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Credit, Credit Scores, Credit Reports

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Good loans require very good credit scores. If you still want to borrow money in this tough economy, you better have very good scores. Below are some ways to maintain it.

Believe it or not, credit monitoring services are actually a good way to make sure your credit stays high. There is usually a charge for it, but these companies will check your credit, and if it changes, send you an email about it so you can deal with it if it’s not an authorized use.

Of course, there’s always the free credit report that you can get from each of the three credit report agencies per year. To maximize the benefit, separate the time that you get the reports. For example, get one in January, then another one in May and another one in September so you are on top of your credit.

You need to make sure you don’t use up all your credit all the time. This is because part of your credit score is dependent on your utilization rate, a measure of how much credit you have available versus how much you use.

Don’t always try to apply for credit cards. Every time you apply for these cards, the companies will pull your credit report and that puts a mark on your credit. If there are many of these pulls in quick succession, the credit score will suffer because it is believed that only people who really need money will apply for so many lines of credit at the same time.

Don’t let any credit card be inactive because credit card companies are starting to cancel them now. If your card is canceled, the utilization rate will automatically go down because your available credit will go down. Therefore, you should use your cards every once in a while even if you don’t need it.

Remember to apply for a few credit cards and have some lines of credit available even if you don’t need it. I used to only have one card and one day I was denied for my business credit card because they told me I only have 1 credit card and haven’t shown that I can pay off debt, even though I have tons of cash in my bank account.

Having multiple types of debt (car, mortgage, credit card, student loans) among others is good because it shows that you are able to handle bills that come due every month. It also works the same as having multiple credit cards.

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