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Choose the financial service that really suits you.

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

Money is an object of everyone’s desire. Everyone wants money and that too all the time. The poor beggar across the street wants it to live and the super-rich people want it because it has become a hobby and a habit for them to be having money all the time. But then whatever the reason for wanting money nobody wants to waste money or to overspend where it is not required. Many a people use to say that money doesn’t grow on trees. Well sure it doesn’t. Ask the common man how hard he has to work to be able to pay for the food he eats and the home he lives in. And when this common man has find out that he has to spend money where it was not really required and that he wasn’t told about this clearly earlier, the sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach is really clear. After all nobody wants to spend where it is not required, not even the stinking rich!

Lets take for example a personal loan. A person suddenly has a need for a large sum of money and doesn’t have it. Reasons for the same could be many including a medical emergency or fees tobe paid for education or a marriage in the family or anything. To apply for the loan a person would normally walk into a known bank or a loan issuing authority, put up some security and get the loan and pay it back. But what if the people who gave you the loan are not clear about their terms and conditions? What if you were able to get a cheaper interest loan elsewhere? What if that bank that gave you the loan has terms and conditions that wouldn’t suit you in the future? In this modern scenario wouldn’t you wish that there were some way to compare personal loans of various companies and then choose?

A similar situation exists with credit cards. Various credit card companies put forward the best features of the best credit cards they have but do not put forward the terms and conditions in their advertisements and the common man generally takes the card looking at the best features only to realize later that he has taken something that does not suit him. At times like this there is a big requirement of being able to do credit card comparison.

Looking at this situation various independent companies have set up financial services comparison portals that compare home loans, compare personal loans, compare online savings, compare insurance and even do credit card comparison for the consumers to be able to do credit card comparison so that they know that what they choose to buy is something that they really need and something that suits them, in all respects including the fine print!

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