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Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating: How To Do It

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Bad credit rating for people is having a score of 620 or below. Credit rating is defined as an aggregate number which summarizes your best credit cards worthiness, or how well you are in handling your debts and obligations. Having a higher score means that you are able to pay more debt and pay them efficiently. This means that the creditors and other transactors will be able to trust you, allowing you to get deals which are more favorable and in the end saves money. You may even be able to get loans without collaterals, which gives you less risk. The maximum score you can get is 850 points.

Bad credit rating, on the other hand, is very detrimental. It will not only make lenders reject you but also will make you pay more interest and provide more collaterals on your loans and credit. It may also be difficult for you to cut deals with any business you transact with, since they are privileged by law to use your credit rating as a criterion for choosing their clients. Employers may also be reluctant to hire you for the job, seeing that you are not able to manage your loans properly.

Increasing your income may help, but is not a sure-fire way of increasing credit rating, since this rating completely disregards income as a way of gauging creditworthiness. More important factors include:

1 Payment History

2 Credit Utilization

3 Length of Credit History

4 Diversity of Credit

5 Presence of Litigation and other Mitigating Factors

Having a credit card today is almost essential. It not only gets rid of the need to carry so much cash on your wallet, it also opens the doors to transacting business online, or e-commerce. Since most of us will do business online one way or another, the lack of a credit card will be a serious handicap for us to be able to exploit good deals in the internet.

The good news is: You can still have credit cards even when you have a bad credit score. The only real disadvantage is that you get a smaller credit limit while paying for higher interest. The best way to manage it is to diversify your portfolio by getting more credit cards with smaller credit limits so that your credit utilization will be lowered. Thus, you can get more favorable plans.

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