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Credit Card Facilites via Globill Merchan System

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

With the growth of the use of credit and debit cards, the traditional ways of buying and selling as we once knew them have changed. Plastic money has enabled businessmen and their clients break the barriers that had traditionally prevented the free flow of trade in a global scale especially in the internet. Once this barrier broke, the internet has become one huge market place with companies like eBay having market like websites where people buy and sell goods using the plastic money.

For a business to start accepting credit and debit card payments for the goods and services they render or for membership subscriptions, they need to have a special merchant account that will meet all these needs. This is what the Globill merchant account offers you, instant acceptance of credit and debit cards. This instant merchant account comes with some very interesting packages. First, it is straight forward in to configuring and integrating your website to process payments without banking gateways and dealerships with the issuing or card acquiring banks. It is also flexible so that you get to meet your specific payment processing needs. It also supports the use of multiple currencies.

Setting up a Globill account is so easy. They have a simple rate of just 2% on all transactions. The more you transact, the less you pay in fees which makes it cheap. Another great benefit that you get from an instant Globill Merchant Account is that you can sell just anything legal from goods to services to accepting subscriptions and donations. You also get full subscription billing services including trials, recurring, trial upgrades and fixed time memberships. The account gives you free virtual terminal for MOTO orders i.e. manual transaction.

The account is very easy to set up and Globill assists you with any configuration or integration of system tools. You also get assistance with member access protection services for your members site. The Globill API may be simple but it is actually sufficiently flexible in catering for payment scenarios. With this, you get a free shopping cart integration support.

The account accommodates plug-ins from osCommerce, Zencart and Interspire. The account holder also gets an assurance from Globill for support on their eCommerce business and how to maximize it. Instant merchant accounts are also available from other service providers so before you set up that eCommerce account, do some searching to find out which offers the best services. Dont forget to check Globill out!

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