resume your financial activities without informing the trustee. Your credit rating will be rebuilt after six years. You will go through this process after bankruptcy. However, it may be a more suitable option as you can start with a clean slate. The court can also discharge your bankruptcy after a year.
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